A last look at Stratford-upon-Avon

And so ends our last week living in Stratford-upon-Avon. What a strange adventure it has been. This past weekend was Sam and my last full weekend in Stratford. On Sunday this weekend we are heading to London. We packed in the most activities possible into our weekend. I had a friend for school up for a visit. I went to a prep school for middle school and high school so we’ve known each other since we were 11. He’s been in London for a few weeks for work, and before he heads back to the States we thought we’d show him some of the English countryside.

river view
 Sam snapped this shot during our long walk.
The only problem with Sam meeting someone who knew me from the age of 11 on is that a big secret was spilled. The secret of GIANT Amanda. I hit my growth spurt early. Really early. I have been 5’6” since I was 12 and then I stopped growing and have been the same height ever since. But that means that for our first few years of school I was the biggest kid at school. Taller than ALL the other girls and boys. These days are long gone and most of these old schoolmates tower over me, especially my oldest and dearest girlfriend.
old school friends
 Two schoolmates, reunited!
dinner at One elm
 Seriously, this was the best meal I’ve had in Stratford.
If you follow me on instagram, you’ve already seen the above photo. Its a delicious thai chicken and grilled veggie skewer while a bowl of twice cooked chips (french fries) underneath. There’s a spicy sauce for the skewer and what you do is pour it onto a basin at the top of the hanging skewer and it drips down the skewer covering all of it, and ends up on top of the chip. My god it was good. Seriously, if you find yourself in Stratford, eat at the One Elm.
teddy bear store
My new love.
After we put my friend on a train back to London, Sam and I wandered around Stratford, doing some errands and taking in the sights. Then we saw Woody Allen’s newest film “Blue Jasmine” for free at the local cinema. Remember Sam’s new favourite activity of complaining? Well, these are free tickets we got from a previous (justified) complaint.
Before settling in London for good we have at least another month of adventures ahead of us that includes: one week in London, vacation, Newcastle for three weeks. Then back to London for good!

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  • Dee

    That pic Sam took looks like a lovely watercolor painting! That dish looks yummy! And good on Sam for keeping up the good work with not being a doormat anymore!

  • Karly Kim

    I wish you would hug me like you hug that teddy bear.

  • Your new love is really cute. 😉

    I love how excited you look for that meal! It sounds absolutely amazing!

    Yay for seeing a friend that you haven’t seen in forever! And yay for taking pictures of it!

  • Haley

    II actually googled Stratford last night.. Beautiful place, isn’t it!? Are you bittersweet to be leaving..? Is it time to move, or would you stay longer if you could? That dish looks delicious.. And I love how you benefited from The New Sam. And, was that Paddington Bear you were lovin on..?!
    Oh and I was the first girl to get a training bra in grade 3 or 4… And then…nothing…for awhile…

  • Fiona J

    Stratford looks lovely! I hope all goes well with the move xx

    • Thank you! It’s been non-stop lately. Hopefully we can catch our breaths next week! xx

  • Bailie @ The Hemborg Wife

    I grew fast too, I was 5’0 at 10 and then just stopped!

  • It looks like you had such a good time – and you managed to pack so much in!

    It is so nice that you got to spend time with a school friend. My bestie was the tall girl at school (she is about 5’8 now) and I was short (stayed short to be honest) but I caught up a little (I’m 5’4)!

    Molly xo

    • I think everyone at school expected me to be women’s basketball team tall- but then I never progressed. Where as my best friend is close to 5’9ish now! xx

  • elle alice

    That first photo is beautifully enchanting!!! What a dreamy place to take a morning stroll!!

  • Noor

    Without being cheesy , I want to share your new love . I love bears too much!

  • tinajo

    Looks like a wonderful place! 🙂