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Recipe || Croissant Pizza Rolls

This is my laziest and easiest recipe EVER.  Essentially it’s my version of my mom’s “pigs ‘n a blanket” recipe.  But Sam was weirdly amazed by them.  He also ate about 4 in one sitting.  It’s definitely the kind of food to eat with a beer while watching *insert sporty thing here*

Croissant Pizza Rolls
(So yes, hopefully this looks yummy, but also
look at the River Avon right behind our apartment!
I admit we have a great view.)

Croissant Pizza Rolls


1 package of Croissants
spicy pepperoni
favourite cheese

(I think you can see why this takes approximately 3 minutes to prepare)

Take the croissants out of the package.  Slice your cheese into cheese string sizes (but don’t actually use artificial string cheese, cutting sticks of cheese is so much better)  Cut your pepperoni into pieces.  Place the cheese and pepperoni on the croissant dough before rolling it as usual.

(Literally ANYONE can do this)

Bake for 12-15 minutes until golden.

(You could get fancy and rub the tops with some melted butter and some garlic salt.)

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  • Those look AmAZING! And so simple. I wonder if I can get the croissant dough stuff here?

    • Hmm… they sell it at Waitrose and large Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s, so hopefully you can! xx