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I wish I had a degree in watching TV

It’s Wednesday. It’s a blah day. I have to leave England on Sunday for a few months.  (And I’m not impressed….I’m looking at you Border Agency) But I just ate a pound of chocolate and bread so let’s talk about my expert subject.  Things that are currently on TV that I watch without fail.

*This post contains spoilers for “The Vampire Diaries” “The Walking Dead” and “New Girl”

Still here?  Good.  If not, see the image below and then move on.  I’m not impressed with you.

(This is the face I make when I’m not impressed but I’m trying to be polite.)

Vampire Diaries: Is anyone tired of the whole Vampire Diaries Klaus as the bad guy story? I need new villains.  Katherine and Klaus are boring. Evil Elena is as boring as nice Elena. We haven’t even seen the real Silas yet and I’m bored of him already.

Walking Dead: Andrea, Andrea, Andrea….  You are the most irritating character in TV history, so long, farewell.  Glen, Maggie and Daryl you can be around forever.  Please and thanks.  Also Sheriff Rick Grimes was in the theatre seeing “Hamlet” last weekend and Sam failed to introduce me to him.  We are tragically no longer friends.

New Girl: Dear Zooey Deschanel, I still love your show even though I hate your theme song.  That being said it was better when there was awkward unspoken sexual tension with Nick instead of this “are we aren’t we” bull.  But I still think you’re hilarious and I like your hair and all your clothing.

(Life lessons as taught by Zooey)

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  • Cocalores

    I think you and I should watch telly together – watching the exact same shows, but I guess I’m at least one season behind because of stupid German television. Too bad!

    • Yes, yes, yes. Although technically English telly is one the same schedule as the German one. I *may* have been watching all these shows illegally online so that I can stay up to date…. I’m going to a wedding in Germany in August. If it gets canceled for some reason I’ll call you up and we’ll have a tv marathon instead. xx

  • I don’t watch Vampire Diaries, so no comment there.

    Walking Dead and New Girl are my two favourite shows though, so it’s still possible that we might be soul mates.

    Is it sad that I was happy when Andrea died? I mean seriously, she drove me crazy. I get that she had good intentions, but those good intentions don’t take away from the fact that she was just plain ignorant and would rather sleep around than help a friend out.

    I’m in love with Zooey Deschanel and Hannah Simone (Cece)! I thought Jess’ relationship with Nick was going to start to annoy me, but now I think it’s really cute. Got to love how Cece called her out on it!

    PS. That picture of you is gorgeous!

    • SIgh! I guess we can still be soul mates. 99% of Sam’s family lives in Toronto so next time we are there for “family time” it’s actually going to be “Amanda and Alex friends in real life time.”

      I have a massive girl crush on Hannah Simone. She’s stunning. xx

  • 1. I want to look like Elena.
    2. Andrea drives me UP THE WALL.
    3. New Girl literally makes me laugh out loud.

    So with you on these shows…

    • She is beautiful, isn’t she? I’m definitely more into Damon than Stefan though.

      I think all us bloggers with similar tv tastes should have a huge skype-date where we also watch TV and then discuss. (Does that make me sound like the laziest person alive? ) xx

  • I haven’t gotten into Vampire Diaries. Love Walking Dead though I feel this was a boring season. I’m excited for next season. I love New Girl but Reazlizes I’m several episodes behind and need to catch up.

    Have you seen the following yet?

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

    • It was a super boring season…. Is the following good? I’ve read a bit about it but haven’t seen it! xx

  • Katelin Staples

    We should probably be friends because we watch all the same shows! Except Vampire Diaries, that is next on my list!
    Walking Dead this season was pretty anticlimactic! And yes Andrea is so ANNOYING and dumb, also, how was no one ever able to kill that stupid governor???
    As for New Girl, Nick and Jess need to freaking just get together!! I have to admit though I love this show solely for Schmidt now a days. Dude is hilarious!!


    ps you kind of look like Zooey!

    pss want to swap buttons? 🙂

    • Thank you! And Yes, definitely!!! I adore Schmidt! And when he indulged in the pizza in the CeCe bachelorette party episode it killed me- he looked so happy. I think he’s a legitimately good actor! xx

  • gladley

    I literally have a degree in watching TV (and film). I wrote my dissertation on YouTube and Snakes on a Plane. It was pretty great at the time, although I swear much harder than you’d expect.

    Anyway, that’s all I have to say. Except YES I totally agree you look a bit like Zooey and I thought that when I first saw your blog!

    • I can completely imagine that it’s not as easy as it sounds! I’d be really interested in reading your dissertation. Maybe you can blog about it or the gist of it one day.

      Whenever people find out I have a MA in Theatre Arts they give me the “that’s not a real degree face”. xx