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I am now in love with the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. England be damned! I miss the sun! This was our view upon waking. EVERY SINGLE DAY. We couldn’t have hoped for better weather it was in the upper 80s (31 C) and sunny our entire trip. It would be hard for to aptly express how special to me this week was.
Belek by Day (around Maritim)
It looks like paradise, right?
Turkey has a huge tipping culture, bigger than in America even. So I’d advise anyone traveling there in the future to remember tip everyone. Drivers, hotel maids, bar men, wait staff, bell boys, etc. I like to think that we made friends with most of the hotel staff. I’m really weird when I stay in hotels because I feel bad about someone cleaning my room for me, so I always make my bed anyways to try to help. I think the maid appreciated it because she made us this one morning:
Belek by Day (around Maritim)
Do you think it’s a cobra or a peacock?
I made sure to find her so I could tell her how fabulous I thought it was.
Belek by Day (around Maritim)
Sam lounging by the pool with an ice cream.
Did I mention that there were free ice creams all day long?! Heaven.
Belek by Day (around Maritim)
Sam at our “local” bar.
This picture cracks me up because he looks like he’s posing for a press photo as the new owner.
Belek by Day (around Maritim)
We went down to the pier daily.
Turkey has a huge stray cat problem. In Belek alone, there were 100s of stray cats. One night, while watching some belly dancers and whirling dervishes and stray kitten jumped into my lap and fell asleep. Despite being allergic to cats, I fell in love with him. I named him “Cat”. He stayed with me all evening. And I kid you not, when I had to go back to the hotel room, I cried. I didn’t want to leave Cat behind. I begged Sam to take him back to England with us.
Belek by Day (around Maritim)
 Cat found me again later in the week by the pool! It must have been love!
Sadly, Sam didn’t let me bring him home.
Sam and I had originally planned to go to Egypt for this holiday period. Due to political circumstances, it seemed unsafe for me to travel on my American passport, as Americans were advised to avoid traveling to Egypt whilst it was still okay for Brits.  But then we stumbled across this amazing all-inclusive deal for a resort in Turkey. Neither of us had ever traveled all-inclusive before because it had always been to expensive in the past. (If you want any tips on how to get it cheaply I now know some).
I never want to go back to regular holidays after a vacation of unlimited drinks and food.
Belek by Day (around Maritim)
Mmm….unlimited cocktails.
Belek by Day (around Maritim)
This photo was taken right after the last. Sam said “Wouldn’t your mother be proud?” as he took it, resulting in this face. (My mom doesn’t drink as a reference.)
Belek by Day (around Maritim)
 Loving Belek.
Belek by Day (around Maritim)
These two friends want to stay in Belek forever.
It was one of the most wonderful, special weeks of my entire life. I’ll pretty much cherish it always. (As I told Sam weeping on our last night there.) But as Sam himself said, well, we just have to focus on planning the next holiday then!

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  • Amy @ the tide that left

    You look super relaxed and tanned. Mike always laughs at me for tidying up before the maid comes to the room. I always make the bed when we stay in hotels, and will generally fold towels and tidy up. We live in a hotel at the moment which is just strange, but I still run around cleaning up before housekeeping turn up.

    • I can imagine that if you were living in a hotel it would be extra strange to have someone in cleaning up because it’s basically your home. (I tidy up and fold towels as well). And thank you, by the way! x

      • Amy @ the tide that left

        I thought of you this morning when I was late for work and the hotel maid arrived before I’d left for work so she had to make the bed. I think we might have been separated at birth, you and I (by several years, and a continent). If we don’t meet up for cider when I’m back in the UK (to compare notes on folding towels, and singing the hotel towel song) I’ll be very upset.

        • We 100% will. I’ll make it happen even if I have to hitchhike across England in a blizzard. xx

  • Aw, sounds like such a nice holiday! I’ve never gone on an all inclusive either, but really want a sun sea sand holiday!

    • It’s amazing! We will definitely do it again in the future- it ended up saving us loads of money in the long run. x

  • Looks gorgeous! And omg that cat!!

