I think it’s time for my first official town of Stratford-upon-Avon post.

Okay, so the whole town is centered around Shakespeare.  I  get that. It’s where he lived; it’s where his buried. And there’s this AMAZING milkshake shop called Blue Cow.  You could literally have a milkshake everyday for the next year and never have the same flavour twice.  It’s incredible.  Obviously, I only order the Oreo milkshake.

But…… “MilkSHAKE”……. “SHAKEspeare”  I think they missed a wonderfully opportunity for a cheesy name pun.

Oh and if you are in the mood for some good food Lambs in upscale pub food and Avon Spice is an AMAZING curry house.

Aspire Style sells these amazing shabby chic/vintage trinkets.  I left my jewellery box in storage in London so I got a wall-hanger for my necklaces here.

(Yes, my necklaces always hang in order of length.  I’m about anal retentive that way)

This post.  When I told Sam there was a lamppost given to Stratford by the nation of Israel he thought I was lying.  I was not.  I walk by it ever day.

Holy Trinity Church is where Shakespeare is buried, which is a pretty cool thing to see.
(View of Holy Trinity from a Boat on the Avon)
Top Ten Things to Do in Stratford:
1.  See a show at the RSC (say hi to Sam for me)
2. Go to Mary Arden’s farm
3. Go to Holy Trinity church
4. Take a boat ride on the Avon
5. Go to Anne Hatheway’s cottage and garden. (Shakespeare’s wife, not the actress)
6. Shakespeare’s birthplace house
7. Nash’s house
8. Sunday market on Waterside
9. River Avon trail hike
10. Just sit and relax in Bancroft Gardens
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