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Charleston, South Carolina

So far whenever I link up with the amazing Helene for Travel Tuesday I post something related to my life in England or Europe. But today I just can’t bring myself to write about England. No, I haven’t developed a sudden distaste for it. It’s just that I am in the last few days of applications/meetings before I send off my visa application at the end of the week and I am a nervous wreck. I kid you not, if I wrote about the lovely time Sam and I had in So-and-So, England I’d probably spiral into doom tears. (Doom tears-where you can’t stop crying and you think everything is wrong.)

Instead, I’ll write about happier times: When one of my besties and I went to Charleston. First of all, the best part about the trip was that it was completely spur of the moment. I was feeling really down at the time and Char really wanted to get some beach time. (We were in Atlanta at the time.) One Thursday night Char texted me, “Let’s just go to Charleston tomorrow.”  The next morning we packed up into her tiny car very early in the morning and set out to her family’s home there.

I tell all of my English friends to road trip through the South. Because why wouldn’t you?! It’s beautiful. The people are super friendly and you will eat well.

Besides the touristy stuff, we spent a lot of time both on the beach and in her backyard relaxing; tanning, drinking and eating rhubarb pie.
If you haven’t realized it by now, I love acting like a complete child sometimes. And by sometimes, I mean most of the time.
We mostly ate at home to save money but we splurged one night and ate out at Blossom’s.  If you are in Charleston or going to Charleston soon, eat there. Just do it. I had an amazingly weird Bellini that I still think about sometimes.

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