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Go to the Theatre

Last night was Opening Night/Press Night of “Alls Well That Ends Well” at the RSC. I loved it and I was super proud of Sam! His face is all over the program. (Should you go and buy one.)

The best part of big openings is the party the theatre throws afterward. Unfortunately, I enjoyed this one a little bit too much. And I’m paying for it today. I even brought my camera last night to take some snaps to do a lovely post about Press Nights and not a single picture ended up being taken. Probably for the best. We celebrated like freshmen boys at a frat initiation and boy do I regret it now. Actually, I started to regret it at about 3 am.

I did shamelessly take a selfie before going so there’s proof that I did look nice at one point
before I disgraced myself.
When In England….Go To The Theatre! 

I command it!

This post is a little self-serving since Sam and I are both actors (him being far more successful at it too at the moment.) But if you are in England, you need to go to see some theatre. England has some of the best venues in the world with something on for everyone. You can see big lavish musicals on the West End; the classics in places the National, the Royal Shakespeare Company, and the Globe; and amazing new pieces at places like the Royal Court. Not to mention there are some incredible fringe theatres like Theatre503 and the Finborough.

I posted some pictures on instagram a few nights ago when it was the first preview performance of “Alls Well That Ends Well” at the RSC and I got some questions from readers such as “What exactly is “the first preview?”

So let me try to differentiate some of seemingly interchangeable terms about theatre openings for you. (This is for England only, American theatre operates under a slightly different system.)

First Preview– It’s the first night of the preview period. That means that tickets are sold for these shows to audience members but the cast is usually still rehearsing during the day, tweaking the show and making cuts. Press are asked not to review shows while they are in preview because the show is subject to change up until (and occasionally after) opening night.

Opening Night– The official opening night of the show, sometimes after a period of preview performances. This night is most often, but not always the same night as press night.

Press Night- Reviewers from various journals, newspapers and websites are invited to this industry driven night. Most reviews follow soon after press night. There’s usually a do with free food and drinks afterwards for industry, cast, hangers-on, etc.

Now I’m going to leave you and hide in bed some more. Maybe eating McDonald’s round 2 later if Sam doesn’t shame me out of it.

If you have any surefire hangover busters send them my way.

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  • Tayler Morrell

    When I studied abroad there, we saw Henry V Part 2 at the Globe, King Lear in Stratford, and Wicked in the Victoria Palace Theatre. They were some amazing experiences! At the Globe, we stood right next to the stage and definitely were doused in water, wine, and fake barf. It was great!
    Our Fairy Tale

  • Mary Engdahl

    Haha I love this post! You have such a real voice in with your blog. I am also nursing a hangover, however mine was off three beers, I guess that’s what happens when you are no longer 22- Coffee, water and a banana was my cure.

    I just recently started following as I am moving to London in October from Chicago. Thanks for the tip on the theaters.


  • Gatorade and Advil always help my hangovers. Although McDonald’s is a good idea too.

    That must have been such a wicked party!

  • courtnirae

    I have such good hang over buster, I have it almost every weekend -____- haha
    first get an English muffin and toast it, then slather with butter
    Next, put on as much Marmite as your heart desires
    Then, get an egg and cook it sunny side up and plop it on top of the Marmite muffin.
    Ta Da! the best hangover cure EVER =]

    A Golden State of Mind

  • Alka seltzer and junk food are my favorite hang over cures. The last time I was in London I saw Les Mis on the West End but missed going to The Globe. It’s definitely on my life of places to go when I return some day.
    – Rachel/ With Love, Rachel

  • Belle Vierge

    A fried egg on toast is pretty good hangover food. One of my best friends taught me that trick. But when I au paired in France, and my girls and I had an epic Saturday night, Sunday afternoon involved meeting up at the local MacDo for greasy junk hangover food. Although I will say, that was one of the few times I bought Sprite instead of Diet Coke for my beverage…

    During my very brief trip to London, my friend and I saw Wicked! It’s one of my favorite shows, that I’ve now seen three times. Not many people can claim to have seen it on Broadway (with Idina Menzel, but not Kristin Chenowith), in London, and the traveling show in the States.

    • I have so much love for everything about this comment! xx

  • Dee

    Great info! Didn’t know that, loved reading about it. Too bad you got hungover though. Next time, drink lots of water as well as alcohol to prevent hangovers. (I always forget to do this though.)

  • Haley

    Yellow Gatorade. Well, I’m sure any colour will do! I think the electrolytes help give you some energy. Greasy food is another- but you’re taking care of that one already.

  • Maggie

    Sorry about the hangover, doll! There is really nothing like English Theatre. When I was there I went to at least 3 shows a week and it was amazing!!
    Greg’s opening for his show in Chicago is on Friday, I am hoping the after party is up to London standards 🙂

  • Melanie Marie

    Press Night parties are some of the best, second only to end of season parties (excited for THAT one!).

    Feel better! xx