You Got Here How?!?

I only recently installed Google Analytics on my blog (About 2 months ago. Blogger fail, I know.) But I love looking through all the statistics. I find charts and graphs really fascinating (what a weirdo). And I especially love the ways that people have found Rhyme & Ribbons. Even if some of them make me cringe.

Here’s a countdown of my top ten favorite ways that people have stumbled across my blog through Google search.

Northern line winter 2011
Welcome! I invite you in!

10. Anglophile
True. And I’m glad the internet now associates me with this term. I feel proud.
9. Took my contacts off, almost blind
Again, this is extremely true. But I think I made an offhand comment in a post mentioning my abysmal eyesight once. Once!
8. Birthday Ideas for skype
I guess Sam gets all the credit for this one because he threw me a birthday party over Skype. (You can see it here.) Little did he know that his actions were going to inspire others…
7. Make a rhyme with pizza in it
I have never talked about this…but let me attempt to make a rhyme with pizza. Pita, visa, cheetah, amnesia, eureka are all near-rhymes or slant rhymes. There you go! *Hums “The more you know*
6. Nursery rhymes about cheese toast
This makes me laugh so hard. Cheese toast is what the English call grilled cheese. I’ve never even mentioned grilled cheese here on Rhyme & Ribbons but this is fabulous. It might be the topic of the next poem I write.
5. High school girls wearing overalls
I’m sorry but this one strikes me as highly creepy. But just in case you are wondering, I’m not in highschool and I don’t wear overalls. In fact, I never even wore overalls when I was in high school. Maybe when I was five…
4.This ribbon of colour appears after a rainstorm
I love this. If I was going to publish a collection of poetry this would be the collection’s title. Unfortunately I never thought this phrase up myself. Nor does it really relate to my blog on the surface. But in my heart it does.
3. That hotel in Scarborouh that fell
Well, I’m pretty sure Sam will back me up here…. but…I think Scarborough has a ‘g’ in it. But apparently I don’t pronounce it right anyways. Suck it Sam. Also yep, an entire hotel fell into the sea in Sam’s hometown. (You can see my Scarbs post here.)
2. Duckface + Zooey
Searcher, have you seen my blog before and are implying that I resemble Zooey Deschanel but with a duckface? I am both complimented and horrified at the same time.
1. Gremlin Rhyme and Ribbons
I can’t believe over 500 people have found my blog through this method. Wow. Just wow. I mean the gremlin face I make in picture is infamous amongst my friends and now I guess amongst people trying to find my blog!

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