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Even though I’ve only been in Newcastle for a week, and still catching up on my time in Turkey, today I am flying out to Atlanta for my Little’s wedding. (Please send me good flying vibes.) I’ve been waiting for this week for over a year now. It’s going to be fabulous.  I feel lucky to have done so much traveling this month! And when I return from Atlanta the RSC only has one more week in Newcastle and then I’m London bound for good. I can’t wait for Sam and I to settle down in one place. I counted and I have moved 12 times in the past 3 years. As we are looking to sign a year lease I’ll be cutting my average way short next year- hurray!

But now back to Turkey. Around Belek and Anatalya, you are surrounded by arid scrub. The look of the land was fairly similar to that of New Mexico. But go a mile in one direction and you are at the gorgeous Mediterranean coast. Travel another and you hit beautiful rivers.

The waterfall we visited is one of the tributaries of the Aksu River in the middle of a pine forest. No swimming or fishing is allowed so the fish swim close to the surface in the crystal clear waters. It’s a little remote, about a 20 minute drive into the country from Anatalya. It would be a lovely place to have a picnic, and there are lots of spots for that purpose!

Kursunlu Waterfall, Turkey
It’s so tranquil and peaceful.
On such a hot day it was very tempting for a swim, but we were informed that anyone who tries to swim will be arrested!
Kursunlu Waterfall, Turkey
 There’s even a spot to observe turtles at play!
Kursunlu Waterfall, Turkey
I had never seen water such a brilliant turquoise colour!
Kursunlu Waterfall, Turkey
Even though I wasn’t allowed a swim, I was allowed to splash about in the waterfall!
Kursunlu Waterfall, Turkey
We both wished that we had more time to spend relaxing at Kursunlu with a picnic.
Surrounded by such protected stunning scenery, the local animals seemed to be able to relax as well. I had never seen happier and more playful looking ducks in my life!

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  • That water looks beautiful! Must have been so fun to splash around!

  • Have a wonderful flight!

    I’m in love with waterfalls. So, this is all just love to me. It’s gorgeous and I’d love to see it in person!

  • Gorgeous photos and I love your outfit.
    This is not how I pictured Turkey at all, now I understand why everyone holidays there! I’ve always been a Spain/Greece girl myself.

    • Turkey was incredible! Obviously Spain and Greece are amazing and stunning but I felt like we also got more for our money in Turkey! X

  • Karly Kim

    Beautiful! This seems like the best trip ever. One improvement would be if I were the third wheel.

  • Wow, that water is ridiculous! It must have been pretty hard to stay out of it..! You have had such a busy month!! Have so much fun visiting the USA for your Little’s wedding. Will you have a chance to see any of your family while you’re back? Yah to having a home !! London, wow.. you must be looking forward to living in London. What a gorgeous city.

    • I won’t get a chance to see my family which is a bummer but I’ll get to see all my friends from college that I haven’t seen in a few years now! I love London and I really miss it. Before we moved to Stratford I lived there for two years and I can’t wait to be back! X

  • Char Williams

    This is gorgeous! Wish we’d made it there when we were in Turkey. Also I love your skirt in these photos 🙂 x

  • WOW that waterfall is gorgeous! Love your blog!

  • That looks amazing! It’s our last day in Istanbul today. I don’t want to leave!! I hope you liked Turkey as much as I did!