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A Week in Atlanta

I got back Wednesday afternoon from Atlanta. And being there made me so homesick! As an expat I don’t really get homesick when I am abroad. But when I am back in America, boy do I miss it. (Also one of the first things I did was go to Target. How sad is that?!) It had been 2 1/2 years since I had seen most of my friends and it was amazing to be reunited.

It also easy to forgot how beautiful someplace you used to live and take for granted was. So I’ll say it loudly and proudly: Atlanta, you are beautiful! (And it helps that the weather was great.)

This marker was right outside my friend’s house. It’s easy to forget the fact that the city of Atlanta was destroyed once!
But let’s not forget what I was in Atlanta for….my little’s wedding!
atlanta wedding
atlanta wedding
As you can see, the theme of that email was carried on throughout the wedding. Everyone in the bridal party had glasses. There are definitely some professional photos that feature them….
I stayed with my old roommate and close friend. She met me at Hartsfield Jackson.
Being surrounded by old friends brought back so many amazing memories. We ate at our old favourites and visited the places that we used to live and study. I never thought I would have been so nostalgic about the sorority house before!
atlanta sorority
atlanta sorority
My grandlittle outside the house.
The bachelorette party was on Halloween so we went as, you guessed it, a zombie bridal party. Everyone got gross bridesmaids dresses from the thrift store and distressed them, and the MOH found the bride a pretty ugly thrifted wedding dress. Then we got bloody and chaos ensued!
zombie bachelorette party
zombie bachelorette partyzombie bachelorette partyzombie bachelorette party
After all the zombing around, the next day it was time to get down to business. Kind of. The bridesmaids and brides went to brunch. Then we went for mani-pedis before the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. But we had to be well rested because on Saturday we had to wake up at the crack of dawn (aka 7 am) to start getting ready together.
We did photos in Piedmont Park. The wedding was at Empire State South. If you haven’t eaten there you MUST go. The food was the stuff of dreams. My favourite was this toasted bread topped with pimento cheese and a caramelised bacon jam. I’ll never forget it. And the wedding DJ was the former head DJ at Opera. (Any Atlanta readers will know what I am talking about.) So all in all, it was a very Atlanta-strong wedding.
wedding bridal party
atlanta wedding bouquetatlanta wedding bridesmaid
atlanta wedding
The stunning bride!
atlanta wedding
The big and amazing moment. I’ll be honest- I cried!
wedding bridal party
wedding gamma phis
All the gamma phis at the wedding!
wedding empire state south
Dancing the night away. Whilst I look somewhat like a moron.

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  • Amy @ the tide that left

    You look gaw-jus!

    • Thank you! Everyone looked beautiful and the bride was wearing Vera Wang and it looked even MORE beautiful in person/ in pictures that weren’t mine. x

  • Now I am extra excited for the wedding I am going to be in next year!

    • Yes! Be super excited! I had never been a bridesmaid before and I LOVED it. But I also love going to weddings. I know some people don’t like it, but they are usually just great parties filled with love, so what’s there to dislike? x

  • What a great idea for a bridal party..! How fun was it to get ready for that!?!? Who did all of the zombie makeup!? It’s not that easy to look dead, when you mean to..

    Aww, I’m glad you had a chance to sneak away and enjoy some great, girlfriend time AND Target. We just got a Target last year so I am in love with that store as well..!

    • I did mine and a few other girls, but we all got ready together and helped with made it a lot of fun!

      Some of my cutest clothes are from target, I swear! x

  • Gorgeous photos! You definitely don’t look like a moron!

    I seriously love that the bachelorette party was on Halloween!

    • The best part about it was that the theme was kept secret from the bride. And some brides would have gotten all huffy about covering their faces in disgusting makeup two days before their wedding in case it caused breakouts but she loved it and was game for anything. Basically she just won at being a bride. x

  • Karly Kim

    Beautiful bride and bridesmaids!! xoxo

    • Thanks! Her first (of two) dresses was Vera Wang and it was AMAZING. Sadly my poor photography skills don’t really capture that! x

  • I really love Atlanta too, I think it gets the short end of the stick in terms of cities! So cool it was at Empire State South!

    • I completely agree! People get swept up in the romance of Charleston, Savannah and New Orleans but Atlanta is wonderful too! At first I couldn’t really imagine how Empire State South would work as a wedding venue, but now having seen it in action I am super impressed and would recommend it in a heartbeat! x

  • The bride’s dress is gorgeous and I love the Halloween themed hen party!

    • She was a stunning bride! We were all giddy when she finally put her dress on. I think Halloween hen dos are the way forward now. It added an extra element of hilarity to the night! x

  • That zombie bridal party is awesome!! You and the bride look gorgeous! I do love Atlanta, so pretty!

    • Thanks! I think Atlanta gets short-changed sometimes because there is so much beauty in the South. But I do miss it. The hilarious thing was that people didn’t believe that we were a real bridal party on Halloween, that it wasn’t just a costume. x

  • The hens night looks so much fun! I adore the color of your bridesmaid dress!
    Sarah x

    • Thanks Sarah! Yep, she did a great job picking out a colour that would compliment everyone, I think! Also the hen do was loads of fun 😉 x

  • What a gorgeous wedding! Glad you got to enjoy Atlanta for at least a week and a happy occasion 🙂 gosh do I know how living so far makes us appreciate the beauty of home.

    • It really really was! Absence makes the heart grow fonder is applicable to places as well it seems 😉 x

  • Beautiful wedding! The bride’s gown is gorgeous, but so are the bridesmaids’ gowns. They’re a really beautiful pink. Yay for friends with awesome taste. Also, that zombie party looked like a lot fun!

  • Karen Hewitt

    Hi, thanks for linking up on the Journeys of the Zoo Bloglovin Linky, stopping by to see you from and looking forward to reading more of your blog

  • You look so pretty! And a zombie bachelorette party??? How cool is that?! It looks like you had a wonderful trip! Yay!

    • Thank you! her bachelorette party was the best! All the girls there were like, “No future one will ever be as hilarious” which is true. Haha, I think we were all slightly jealous at the brilliant idea! x

  • A zombie themed bachelorette party is definitely the coolest one I’ve ever encountered! Looks like a lovely wedding and I cry at weddings too, I think most girls do.

    • I’m glad that you cry at weddings too! Some people shed zero tears, and so I felt a bit silly. Hehe. I love Halloween so this was a great bachelorette idea in my book! x