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Travel || First time in Paris with Sam!

Today I want to talk about the time last year that Sam and I went to Paris.  It was our first “big” vacation just the two of us.  I’d spent a few weeks in Paris before and I love it.  It’s one of my favourite cities in the entire world.  I love the culture, the attitude, the architecture- everything!  But Sam had never been to Paris. And I couldn’t comprehend that- he’s an Englishman.  He’s lived here his entire life- Paris is what, 2 hours away? It would be like having lived in Atlanta never going to Savannah.  Mind blowing.

(Sam being not impressed by Notre Dame.
He’s playing cool.  In reality, he loved Paris.)

But here’s the thing: we are cheap.  And yep, the Eurorail is reasonably priced… but we were too cheap for even that.  So we took the bus.  Yes, we took a bus from London to Paris.  It took all night- 13 hours.  The bus smelled horrible.  Like hot people and baby-sick.  Plus, I get reasonably bad travel sickness.  Anyways, I can’t complain because it got me to Paris. We left London late and got to Paris around 6am.  And we couldn’t check in to our hotel in Montmartre until about 3 pm so we had to wander around all morning/afternoon on no sleep with our things.

Luckily Paris at 6:30 am is beautiful and really special because the city was just ours. We got coffees and wandered around.

(Sam being weird outside the Louvre.  At about 7 am)
Just to be clear, we didn’t actually go inside the Louvre.  I’d been before and we were only in Paris for a few days so we decided that we didn’t want to cram in the tourist things.  We just wanted to walk around, enjoy the beauty of the city, and eat and drink loads.
We stayed at the same hotel that I had stayed in last time I was in Paris.  I love Montmartre.  It’s one of my favourite areas.  The Sacre Coeur is just incredible.  And La Passe-Muraille is really close to the hotel.  I think it’s one of the hidden gem monuments because it’s so fun.
I’ve been up the Eiffel Tower before, but I really wanted to go with Sam because I’m a hopeless romantic that way.  But I knew this wouldn’t happen because he’s deathly scared of heights.  So I had to settle for a photo outside.
(Yep- that’s my polka dot backpack.  I’m a child.)
But then a miracle happened.  After about a bottle of Champagne, Sam was feeling loose and happy.  He decided that he could definitely go up to the top.  An evening trip up the Tower?  Even more romantic!  I knew I had to hurry before he started to sober up.
(Look how beautiful it was while we were waiting for our elevator!)
(Me at the top.  Please excuse the fact that I look like a hot mess. It had been over 24 hours without sleep by this point in time.)
The problem was that the wait to get up the Tower was so long that Sam did sober up.  But we had already bought tickets so it was too late to chicken out! Ha!
(Trying not to look terrified.)
The thing that we had the most trouble with in Paris is that we couldn’t find anywhere to eat.  It’s the city where food was practically invented right?  I think we were too snobby and ambitious. We’d go into one restaurant and think, “We can find better.” And ended up walking around for hours until I turned into a massive diva and told Sam that if we didn’t eat something soon I’d murder him.
On our last evening in Paris, instead of going to a restaurant, we got a bottle of Champagne, some delicious meats, cheeses, breads and chocolates and had a picnic in the park that’s alongside the Norte Dame.
 (This was the park- you can see my red jacket and our picnic goods in the background.)
(I was feeling so joyful after our picnic.  It was Spring time, early evening in Paris, with the person I loved, AND I had just drunk a bottle of fizz….)
Before we got back on the bus and had the bus ride/immigration trip from hell, we put our own lock on the bridge over the Seine.
(He wrote something really sweet on one side of the lock, while I wrote something really rude…)
I can’t wait until we have another chance to go back.  Hopefully next time for even longer!

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