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Row, row, row your boat!

The other day I got to experience something I’ve been very excited about since moving to Stratford.

When I was in America, Sam and sent me a birthday card saying that we were going to celebrate my birthday together when I was back in England and that the day would involve climbing trees and drinking cocktails. So the other day we finally celebrated my 25th birthday together!

Unfortunately, the night before there was a HUGE rainstorm so climbing trees was out of the picture so we had to substitute that activity with another one I’d been itching to try: renting a rowing boat!

We had a very late start to the day with Pomegranate Margaritas. Recipe at the bottom of the post!

drink recipes
 For some reason most of the cocktails that we make are this shade.
After a few drinks, and a bottle filled up with some of the extra brew we made our way down to the river to the nearest dock. (It’s literally 4 minutes from our doorstep so it really is “local”.)
 Sam surveying the various boats that we had a choice of.
In Stratford everything is Shakespeare related. And all the boats are named after women from Shakespearean plays. Including several women that were either shipwrecked or drowned. Call me superstitious but I don’t want to take the “Ophelia” out on the water!
 Sometimes I look at Sam and know I really am lucky.
Sam was in charge of getting us away from the dock whilst we went downstream toward the weir. Once we were on our way down, we switched places and I took over the oars while Sam navigated.
A natural rower I was not!

Once we approached the weir, we had to spin the boat around and row back upstream. I made a gallant attempt but we ended up getting further and further downstream. If you can’t tell by these photos I wasn’t the most talented rower. Downstream, fine. Upstream? Forget about it.

 I did get freakishly close to bumping a swan though!
I think this photo looks like it belongs in a museum. It looks like an action shot from a rowing competition in the 1980s.
I know some of you might be worried, but don’t fear: The Gremlin made an appearance on this epic day. (For those of you who don’t know who the Gremlin is you can read about it here, here and here). Our friend the Gremlin made an appearance once I demonstrated the name of our mighty vessel.
Juliet and the Gremlin

So Sam was much better at rowing than I, but that didn’t stop us from hitting a houseboat. Oh wait, that had nothing to do with Sam’s skills rowing and everything to do with my poor skills as navigator. Wah- wah. Oh well.

Really glad that the owners of this boat didn’t witness us pushing off it.
Once we finished rowing we beelined through the weekend market to the churros and chocolate stall. They didn’t hold a candle to churros from New Mexico but they were still delicious!
Yea, these were devoured in 2 minutes?
Pomegranate Margarita Recipe
(Per one glass)
2 oz Grand Marnier
1 1/2 oz tequila
2 oz pomegranate juice
2 oz lime juice
1 1/2 oz simple syrup
course salt for the rim
lime twists and pomegranate seeds for garnish
Run a lime wedge around the rim of your glass then dip in salt. Fill your glass with ice. In a shaker combine all your liquid ingredients and shake well. Pour over the ice. Garnish with the lime twists and pomegranate seeds.

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  • Haley

    I love the gremlin!! Of course, being new, I had no idea what the hell the gremlin was… But I read the other posts- !! Okay, truth is- you do look like a gremlin when you smile that way! Kind of an evil lil grin you have going on there. Looks like you and Sam had a great day!

  • Dee

    Happy belated birthday! 🙂
    That looked like a fun way to celebrate! Too bad you couldn’t climb trees, I used to love doing that too!

  • Mary Engdahl

    Those pictures are so beautiful! And man, those Churros!!

    Mary @ Living our Life like a Dream

    • Thank you Mary! Those churros were gone in less than 3 minutes, without exaggeration! xx

  • You are so cute!!

    I want to go rowing now. Looks like you had so much fun!

  • Tayler Morrell

    Sounds like a fun day in Stratford. I’ve been there and I loved it! Tomorrow I will be posting about my study abroad in Wales and England, so make sure to catch it!
    Our Fairy Tale

  • Karly Kim

    This is the cutest date I’ve ever seen! Your outfit is to die for. Perfection!! Happy birthday honey 🙂

    • Thank you! Sometimes I get self-concious when I wear rompers because I feel like a giant baby but this is one of the few that I own that I actually really, really like wearing! xx

  • Amy @ The Tide That Left

    That’s one helluva romantic way to celebrate your 25th!
    Love the picture of you rowing – who cares if you’re a natural? Who is a natural anyway?!

    • Thank you! Sam is freakishly good at anything that requires natural athletic ability. I just have to not compare myself to him…. but we are very competitive in so it’s hard not too 😉 xx

  • Chelsee W

    O gosh! I swear your post got better and better the more I scrolled down. A) The drink looks amazing B) Happy Late Birthday & C) That date looks like soooo much fun! Now explain the whole gremlin thing to to me lol

  • Rachel

    I have an unhealthy obsession with churros. My husband always makes fun of me.

    And what a birthday celebration! Your rowing photos are adorable! Happy bday!

  • courtnirae

    Such a cute date! The churros are a nice touch! You guys are so cute together!

    A Golden State of Mind

  • That sounds like a lovely day out! I really enjoyed walking around Stratford, it’s such a cute town. Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to take a boat out that seems so wonderful to do!

    • Thank you! It was nice and refreshing for us both to do something non-Shakespeare related. That just gives you something to look forward to next time. So hopefully you can come again soon 😉 xx

  • How fun!!!! That sounds so English haha. It made me think about that boat in scene in What A Girl Wants – glad no one fell in 🙂

  • Kelly {Sparkles and Shoes}

    That cocktail looks delicious and yay for rowing!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Terri Vanech

    Looks like fun!