DIY Lovely Teabags

Here’s a more in depth look at some of the gifts for Sam that I mentioned in the Valentine’s Day post. I was inspired by Emily at Cupcakes & Cashmere, however I focused on more personalized messages and didn’t use loose lead tea which made a huge difference in time spent on this project, and enabled me to make loads of them for Sam.

Sam is an avid tea drinker.  (A stereotype proven true!)  So as part of his Valentine’s Day basket of goodies I made him personalised teabags for the days when he needs a warm cup and a warm thought.  I wrote a different message on every heart.

(Jar filled with 40+ teabags)

He used his first one last night and it went down very well! (Pun intended… I think)

You’ll need:

Construction Paper
Twine or Ribbon
Teabags without Strings (like Tetley’s)
Glitter (optional)
Needle and Thread

First fold your construction paper in half and draw out the same number of hearts to correspond to the number of tea bags you have. Write something nice on each one.  Since you folded the paper in half, when it is time to cut out the hearts you don’t need to cut out a second one for the back of the label.

Once all your hearts are cut out, cut out your ribbon or twine to roughly the length of the average tea bag string.  Glue the string onto the back hear (the one without writing) then press on the front heart (writing side out) so that you have sandwiched the ribbon between them and your message is displayed.  Now if you’d like, glitter and decorate the little hearts to your heart’s content.

(The finished product)

Here comes the tedious part.  Sew the ribbons onto the teabags and you now have your own personalised teas!  I put all the little teas I made for Sam into the jar.  I finished it off with a ribbon bow.

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