Signs, Signs, Everywhere There’re signs

Here’s a secret about me: I am a firm believer in signs.

Hi, my name is Amanda and I believe in signs.

Phew, got that confession over with!  Sam likes to say that the only people who believe in signs more than I do are 17th Century cave-dwelling witches, and the characters in “Game of Thrones”. In fact, he once told me that I probably would have been burned as a witch it I lived in any other era. (Not nice, mister, not nice.) But it’s true. Sometimes I really do think the universe is sending me signals.

Crazy? Maybe. Whenever anyone says, “It’s a sign!” Sam looks at me and laughs.

I really, really want a dog while Sam (rightly so) says that we don’t have the space for a dog. One day we were in dire need of more milk so instead of waiting for our weekly grocery delivery I ran down to the local shop to grab a pint and then I saw this sign (and literally a sign):

dog adoption
See? Shakespeare even wants me to have a dog.
We are SUPPOSED to have a dog!
I was talking to Sam about this blog post and he said, “The point is you think you see these signs usually to convince me of something! You can find them in the slightest thing.”  Unfortunately, signs aren’t all fun and games.
A few years ago we were planning a holiday to Paris. On the original weekend we had planned to go, Sam was recalled for an audition at the National Theatre in London (a job that he ended up getting). But obviously, I insisted that this was a sign that we were NOT supposed to go to Paris together. After much crying on my part Sam rebooked our Paris tickets we headed out a week later than we had planned. And thank goodness I failed to listen to that “sign” because we had an amazing time! (You can see some of our Paris snaps here.)
So glad we ignored my craziness!
But in all seriousness, me seeing a “sign” is at least a bi-weekly occurrence! Crazy? Absolutely! Do I still listen to these “signs”? Yes. Though now, occasionally, I let Sam talk me out of following them.
What completely irrational things do you do?


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