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Sam Cooks a Carbonara: An Adventure in Patience

Sam seems to get very excited about blogging. And he keeps saying, “Maybe I should contribute.” So today I finally offered it over and he got Internet shy. But after some muscling (I have some very impressive muscles…) he got over his shyness.  He makes a mean Sausage Meatball Carbonara which is what is on the menu.

Which is great because I love eating this recipe but I really don’t like cooking it myself because decasing sausages is one of my least favourite cooking things to do (up there with having your hand in a turkey’s butt, etc).  And Sam is actually a wonderful cook, but my only qualms with him cooking is that he somehow seems to make 100 times more of a mess than I do. (Men…)

I was going to now put a link to his actor page here as I thought it would be very funny but upon reflection I think neither he nor his agent would find it as funny as I do.

I coerced the following out of him:

“O meatball, I’ll sing you a tale…”
Wow, what a treat to be the first ‘guest’ contributor to Rhyme and Ribbons… 
This is a version of a Jamie Oliver recipe that is really easy to make, always truly delicious and looks more complex than it actually is. The problem is, despite having the frame of a teenage boy, I am well known to be a total glutton so I always double a recipe to satisfy my fatty needs. Anyone with a normal appetite should stick to Jamie’s numbers or risk your entire fridge being taken over by creamy, sausagey pasta.
You will need:
Olive Oil 
6 high quality sausages (it really is worth investing in some high-end snags)
3 slices of thick pancetta (I sometimes substitute lardons or streaky bacon)
Black Pepper
4 large eggs
320g dried linguini (this is where I slip up and sometimes cook a whole bag. Fatty.)
1/2 cup of single cream (100 ml)
1/2 cup of parmesan cheese grated (50 g)
Zest of 1 lemon
Sprig of chopped parsley
(I also sling in a bit of chopped chili pepper, garlic and even a slug of something like cooking sherry – just for a bit of boozey depth)
Start by skinning your sausages by slitting their sides with a sharp knife. Wet your fingers and mould the sausage meat into balls about the size of large marbles. Heat up some olive oil in a pan, get it nice and hot and put your meatballs in there (put your garlic and chopped chili here if you like the sound of it). Once the meatballs have turned brown add your chopped pancetta or lardons.
In a large bowl add the cream, egg yolks, half the cheese, half the parsley and the lemon zest (I sometimes give a squeeze of lemon juice, too). Whisk it all up with salt and pepper.
Cook your pasta (linguini or spaghetti works great), drain it, but keep a small amount of water, just in case. Add your creamy mixture to the hot spaghetti – this will cook the egg just perfectly. If it gets a bit cloggy (you know what I mean) then add a tiny amount of the pasta water. Pour in your meatballs and all the oily goodness from the pan and mix it all together.
Serve with some of the extra parsley on top, a bit more cheese and some pepper.

This post was happily shared with Ashely @ Let’s Get Bananas!

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