  • I love your new blog design, how pretty! What a wonderful vacation, so glad you guys had a great time to relax together. πŸ™‚

  • Oh gosh this is a dream vacation! Beautiful view and unlimited ice cream & cocktails?? Count me in! Lol at Cat the cat! Too bad you couldn’t bring him home with you!

    • I really really wanted to! But Sam made a really good point that if we brought a stray cat into england from Turkey it would have to be quarantined at the airport for several weeks until it was allowed into the country. Which would be horrible, I imagine! x

  • Karly Kim

    Beautiful! Looks like a dream πŸ™‚

  • The pervert in me says the towel design looks like something that starts with a P that isn’t a Peacock. The pervert in me also says you look smokin’ hot and I’m jealous of your tan!

    I totally would have fallen in love with that kitty too!

    This looks like it was amazing. I want to see more pictures!

    • I was so sad I couldn’t take him home. But Sam was being rational…. it probably owuldn’t have been good in the long run to take a stray cat home from Turkey…but…. he was just so sweet.

      Also now I can’t un-see the peen. x

  • Kaeley

    Beautiful photos!!!

  • It is so much nicer than what I was expecting.. but I’m not really sure what I was expecting. It’s so tropical looking.. vacation-y! The stray cat thing may be a problem for me.. but other than that; what a great vacation! You look oh so happy with your unlimited, FREE drinks my dear! Great candid picture of you too. Oh and definitely a cobra. Alex, you are a pervy perv. πŸ˜‰

    • P.S. You DO look smokin’ hot. I can’t believe how much you and Sam eat and you look like that!! πŸ™‚

      • Hahaha thank you so much! Sam ate a sickening amount. And then we did this EPIC weigh in (Biggest Loser epic) and he had gained no weight at all! It makes me so angry sometimes! He must have the best metabolism in the entire world. He’s almost 33 though maybe his will slow down before mine does and i’ll have a few years to gloat.

        I’ll always look that happy with free drinks. Buying drink at the pub this week has felt strange. What is this money that I need to use??!? xx

  • Kendra Pahukoa

    oh, it’s simply amazing! cat too. πŸ™‚

  • Holy moly, I am SO jealous! What an amazing view!

  • Sherilyn

    Looks like you had a fantastic holiday! What’s the secret to getting an all-inclusive at a good price? My hubby & I have never gone on a warm holiday & I’d love to do an all-inclusive, but like you said, they are pricey!

    • It sounds really risky, but book it at the last second. All inclusive hotels are usually buffet style so they always make a certain amount of food but they don’t want empty rooms. Booking 1 1/2 weeks in advance saved us 100s of Β£! And if you do to a travel agent of a booking agency (which I actually recommend doing) make sure they take off the optional extras- like in flight meal, paying extra to guarantee seats together (if you turn up early you can just request that) and look into whether or not you need transfers to and from the hotel. In the case of Turkey we did need it! Also try to go in “off-seasons” like September/October or March/April- when all the regular holidayers aren’t out in force yet but it will still be warm. From looking at holiday prices those months seemed a nice balance of weather versus price. And lastly, I’d suggest NOT setting your heart on one destination. Sam and I chose between Cyprus, Spain, Greece, and Turkey and then picked where we could get the best value for money out of those warm holiday options. Whoosh! Hopefully I haven’t forgotten anything! x

  • I am LOVING these Turkey posts! I really wanted to go to Turkey for my honeymoon next year, but then we got worried about the weather in October, but it looks like it is still pretty dang nice. πŸ™‚

    • What part of Turkey will you be in and how long will you be there for? To be honest, we got pretty lucky- apparently the week before we arrived it was sweater weather because of a huge storm off the sea. Our first day was chilly and then the rest of the week was glorious! I guess when you’re so close to the Mediterranean it’s hard to predict! x

      • We haven’t looked into it TOO too much, but we definitely want to go to the Asia side. We were thinking Istanbul, the coast and then going over to Croatia. Just depends on how long we can stretch this honeymoon out. πŸ™‚