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Recipe || Oreo Ice Cream Pie

I know you’ve all probably been waiting with baited breath (or not) since I posted a picture of this guy last week. (Seen here.) It’s so super easy. Honestly, it’s foolproof. I was a disaster in the kitchen as a kid but my mom would let me make this unsupervised from a pretty young age. And there’s no baking at all, which means the oven can stay off! So without further ado:
Oreo Ice Cream Pie
mouthwatering mondays
1/4 cup melted butter
Carton of vanilla ice cream
Large package of oreos
chocolate syrup
magic shell
whip cream
Crush 2 1/4 cups of Oreo cookie crumbs (finely!). Mix them in a bowl with the melted butter. Then pour them into a pie pan and firmly press them down to form a crust. Start to smooth the crust with the back of a spoon. Refrigerate the crust for at least an hour.
Once your pie crust is formed, place a 1/2 thick layer of vanilla ice cream down. Add chocolate syrup, crushed oreos and Magic Shell. Repeat to add a second layer of the same (ice cream, chocolates and oreos)
Put it back into the freezer for 4-5 hours to let all the layers solidify and refreeze together. Shortly before serving, add a generous layer of whip cream and top with leftover Oreos and chocolate sauce if desired.
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And then enjoy. But also probably not eat a dessert for the next year because you will have ingested so much delicious sugar.

Now bring on those tasty Summertime Sweets recipes 🙂

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  • Z

    🙂 yummy. I just cannot wait to make this!

  • Tami

    Ok, I can totally make this. Might have to switch the vanilla ice cream for chocolate cause I’m that big of a freak. YUM!

  • Dee

    Oh my, it looks so decadent and delicious and super bad for my diet. But it’s perfect for me since we don’t have an oven. Might try this out sometime.

  • I could totally make this! I don’t have my own recipes to link up with but I’m excited to see yours!

  • Chelsee W

    Omghsh..this is the wrong time to look at something as delicious looking as that!!

  • Disa Chantel

    That first picture almost made me want to lick the screen, and I am not ashamed. This looks so good, Amanda!

  • Deidre

    Yum! It looks so delicious!

  • Angel Allen

    That oreo pie looks soooo good.