Things I Love About My Body

I’ve blogged a few times about my struggles with my self-image. My body and my eating habits suffered for years because of it. (You can read my post about disordered eating  here.) Now this might seem smug, and like I am giving myself massive props but today I want to talk about things that I like about myself physically.

I think it’s really important and healthy to be able to acknowledge attributes about yourself, both inner and outer, that you really like! And personally I find it much more difficult to compliment myself physically than to compliment myself of my wit or intelligence, etc.

My Eyes

My eyes change colour depending on what I am wearing and what colours are strongly present in my surroundings. On any given day they can fluctuate the full spectrum of blue to grey to green. It’s always been my unfair trump card with boyfriends.
Blue-grey eyes.
Me: If you know me so well then what colour are my eyes?
Any boyfriend: *Looking panicked* Umm… I….I can’t say…I don’t know!
Me: Ha! Trick question!
 Green-hazel eyes
I like my trick eyes. I think it’s neat. People pay good money for coloured contacts and my eyes are chameleons by nature.

My upper body

upper body
Remember that time I grew grownup breasts? Neither do I.

If you know me in real life I’ve probably complained to you that I wish my breasts were larger. And weren’t created a la the magic of Victoria Secret. But in reality, I don’t regret being small chested at all. In fact, I really like it. I can get aware with wearing lots of things that cleavage endowed ladies out there can’t and modern high fashion embraces the flat-chested sillouhette. High five self! Plus I’ve always loved dancing and being outdoors and having large breasts always makes going to dance class look much more strenuous.

I wish I had more upper body strength. (Seriously my arms are as strong as noodles.) But that’s my own fault. I can obviously change that if I wanted. But I’ve always liked my shoulders/neck/collarbone area.

My wrists

This picture doesn’t really do justice to my wrists freakiness. But going through photos there are very few of my wrists so I had to make do.

I have freakishly tiny wrists. Seriously, childsized. I can still wear kid sized bangles and people are always grossed out or shocked by how small they are. But I can also literally fold my hands in half and make my hand the same size as my wrist. I’ve never met anyone else that can do that. Obviously, this is not sexy or beautiful in any way. But what it does mean is that I can always slip out of handcuffs and wrist restraints. Like Houdini. It makes for a really nerdy party trick.

Thus ends the most narcissistic post I’ll every write. What do you like about yourself?

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