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Scarborough, England

Never heard of Scarborough, England? Well, then you are in for a surprise! (Not) Not only is it Sam’s hometown, Scarborough is a seaside resort/North Yorkshire town that has seen its better years. (Sorry Sam, but that’s true.) It does have beautiful views of the sea and has the faded glory of a once-popular seaside town.
Until I started dating Sam, I barely knew where Yorkshire was. I had certainly never heard of Scarborough, “the gem of the Yorkshire coast”.
Things to do:
Go to the Casino
Go to the ruins of Scarborough Castle
See the North Bay and the South Bay
Walk along the promenade
Go to the Stephen Joseph Theatre (basically home of Alan Ayckbourn)
Walk through Peasholm Park
Drive out of Scarborough to see Whitby Abbey (Of Dracula Legend)
Basically, if you’ve caught the drift of my list, there’s lots of nice places to go on walks.
But not a whole lot more. Scarborough is a beautiful town but doesn’t offer a lot in terms of daily entertainment and shopping.  Luckily, York is really close by.  Although there’s a hotel in Scarborough that famously fell into the sea.  Which is pretty cool tragic. No one was killed.
(Scarborough Castle)
(Me in one of the bays. Honestly I have no idea. Sam would know.)
Also, in honor of Sam, Scarborough houses his favourite fish and chip shop: Capplemans. Never have I seen a man eat more food until the day I saw Sam eat there.  Nothing has topped it since.


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