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Newcastle upon Tyne

For New Years 2012, I went to Newcastle upon Tyne with one of my flatmates. Newcastle has consistently been ranked amongst the best cities in Europe for nightlife. (The Bigg Market is the huge bar/club area.) But since I was there over New Years we avoided the bars and clubs at night and only did some significantly less crowded day drinking.  I do have to say that one of the most shocking things about Newcastle was the cavalier attitude to the unbearable cold. I got off my train at about 11 pm bundled up as tightly as possible, but in Newcastle the night was just beginning and I saw girls walking around in summer Jersey Shore type outfits when it was so cold that it brought tears to my eyes!
My friend takes photos of all her guests with the train stop sign nearest her house.
It’s olibgatory.

Outside of Newcastle, the countryside is stunning. As beautiful as this day looks in pictures it was so cold that I almost wanted to die. But it didn’t faze the Geordie girls so we carried on with our plan to make the walk to Dunstanburgh Castle. It was so windy that we ended up bent double for most of the walk. We also had to walk fairly far off the footpath because the path was close to the see and the wind was strong enough to blow us in! (A few days later we also drove to Alnwick Castle but that was a much more temperate day. It was also used for some of the filming for Harry Potter)

The castle as viewed halfway through our footpath journey.
As you can see, Dunstanburgh was (and is) on a very remote headland. It was built by the Earl of Lancaster in 1313 as a fortress when relations between the Earl and King Edward II became hostile.
We also went to go see the Turner Prize exhibit at the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art. The Turner Prize is an annual award given to the best visual artist under the age of 50. It’s organized by the Tate gallery. The exhibit consisted of all the finalists’ pieces.
View of the Millennium Tyne Bridge from the museum

And if you’re in the mood for some lovely cafe/delicatessen food I’d recommend Dean and Daniela’s. One of my friends worked there and she’d bring home the most delicious treats for us to eat!

You can find a lot of other delicious eats in the Quayside area.

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  • Tami

    This is gorgeous, though I don’t know if I would ever be able to stand that kind of cold!

  • Kate Mitchell

    Looks beautiful! As a New Englander, I might have been able to handle it, but I’m not quite sure. That cavalier attitude towards the cold is one I grew up with, though, so maybe!


  • Ahh, yes the famous colds of Newcastle! We have super cold winds where I (south-west England) and as a young thing I used to go out in summer-esque outfits but I could not do it now that I am older!

    Molly @ The Move to America

  • Jen Anderson

    New follower from Wildcard Wednesdays!