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An adventure around Santa Fe and Albuquerque

Last Thursday I mentioned something very exciting: my best friend was coming to stay with me during my time in America! (We have a pretty epic friendship.)  And at the time that most of you will glance at this post I will be taking her back to the airport with a very heavy heart. I don’t want to let her go back, I want to keep her with me because I will seriously miss her and have no idea when we’ll see each other again.

It was so wonderful to have her here! I can’t say that enough. It’s been the bright spot of my time at home and this extended visa process.

Since we were both temporarily in New Mexico (our shared homeland) again we gorged ourselves on the food of our people. (New Mexicans out there: Red or Green?) From a massive meal at the Santa Fe dinner on the Plaza to tortillas at the historic Frontier restaurant in Albuquerque we ate well.

Taqueria Tacos.
Chicken, cilantro, guacamole, green chile, avocado slices and salsa
An entire vat of guacamole was consumed.
And a sailboat, apparently.
Not to mention some incredible sopapillas.
In you’ve never had one, you’re really missing out.

On Sunday we took the Railrunner (a NM play on words. The state bird is a roadrunner…it’s just a commuter train) up to Santa Fe. While we were there we say a wedding processional travel through the plaza.

The bride was looking pretty sheepish but beautiful.
No New Mexican wedding would be complete without mariachis guiding the way.
The plaza rooftops by the Palace of the Governors
More of the main plaza in Santa Fe.

There was some fur lounging:


We went into a lot of the little galleries on the side-streets. We were drawn to one gallery in particular because of this crazy statue:

The Shaman

The exhibit consisted of various incarnations of this shaman statue. They all were different sizes and had different designs. Then a woman who worked inside the gallery mentioned that it was the opening of this exhibit tonight and that we should come back in a few hours for it. (Read: free food, alcohol and music). She also mentioned that the artist was going to be there which got us thinking……could we get him to do the shaman pose with the shamans?

G, the mini shamans and a free Modelo.
Aka liquid courage working up the nerve to ask the artist to do the shaman pose.

G just marched up to with extreme confidence and grace, introduced us and asked for the picture.  He happily complied!

Me, the artist, G and the shaman on the rock.
And a normal one for posterity.

The rest of the weekend was filled with long walks, more food and loads of tv. We even watched “Fried Green Tomatoes” again, since its one of the best friend films of all times. Followed by “The Wedding Crashers” because our classiness knows no bounds.

I’m really sad to see this incredible, beautiful, funny lady go. Hopefully it will be sooner than it was last time because I really love her and the idea of not seeing her for a few more years really bums me out.

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