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I hope you all aren’t getting too bored with photos of Turkey, but this is the last day of it all. Belek was too gorgeous at sunset to not write a post dedicated to it!

belek maritim sunset turkey
The colours! The sea! The mountains! Who would be able to resist falling in love with Turkey?
Of course, sundown is one of those magic times when it comes to lighting so I quickly snapped a photo of one of the delicious cocktails I was drinking. Little did I know that Sam was getting me:
belek maritim sunset turkey
I look that Cousin It.
You can see the photo that I was taking in my post on Turkish food here.
belek maritim sunset turkey
I was gloriously happy all week long.
This week in Belek reminded me that I need to appreciate Sam and everything he does for me more. Not just during special times like on vacation. He’s wonderful, supportive, and though times have been really hard for us in the past (and probably won’t be easy in the future) we have each other. And we have love, and sometimes love is enough.
belek maritim sunset turkey
As a blogger I am extremely lucky. Sam is one of those people who LOVES taking photos. If you were to go though the boxes we have in storage there’d be 20 lbs of photos that Sam has taken.
At least I’ll always know I’ll never be one of those bloggers who is boring her boyfriend to tears begging him to take pictures.
belek maritim sunset turkey
Handsome Sam at sunset.
belek maritim sunset turkey
Part of me loves this picture. And part of me thinks, “Holy *%& I look like my mom.”
belek maritim sunset turkey
The pier slightly later in the sunset process.
Every evening after enjoying the sunset, we’d go off and enjoy music or dancing, or even some circum performers. With me usually sitting with the kids.
belek maritim sunset turkey
I was a giantess in Turkey.
I’ve really enjoyed sharing my short time in one minuscule part of Turkey with you. I can’t wait to explore more of Turkey one day. I am rearing to go to Istanbul next!

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  • In the picture where you say you look like your mother your remind me of Emily Deschanel!

  • I have to agree with Bailie…I think its the fringe. 🙂 Love the sunset photos.

  • I adore sunsets!!! Your pictures are so gorgeous! xx

  • Amy @ the tide that left

    Gorgeous pics. I said it before, but you just looks so incredibly chilled and happy. It sounds like the last few months have taken their toll on you and this trip was just what you needed. xxx

  • So much love in this post! Which I, well, LOVE! You and Sam are adorable. <3

  • Photos of Turkey will never be boring 🙂 so glad you enjoyed your trip! How lucky you are to have someone so special to share it with.

    P.S. Yes to coffee in 2014. Looking forward to it! xo

  • Amazing. All of it. Turkey is gorgeous.. You guys certainly deserved the get away.. and I’m happy to see your smiling face throughout all of your pictures. (and even Sam’s serious expression looks happy.. !)

    • Ahhh you are too nice Haley!!!!! Thank you so much. When I think about it now it seems a lifetime ago! x

  • carlisa creter

    such a pretty place!

  • Love your pictures – keep them coming! Would love to go on holiday there!

  • Oh my goodness, is that sunset beautiful! I LOVE Sam’s picture of you taking a shot of your drink. Too cute! Looks like you guys had an AMAZING time.

    • Haha thanks I’ll send that one to him! It was so nice to get away somewhere WARM! It’s already heavy-duty coat weather in England. (Even though I am writing this comment in Atlanta….) I was in the lodge yesterday and thought of you! I couldn’t remember who your little was though 🙁 So many new babies! xx

  • Gina

    Gorgeous sunset photos!! Wow! I went to Side Turkey last year and absolutely loved it. Apparently Belek is only an hour away. Glad you had a great time ~ it shows in your pics. I am keen to see Istanbul some time too ~ Turkey is fabulous!

    • I remember seeing road signs for Side so it must have been fairly close! How long were you there for? I had zero expectations about going to Turkey and now I can’t wait to return one day! x

      • Gina

        I spent 7 glorious days there and just like you I had zero expectations for it. It blew me away. If you return to the area you should go to the Temple of Apollo. It was spectacular. I blogged about it last May. So beautiful! If you Google Temple of Apollo you will see what I mean – gorgeous!

  • gorgeous photos!