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Birmingham, England!

This weekend was our anniversary so Sam and I went to Birmingham to celebrate. It’s only 45 minutes from Stratford by train, but staying in a hotel, even for a night and exploring a new place us always so exciting! Our time was filled with lots and lots of food, sightseeing, swimming and window shopping.
From the train, it looked very industrial, but as we got towards the town centre we were surrounded by beautiful architecture.
birmingham, england
Lovely domed ceiling details outside a vintage cocktail bar/restaurant.
birmingham, england
jumping for joy in birmingham england
Jumping for joy!
birmingham england
birmingham, england
 Black and white detail.
statue in victoria square birmingham england
Fountain in Victoria Square.
birmingham england
I loved these gold guys!
After some nice walks and lovely sightseeing, we checked into our hotel and immediately went for a swim. In England, I never get the opportunity to go swimming ever. So I always, always love the chance. We even got up early the next morning to go for another swim before check-out.
swimming at the hyatt, birmingham england
 The Gremlin loves swimming too!
hyatt birmingham england
 The view from the 14th floor onto city centre.
After swimming, we quickly got ready to head off for a delicious curry. Baltis are pretty much the city dish of Birmingham, so how could we not?! We had a lovely canal side stroll on the way to dinner.
canals in birmingham england
 Canal and canal side pub behind our hotel.
canal tunnel birmingham england
My favourite guy.
The next day (after our swim), we went to the Mailbox, the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, and followed lastly by the epic Bullring. The Bullring is a MASSIVE shopping mall in Birmingham, that even blew away my jaded American mind!
heart statues birmingham england
This part of town was filled with awesome heart men and women. I also become a hunchback over the weekend.

My favourite part of Birmingham was the time we spent in the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. It has an incredible, extensive lovely collection of art and antiquities. Plus a great interactive, hands-on gallery. But my favourite bit was the special exhibit called “A Squash and a Squeeze” devoted to the stories and art of Julia Donaldson. (The author of “The Gruffalo” and “Room on a Broom” to name many!) The special exhibit had about a dozen amazing rooms aimed at children which Sam and I thoroughly enjoyed.

"a squash and a squeeze" exhibit birmingham england
The dress like a prince or princess corner. Of course I partook in the costumes.
"a squash and a squeeze" exhibit birmingham england
Sam and a piggy. I adore this photo!
Things I’d recommend in Birmingham:
Go for a curry.
Go shopping at the Bullring.
See an exhibit at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.
Go shopping at the Mailbox.
Take a stroll through the Jewellery Quarter.
See where Cadbury is made!
Have a pint canal side.

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  • Letitia – The Fashion Editor

    Love this! So beautiful!

    • Thank you so much! xx

  • Happy Anniversary Amanda and Sam!

  • Dee

    Happy anniv! I love the place and all the fun things you did! Such a cute quirky pair, you too. 🙂

  • Erica

    Hi, I’m over from the link up 🙂
    Look like fun – I love the jumping photo! And happy anniversary!

  • Kam

    Ahh my home town! I live in London now but Birmingham will always be home.
    Happy anniversary to you both 🙂

    • I loved my time in Birmingham! I’d love to hear the perspective of someone who grew up there though! xx

    • Kam

      So glad to hear you enjoyed it! I think it’s a city which is often overlooked in the UK but there is a lot to see and do…and the shopping is great! There are some great restaurants in the Mailbox and Brindley Place so check those out next time you go.

      Where did you go for your curry?

      Kam @ A Married Couple & Their Travels xx

  • Tami

    This looks like a blast. Love the “heart people”

  • These pictures of you are absolutely adorable!! I love the heart people and how happy you look!

    Mmm.. I love curry.

    Happy anniversary!! <3

  • emi

    you two are so cute! i LOVE england and lived there for a time too! this is amazing that you found love and stayed! what a fairy tale!
    i love your blog..we are kindred travel lovers! can’t wait to follow along.

    the well-traveled wife

  • Janelle

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Janelle @ Halfpenny Diaries

    That is awesome! My husband is from that area and I can’t wait to actually go exploring it! Will have to remember this post when we head up there!

  • Helene in Between

    what a perfect trip for your anniversary!! looks like so much fun!

  • Haley

    Awesome trip!!! I am beginning to think that I need to add some of these places on my list of places to see. I just love the history there.. The architecture is breathtaking, even in pictures. I can’t imagine what it’s like being there experiencing it firsthand.
    You can’t hoard all of the fun Amanda.. the gremlin has to get in on some of that action too;)

  • Chelsee W

    I love all the pictures! omgsh the Architecture there is gorgeous!

  • Karly Kim

    Happy anniversary!! You are so cute 🙂 love my bff!

  • Happy Anniversary!

    Curries in Birmingham are so good! Yum!

    • Thank you so much! Oh my goodness, my curry was delicious. But every part of the meal was amazing. From the popadoms to the naan I was in heaven! xx

  • Deidre

    Sounds lovely! Just out of curiosity how far in kms is it from stratford to Birmingham? How many stops does the train make? (I’m just curious about train travel in other countries is all)

  • Rowdy Fairy

    I love the look of those old buildings. great pics!

    Rowdy Fairy Blog
    Follow Me on Bloglovin!

  • Sara Louise

    I used to have to pop over to Birmingham from Dublin once a month for work and I’m so peeved that I never took the time to explore! Especially the Bullring, the people I had meetings with all told me to check out the Bullring and I never did… I’m kicking myself now!