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Travel || Water Adventures in Turkey

I would be lying if I didn’t admit that the vast majority of our time spent in Turkey was spent lounging in the sun by the pool, playing in the waterpark and enjoying the beach. This clearly wasn’t a culture palooza.

Here’s a confession: Sam and I both ADORE waterparks. I remember going to the Albuquerque local “The Beach” (now torn down) once and summer and wishing it wasn’t so damn expensive so that we could go all the time!

Sam and I nicknamed all our favourite slides. There was Curly Sue, Green Monster, the Toilet Bowl, Yellows, etc etc.

water parks tube
 Enjoying or being terrified by the Green Monster?
water parks tube slides maritim
I used to tease my mom mercilessly for only ever wanting to go on the lazy river. And now I understand why.
water parks tube slides maritim belek
Sam enjoying the Green Monster.

water parks tube slides maritim belek

Throwing my hands up for the yellows!
Our typical day in Belek looked like this: breakfast, water park, snack, pool, lunch, pool, snack, beach, snack, dinner, showers and then shows, dancing, etc. (Notice all the eating? We both strived to put on weight over the week.)
Mediterranean sea beach jumping
Jumping for joy at the Mediterranean in all it’s glory!
Mediterranean sea beach parasailing
I never worked up the nerve to go parasailing.
Even though I didn’t do anything nearly as brave as parasailing, Sam and I did ride one of those two person tubes that is pulled behind a boat. It was a combination of gloriously fun and thinking “Oh my god, I am going to die in Turkey.” And even though we had a blast, we both got horrendously scrapped up. (You can see Sam’s hurties in one of our Perge pictures here.)
Mediterranean sea beach sam in the sun
My handsome Sam.
Basically, every minute was glorious and I wish that I could be on holiday again with Sam right now!

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  • You really looked like you were having fun! Love the jump shot! And parasailing is not scary at all! I am extremely scared of heights but I did it, it feels like floating and it’s sooo relaxing and beautiful up there.

    • Thanks Dee! Glad to know that parasailing is nice for next time. the take off and landings were what seemed most terrifying! x

  • Char Williams

    I love Turkey! Looks like you had an awesome time… hope the post-holiday blues aren’t hitting too bad!!

    • I did have crazy post holiday depression at first, to be honest! The first few days I was pretty bummed out. But then you just have to buckle down on focus on a new project (or a future holiday!) x

  • I need to know what your workout routine is! You can’t possible make (and eat!) so many delicious meals and have such an awesome bod if you’re not working out!

    You know what you made me realise? Andrew and I have never gone to a waterpark together! We should get on that.

    Your names for the slides are funny. I’m so jealous of your trip!

    • You have to go to a waterpark together it’s so much fun! It’s also one of those things that you love as a kid that is still awesome later in life.

      Thank you! My workout routine is pretty non-exsistant right now- it mostly involves loads of shifting boxes, luggage and constantly moving. And going for super long walks. Once we are in London permanently again I’ll start taking some dance classes again, but that’s more because I love dancing and less for the exercise. But I’m a big believer in small meals but constant snacking. x

  • Postcards from Rachel

    the next time i go to turkey, i’m definitely hitting up this waterpark. looks like fun! 🙂

  • You are the first blog that I choose to read in the morning, but that means I’m reading your post at .. oh it was 4:30 in the morning.. half dead. It wasn’t until now, that I thought.. hey! I didn’t comment yet! (Now look who the dick is!)

    I had no idea Turkey could be so much fun. I haven’t been to a water park in YEARS! I would love to go and just let loose.. besides those ones didn’t look too scary..!

    That picture of Sam.. the last one looks like a dream you had as like a 14 year old girl.. and you’re like THAT’S the man I’m going to be with in my 20’s!!? It’s very mysterious and has a dream like quality to it. If he had a blog, that should be his button- fooooor sure. He could call it; “Sam Says”

    • Hahahaha dreamboat Sam. For some reason your comment reminds me of the game “Mystery Date” Did you ever play it? I really wanted it but my mom refused to buy it for me so I only go to play it at other kids houses on sleepovers. Also pay attention to Sam’s face in photos in the future. He NEVER smiles in photos. It’s really weird. He smiles in weird life and then refuses to for anyone when there is a camera around. So his button would have to be this by default because he’d look grumpy or disgruntled otherwise.

      Okay- so one of the best (and worst) things about this waterpark was that they weren’t any lifeguards around so Sam and I started riding the rides together at the same time which made it more fun and most likely, much more dangerous. Even though we were in a very touristy part of Turkey it was such a great time, I really want to go to Istanbul now! x

  • This looks like so much fun! You also look amazing – so jealous!

    • Thank you! It was amazing to have a warm holiday as we are already well and truly bundled up in Newcastle now! Although Ohio gets some NASTY winters as you are soon to discover! (I was born in Indiana) x

  • P.S. You are the CUTEST slide rider in the history of slide riders. Look how sweet you look in those pictures…. Did you look? … No?.. go do it.. See! So cute. Just sayin’.

    • Ha, it’s actually a face that was enjoying an amazing slide ride and then sees the FRIGID water approaching and is trying to will its body back up the slide. The temperature of the sea was warmer than the water in the waterpark for some reason! x

  • Linnea Adamson

    When I was in Kusadasi, Turkey in July we passed a really cool looking water park that I wished we had had time to visit. Looks like the one you went to was really fun!

    • It was a lot of fun- the weird thing was that there weren’t really any lifeguards so people were going down slides backwards, upside down, etc. It made it all the more exciting (and dangerous!) x

  • I love the lighting in that last picture!

  • Love how happy and confident you look in all the photos! Makes me miss summer. 😉

    • Aw thank you Bonnie! I was just so calm and comfortable and relaxed on this holiday! It was lovely! (It makes me miss the summer as well!) xx

  • That water park looks amazing! The last time I was at a waterpark was in Portugal in 2006… I need to go to one again!