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Recipe || Cookies and Cream Bark

And so the flat hunt in London frantically begins for good this time! SoI thought I’d leave you with a quick and easy recipe today. (Mostly because that’s all I have time for.) Also happy birthday to my best friend today! She is amazing and everyone should celebrate her!
Does anyone else think that Oreo should be paying/sponsoring me? Because I do.

Cookies and Cream Bark

Cookies and Cream Bark
Basically DIY candy bars!

10 oz of white chocolate chips
15 regular sized oreos, plus 3 for topping

Cookies and Cream Bark
My makeshift double boiler…

Place chocolate in a double boiler over low heat and stir continuously, until chocolate is completely melted.  

Cookies and Cream Bark
It gets the job done though!

Transfer chocolate to a heat proof bowl and cool for 5 minutes. 

Cookies and Cream Bark
Some people use their mortar and pestles for spices. I use mine for Oreos.

Add chopped Oreos and stir to combine. Pour mixture into pan. Use a spatula to smooth out top.

Cookies and Cream Bark
The step for me was really frustrating because I just wanted to devour it then and there! 

Finely chop remaining Oreos and sprinkle on top. Chill for about 10 minutes until chocolate becomes solid.

Cookies and Cream Bark
Just look at those Oreo chunks!

Lift whole bark out of pan by holding onto parchment or wax overhang. Split bark into pieces with a fork

Cookies and Cream Bark
It’s unstoppable, there’s no such thing as just one piece!

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  • This looks SO yummy!

  • Betsy

    Looks great! Good luck on the hunt and Happy Founders Day!! : D

  • Amy @ the tide that left

    That is the naughtiest recipe ever! Or one of them at least!

    • I’ll be honest, this is probably horrible for you. Or as horrible as eating any candybar…so… maybe in the New Year I’ll cut down on sugar… x

  • Thank you! And as you know, flat hunting in London is very stressful so we’ll need all the luck we can get! x

  • This looks delicious! Just like the cookies and creme chocolate bar I love so much. But, I’d have to make this in a much smaller portion. I’m not sure I could handle so much sugar!

    • I love cookies and cream bars too (obviously). This was a dry run/experiment with possibly making it for people as a Christmas present. But maybe in Holiday shapes like X-mas trees and starts, etc.

  • That one looks amazing. I wonder if I could pull this off for my Christmas Cookie Exchange….. It looks easy enough to do…

    • It is really easy. It straight up tastes like a Cookies ‘n’ Cream Hersey’s bar so that might not be exactly what you are looking for in the cookie exchange. But you could also pour the chocolate into cookie cutters so that it sets in shapes instead of just the pan. x

  • Ooh, this looks like it would be perfect for Christmas goody bags!

  • Oh my word, that looks so addicting! I’m with Rachel, totally looks like it could in goody bags. Yum. xx

  • Oh my word… these looks so so good!

  • That looks so good! Wish we could get Oreos here, but it’s a good base for other toppings I think.

    • Agh! I have no idea what my life would be like without Oreos! You could make this with candy cane bits for the holidays. Or pretty much anything else too! x