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Perge is an ancient Greek city near Anatalya on the southwestern Mediterranean coast  of Turkey.  Sam and I are both history nerds so we had loads of fun touring and exploring the ruined city.  The acropolis there dates to the bronze age.
My biblical studies obviously weren’t up to scratch because I didn’t remember that St. Paul traveled and preached in Perge quite frequently. (As well as St. Barnabas.) Luckily the amazing tour guide made up for my shoddy history.
Perge was founded at the end of the Trojan Wars (1275 BC) so it’s easily one of the oldest places I have ever visited.
perge, turkey ancient ruins
The stadium.
And you can see the wounds from watersports on Sam’s arms. I have matching ones.
perge, turkey
Inside an archway in the stadium.
The main road through the town is still intact. It is lined by pillars with paved streets and canal that runs alongside, leading up to a fountain.
perge, turkey
Writing on various stones was still perfectly clear.
I’ve never been so thankful that my sorority made me learn the greek alaphabet. It was very exciting to be able to recognise all the letters and even a few words!
perge, turkey
A closeup on scalloped detailing on a former storefront.
The novelty of being able to touch something so old never quite wore off. I spent most of the day giggling whenever I was able to touch or sit on something ancient. I know that’s my naive American ways, but when you grow up in a country where the oldest buildings are like spring chickens to the rest of the world it’s really neat to see pieces of ancient history.
perge, turkey
It was also fiendishly bright and hot.
perge, turkey
Sam and I at the top of the ancient street, some pillars of the agora in the background.
This was a no makeup holiday and by the state of my hair, it looks like it was a no brushing day.
This was my first exposure to ancient Greek ruins and happily more were to follow on this trip!

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