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Savannah, Georgia

Savannah: The city that most people outside the South know as “that place where ‘Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil’ was set”. I love Savannah. Actually I love LOVE Savannah. I can’t even really describe why. I just do. I’d be totally happy living there. (Except around St Patrick’s Day. Then I’d go hide somewhere else.)
I’ve made it a tradition to go to Lulu’s Chocolate Bar after a girlfriend and I spent many hours there late one evening because the computer system was down in our hotel due to monsoon rain, etc so we couldn’t check in. It’s basically desserts and cocktails.
Other places to eat:
The Tea Room (yea, it’s kitsch, but so what.)
The Olde Pink House
Elizabeth on 37th
Firefly Cafe (for breakfast)
Vinnie Van Go-Go’s
Leopold’s Ice Cream
Mrs. Wilkes’ Dining Room (for fried chicken)
There are three museums that most people who visit Savannah go to: The Jepson Center, The Mercer Williams House Museum and the Telfair Museum.
You may have noticed that Paula Deen’s restaurant is not on my list. That’s because I’ve never been there. Now I have cooked and enjoyed some Paula Deen recipes. She’s a lady who loves butter. I am a lady who loves butter. But would I wait outside for HOURS in scorching heat for it? Absolutely not. People have famously had heart attacks waiting to get in.
(Right. This is the line outside Paula Deen’s restuarant. At 8 am. It didn’t even open till 11!)
There are loads of outdoor activities. A nice wander through Forsyth Park. A stroll through Bonaveture Cemetary. (No the bird girl statue is no longer there. They had to relocate her to Telfair because of theft and vandalism.) A day at Tybee Island beach. A ghost tour. (It’s shameful how much I like having a drink from Wet Willies in my hand while on a Savannah ghost tour.)
You can also go to Fort Pulaski. I think I enjoy Ft. Pulaski a little bit too much.


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  • Maggie

    I have always wanted to go to Savannah!! It looks like a blast.
    And open container laws? Love that.

  • Sally

    I don’t think I would wait in line for hours to eat at Paula’s restaurant either… maybe I would if I knew I would get to meet her… but then again, maybe not.

  • I have never been to Savannah, but have always loved the name of the city. Thank you for sharing the photos!

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

  • I’ve always wanted to go there! My dad lives in Georgia but we never actually vacation anywhere in it haha.

  • BREI

    Such a beautiful city! I’ve been but it has been a really long time.

  • Janna Renee

    I love Savannah, and yes…I always think of that movie!! I went there for an elopement two years ago, and I never wanted to leave 🙂

  • A Country Girls World

    Probably my favorite city in the US! I didn’t want to leave

  • I’m thinking of relocating to Savannah. One of my best friends is down there now, and he just found housing!

  • It looks so nice! Open container laws? Score!

  • Ashton Kessler

    This post alone has convinced me that we should be best friends. I FUCKING LOVE SAVANNAH.

  • Jennifer Smith-Parker

    It’s actually a pretty boring city. Nice for a long weekend but nothing else to do outside of downtown. I’ve been there more times than I can count bc my husband is from there. So over it.

    • I can definitely understand how any place you visit quite frequently can start being boring. Santa Fe, New Mexico is stunningly beautiful but I used to go all the time growing up and I became so blase about it. (However, last year I went back for the first time in 5+ years and it was kind of cool again, but I knew I’d get bored of it easily again had I not just been there for a flying visit.) xx