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Travel || Water Adventures in Turkey

I would be lying if I didn’t admit that the vast majority of our time spent in Turkey was spent lounging in the sun by the pool, playing in the waterpark and enjoying the beach. This clearly wasn’t a culture palooza.

Here’s a confession: Sam and I both ADORE waterparks. I remember going to the Albuquerque local “The Beach” (now torn down) once and summer and wishing it wasn’t so damn expensive so that we could go all the time!

Sam and I nicknamed all our favourite slides. There was Curly Sue, Green Monster, the Toilet Bowl, Yellows, etc etc.

water parks tube
 Enjoying or being terrified by the Green Monster?
water parks tube slides maritim
I used to tease my mom mercilessly for only ever wanting to go on the lazy river. And now I understand why.
water parks tube slides maritim belek
Sam enjoying the Green Monster.

water parks tube slides maritim belek

Throwing my hands up for the yellows!
Our typical day in Belek looked like this: breakfast, water park, snack, pool, lunch, pool, snack, beach, snack, dinner, showers and then shows, dancing, etc. (Notice all the eating? We both strived to put on weight over the week.)
Mediterranean sea beach jumping
Jumping for joy at the Mediterranean in all it’s glory!
Mediterranean sea beach parasailing
I never worked up the nerve to go parasailing.
Even though I didn’t do anything nearly as brave as parasailing, Sam and I did ride one of those two person tubes that is pulled behind a boat. It was a combination of gloriously fun and thinking “Oh my god, I am going to die in Turkey.” And even though we had a blast, we both got horrendously scrapped up. (You can see Sam’s hurties in one of our Perge pictures here.)
Mediterranean sea beach sam in the sun
My handsome Sam.
Basically, every minute was glorious and I wish that I could be on holiday again with Sam right now!

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