Family Albums and the Obvious

My family has stacks and stacks of old family albums in the basement. And not only that- there are 100s of home VHS tapes as well. Mostly of me because after the first born parents lose interest in documenting everything. After looking through a few of the old family albums I’ve deduced a few things about my life that should been obvious but somehow weren’t.
#1 I grew up to look a lot like my mom minus the curls. Also I’ve never quite come to terms with the fact that my parents were once carefree and young.
our parents were young once too
Holy cow, look how young my mom is! She’s the same age that I am now in this picture!
#2 It’s easy to buy/bribe my love. The boy with the cute pet will always get the girl.
childhood fun
Experiences like these were cruel since I wasn’t allowed a pet.
I wish I had that dress in a grown-up me size.
#3 I find traveling really quickly exhilarating. Even if it’s only in my imagination. Also every girl deserves a horse.
Yea, Santa never brought me a pony either.
Although I probably didn’t know the difference between this one
and a real one at the tim.
#4  I dress for ME and me alone. No matter how ridiculous the outfit, if I love it than you’d better start learning to love me in it. Life lesson: don’t tell a lady how to dress.
childhood tent stubborn dresser
 I look a bit daft don’t I?
I probably thought I was camping, instead of in a tent in the living room. See that beautiful wool sweater? Well I went through a period of time where I’d only wear that sweater. Even in the middle of the summer. Seriously it’d be 100 degrees and I’d still be wearing it. Stubbornness: A Quality Breed Early


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