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Visa Heartache

I’m about to become a massive Debbie Downer. Are you ready for it?

Usually I’m upbeat, positive and dare I say, funny? But if I’m going to be honest anywhere it should be online to a bunch of strangers, right? This Wednesday I feel only anger and frustration. I was finally feeling upbeat and positive about the Visa process. My biometrics appointment was scheduled for Thursday and that’s the last thing we had to do before I mailed in my application. I had made photocopies of everything, sorted everything, labeled it by sections and made damn table-of-contents for every single section!

(This is all the forms and documents we’ve acquired that I have to mail after my biometrics are taken.)
But tonight, as I was reviewing our papers one last time I realized that there was a mistake on the financial part of our application. Hopefully Sam’s accountant can fix it. If she can fix it, we’ll move my biometrics appointment to a different date. (End of next week at best.)
However, if it cannot be fixed my visa application will be refused. Which means Sam and I will then have two options.
A) Wait until next April to re-apply for my UK visa.
B) Sam will immigrate to America, which neither of us really wants. Both of our chosen careers are in the UK. Besides the fact that I do not qualify to sponsor a partner in America since I haven’t had a job for the last tax year (I was a student.) So at best Sam *may* be able to reside in the US before New Year. But I again repeat, this is not what we want.
We’ve had our lives planned together and its disgusting that one piece of paper can ruin that. I’ll wait for him in any country, no matter how long it takes but I can’t imagine being transatlantic long-distance for another year. Especially with out 7 hour time difference. I literally CAN NOT understand how people in both the US and UK can complain about how easy it is to become an immigrant. You think immigration is easy? Well bless your heart, I guess you’ve never tried.
The only blessing is that I caught the mistake before we mailed in the application. Otherwise it would have been refused and I would have spent $2000 for an agent in the UK to tell me that I am not allowed to live with Sam.
I’ve spent most of the night crying. All my emotions are exacerbated by the fact that I just want Sam here to give me a hug and tell me that everything will be alright. I’m trying to focus all my psychic energy on Sam’s accountant, desperately hoping she can help us out of this hole and get our application back on track.
I usually hate public pleas for pity. On facebook I hate when people post “poor me” statuses. Which probably makes me a dirty hypocrite because right now I am begging for prayers, well-wishes, and if anyone else has undergone this situation before-advice.
End of my pitiful rant. I apologize. Hopefully we will get some good news today and I can go back to my regularly scheduled happy posts!

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