The ABCs of Autumn

Hello first day of October!  Greetings again from London. This week we are staying in a lovely AirBnB. And even more exciting news- next week Sam and I are going to Turkey! We found an amazing last minute deal and we decided to celebrate out first big chunk of time together in almost a year by getting some sun! Hopefully it will be an incredible adventure.

September is a transition month in my mind while October is well and truly the fall. This is my ABCs of Autumn list. It’s less food-centric than you would imagine as well! n!

ABCs of Autumn
happy fall!
Pictured is my brilliant, trustworthy hat. I’m so attached to it that I’ve named it.
It’s name is “Hat”. I’m not kidding, if I can’t find it I’ll yell, “Sam? Have you seen Hat anywhere?”
You can read more about my adventures with Hat here.

Alex’s wedding! My sorority little is getting married in Atlanta the beginning of November and I’ll be a bridesmaid in her wedding. I cannot wait to be back in Georgia and get to see everyone again.

Boots. I love wearing boots, unfortunately it looks silly in the middle of summer. I’ve broken them out for the fall already!

Christmas shopping. I am one of those people that gets their Christmas shopping done months ahead of time. I like the safety in knowing that hidden somewhere in the house are everyone’s presents, ready to go!

Decorating our new flat. Since Sam and I first lived together, the longest we’ve been able to stay in one place has been quite short. So we’ve actually never had all of our things unpacked and out of storage while we’ve lived together. This means that we’ve never actually thought about decorating an entire place together despite having lived in 4 different places together now.

Eating. With the cold weather comes my increased desire to eat everything. And how could I deny such a primal urge?

You know how some bloggers look dainty, or elegant, or sexy eating?
This is what I look like eating.

Fall television lineup. We can pretend that everyone loves fall for the food, comfy clothing and leaves. But really, it’s all our favourite television shows returning with new episodes.

Get togethers with friends. I’ll get to see my London friends and my Atlanta friends for the first time in 9 months and 2 1/2 years respectively. G also gets shared with fact wise with G’s birthday. Aka my best friend’s birthday! Love you, love!

Halloween parties. And this year I will be spending Halloween celebrating my little’s impending wedding. Her bachelorette party will be on Halloween. This sounds like a disastrous amount of fun!

Insidious 2. That’s right. I am so excited to see this film that it gets its own category. When Sam and I watched the first one we had to watch it in two sittings it was so terrifying. I want to see this one in the cinema so I get the proper terrifying experience.

Job applications. Moving back to London means finding new work. When not acting, I tend to try to work in childcare or in museums, so hopefully I can find something in those fields that pays well!

Kisses by fireplaces, and in cozy places all wrapped up in duvets and sweaters with hot drinks.

London: the return! We are moving back to London for good (or for the foreseeable future) mid November!

Mulled beverages. But especially mulled cider. Mulled wine doesn’t hold a candle to mulled cider in my book.

Nature walks. I love going for Autumnal walks with a warm drink in hand, looking at the leaves.

Organising! Call me crazy but I am very excited to finally organise and unpack all our things from the storage unit they’ve been in for the past year!

Pumpkin flavoured everything. In my drinks, in my baked goods…. yum!

Quidditch. What better time than fall for a Harry Potter marathon? Sam hadn’t ever read the books so we’ve been reading them aloud to each other the past few months. We are in the middle of The Prisoner of Azkaban and he has no idea what’s to come…

Reading in bed. Obviously this can be done year round, but I love to be reading in bed on a rainy fall morning!

Sweaters, scarves, leggings, tights, and jackets. I love fall fashion because it’s a) meant to be comfy and b) flattering to my figure.

Thanksgiving in England. This will be my 4th Thanksgiving in England and every year we’ve had a great party. And to be honest, they just keep getting better!

Umbrellas, wellies, raincoats oh my! The novelty of living somewhere that it actually rains has not yet worn off. (Sorry desert homeland.)

wellies and umbrellas
And I do love my beautiful Joules wellies that my mom bought for me in Bath last year.

Vacation with Sam. We’ve been planning on going away during the time off between Stratford and Newcastle. Our original plan was to go to Egypt but there’s a travel warning for Americans in Egypt so I’m afraid that destination is off the cards now. But a new one will be chosen shortly!

Weddings galore! I am attending 4 weddings this fall.

Xylophone band practice starts. I can’t wait for our London debut.

Yoga and dance classes. I’d really like to start dancing again because I miss and and take some yoga classes just because I really enjoy it and it helps me deal with anxiety.

Zach’s birthday. My little brother turns 21 this year!

brother's birthday
This guy turns 21! Look at him, he’s a monster. He’s about 6’2”
Family resemblance? (Minus the freakish height, of course.)
What would the best thing on your own ABCs of Autumn List be?

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