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Hurricane Cocktails

For the Mardi Gras party last week we made hurricanes.  I thought I’d post my recipe online partially because they are delicious, lethal (the alcohol really sneaks up on you), and partially because it took be AGES to find grenadine in stores in London.  At least a week with Sam and I both going into every shop that we passed on our business.

Rum, rum and more rum.  I don’t really know how else to advertise the Mardi Gras classic drink of choice.  It brought a little Bourbon Street flair to London.

Hurricane Cocktails:

4 oz lemon juice (100 ml)
12 oz dark rum
12 oz light rum
10 oz grenedine
10 oz orange juice
10 oz sour mix
3 tablespoons superfine sugar

Just pour all those ingredients into a big pitcher and stir.  Couldn’t be more simple, really!

(A lake of hurricane!)

Speaking of grenadine, for some reason I was in the mood for a mocktail last night so I made myself a Shirley Temple as they were my childhood favourites.  But it just didn’t taste the same.  Maybe my recipe was wrong?  Any Shirley Temple aficionados out there that can help me re-achieve the idyllic drink of my earliest youth?

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