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So this week I asked Sam to write When in England… why? Because I was feeling really, really lazy. Which he kindly and enthusiastically did.

I’ve added some of my own comments. To tell them apart from his post they are bolded and italicized. Como esta. I’ve also added in the photos and captions to suit my satirical needs.

So……..take it away Sam!


A photo that reminds me of Sam…


Being a proud British citizen, it would be remiss of me to pick faults with my home country – Amanda uses these pages as a chance to celebrate the weird and wonderful details of her life in England, whilst pointing out some of the things she finds ridiculous. Moreover, she gave a fairly scathing review of my beautiful home town, Scarborough (The Jewel Of The Yorkshire Coast.) (I thought I had been quite nice…you can judge for yourself here.)

Today I have been given chance for a rebuttal. So in my hands this post should be renamed: When In England DO…! Here we go.
– Do try to see some live sport. Spending a bit of money (it is quite expensive) to see a football (soccer) game, preferably a Premier League game, will be a truly magical experience. Even if you have no interest in football, it is the atmosphere that you are going to witness. English football fans are truly fanatical (I kind of want to see a football fight. I’m a terrible person) and extremely vocal. The noise levels within a football stadium, especially in a heated contest between two good teams is unlike anything else. Buy a ticket, pick a team to shout for (make sure you’re in the right part of the ground to support that team though), sit back and soak it up. I remember my Dad taking to me to see my first game when I was seven… I can still feel the sensation in my stomach. It’s glorious. (My favorite thing to tease Sam about is to tell him that his team will be relegated this year, i.e. dropped to a lower, less prestigious league.)
If football’s not your thing and you’re looking for a more relaxed day of sport then pick a nice summer day (tricky, especially this summer) and go and watch some cricket. It’s a much slower pace, far more relaxed, but still very passionate. If you don’t know the rules there’s bound to be a helpful soul sitting near you to fill you in. Grab a beer, sit back and enjoy the day. Cricket watching is one of the simple pleasures of English life. If you’ve ever enjoyed watching baseball, this is the sport for you. (Sam plays cricket for a team and I wanted to post an embarrassing picture but he said he’d report my blog and get it deleted if I did!)

This is what happens to me when most sports are on.
– Do take a trip to the seaside. I grew up by the sea and have tried to take Amanda to a variety of English seaside towns. Many of them are well past their glory days, but this is part of their charm. (Agreed)
– Do get out to countryside! If you fancy a real adventure then head to The Lake District. It’s big and wild, with mountains to climb and activities galore. (Why haven’t you taken me to the Lake District, Sam? Hmm?)
– Do go to the theatre. British theatre is currently in a truly golden period. (Yet I’m still unemployed…) The shows we produce are famous around the world. When in London you can see a huge variety of shows: a West End musical for glitz and glamour, The Royal Court for the hottest new writing, The National Theatre to see quality theatre, old and new, on an epic scale. If you can venture further afield then come to Stratford upon Avon and see The Royal Shakespeare Company in action. You shan’t be disappointed. (This seems like some shameless self-promotion. But he’s being genuine. Also he’s worked at two of the theatres listed making him infinitely more successful than me. Hrmph )
In the spirit of this post I should add a negative: if you are planning a trip, do not come at the moment as we are living through a seemingly eternal winter. All the stereotypical British weather (wind, rain) has been with us constantly and it’s really starting to get boring now.
Who should have to leave the house in May wearing three layers, a scarf and a waterproof? Ridiculous.
Because nothing says summer like this outfit.
Have a great day!

He’s so nice, right? 

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  • Maggie

    This great! I looove the Royal Court. It was my favorite when I was in London.

  • Lisa

    This makes me want to go back to England! And why is it called the Lake District? Is that the part of the country with a high number of lakes? (Yes, I am aware this comment makes me seem like a dumb American, but I’m curious.)

  • Haha aww this is great!! I am dyinggggg to see a premier league game someday! I would probably pass out from excitement!!!

  • You two are so cute. I love when he guest posts. I’ll be honest; I have no idea what a waterproof is but I’m going assume it’s a jacket.

  • Betty Luckhurst

    Love it!!

  • Great list of things to do. We definitely have our punch card full of getting outside in the countryside, but hoping to eventually see an Arsenal game and sometime the theatre.

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose