Christmas Films

Watching Christmas films from Thanksgiving to Christmas is one of my favourite things about this time of the year. Turn the living room lights off and watch a film by the light of the Christmas tree with a mulled cider in hand. Perfection!

So I started thinking: What are my favourite Christmas films?

1. Love Actually (Obviously on the top of my list)

2. A Muppet Christmas Carol

3. Elf

4. The Holiday

5. Scrooged

6. Home Alone

7. White Christmas

8. It’s A Wonderful Life

9. Meet Me in St Louis

10. Gremlins. (In honor of the Gremlin)

And a special *11. For Edward Scissorhands, if you can count it as a Christmas movie.

Sam says his favourite is “Die Hard”which didn’t make the cut for my list. What are some of your holiday favourites?

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  • for sure Love Actually and Harry Potter πŸ˜‰ and waiting for the Christmas Special from Downton Abbey :p

    • Sam is still reading the Harry Potter books: he’s never read them before or seen the films and somehow no one has ever spoiled it for him, so I can’t wait for a HP movie marathon one day. x

      • oh dear me! :O that is not possible! πŸ˜€ but that will be fun! wacthing him read the books and then watching the movies together πŸ˜€ oh! you are into a treat!

  • I love Elf and Love Actually so much!! πŸ™‚

  • Confession… I have never seen Love Actually!

    Oooh, Gremlins. I need to watch that again. And I LOVE Edward Scissorhands.

    Does The Nightmare Before Christmas count as a Christmas film? If so, that’s number one. Also, add The Muppets Christmas Carol to the list.

    • Muppet Christmas Carol is number 2 on my list πŸ™‚ Sam had never seen it until las year. I was SHOCKED. I was having the same internal debate about The Nightmare Before Christmas. I suppose it does count as a Christmas film, but in my mind I count it as a Halloween/Fall film even though that’s (to most people) wrong. xx

  • I love Love Actually! One of my favorites is actually The Family Stone. Have you seen it?

    • I haven’t seen Family Stone in years. I saw it when it first come out but not since then. I’ll have to give it another watch since multiple people have now recommended it! x

  • amitygardens

    The Muppet Christmas Carol is the greatest movie ever. I will watch it even when it’s not Christmas- don’t even care. Although, I am sad when they don’t show the best song in the dvd.

    • I don’t have the DVD….I have it on VHS. (Embarrassing?) Which one do they skip?! x

      • amitygardens

        Not embarrassing because thats the only place it’s intact. It’s “When Love Is Gone”.

  • Gremlins scared the crap out of me as a kid. So, I watched it immediately after watching it the first time. The second time around, I fell in love.

    Home Alone is by far Andrew’s favourite Christmas movie. He’s been playing music from it in the car all week.

    I love How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Heh.

    • It scared me but I still always wanted a magwhy (or however you spell it). Come on kid, the rules aren’t that hard to follow!

      Wait, does Andrew own a Home Alone soundtrack?! I’m not sure if that’s impressive or a step too far! x

      • Lol, no he doesn’t. He just downloads a couple songs and plays them off his phone (which he connects to the car speakers).

  • Laura H

    Definitely Elf and It’s a Wonderful Life. But I would have to include National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation along with Scrooged (Bill Murray) because I love funny movies. Another of my favorite is the Bells of St. Mary’s (with Bing Crosby).

    • Do you know, I’ve never seen the Bells of St Mary’s! I’ll have to correct that this year then! x

  • Mixed Nuts is my favorite and you should search it out if you have not seen it as Steve Martin is just aces in it!

  • HAHA! In honour of Gremlin.. so thoughtful of you.

    Die Hard is actually a pretty good movie! I just watched it last year for the first time. (All men in the world collectively say: Whaa?!!! The FIRST time??) But I would definitely not peg it as my favourite Christmas movie..! Love Actually all the way. The Family Stone is a really great movie too.. Christmas time, some tears and plenty of funny.

    • But would you consider Die Hard a Christmas film? Just because it takes place around Christmas?I say no, Sam says yes. x

  • Chelsee

    I lv these! Feel free to link up this post on my blog today! We are sharing fav holiday movies!

  • Love Actually is my FAVORITE! I need to watch it now!

  • I can’t get enough of Love, Actually. Haha, that sentence looks funny now that I typed it. Actually, yes, I can’t get enough of love, but I also love the film Love, Actually.

  • Love Actually, Elf, and The Holiday are all on my list. I also love The Family Stone.

    • I’m definitely going to have to rewatch the Family Stone now because everyone has mentioned it! x

  • Why is it that every guy says “Die Hard” as a fav Christmas movie? My Dad, brothers, and a few of my guy friends in London have the same favourite. I love all these you’ve listed! I would add “Sleepless in Seattle”, and really embarrassing to admit this but…”Holiday in Handcuffs” with Melissa Joan Hart. It’s absolutely cheesy and ridiculous and horrible acting, but I love it. (And they have it on the UK Netflix this year too! Hurrah!) Additionally it’s not Christmas till I’ve watched the Santa ep and the Chanukah ep of Rugrats…weird, I know.

    • I was weirdly bored this summer and watch Holiday in Handcuffs on Nextflix in about August. It was a strange 1 and 45 minutes to have in the summer time πŸ™‚ Okay, I understand that Die Hard takes place AT Christmastime, but just because a movie occurs around Christmas doesn’t inherently make it a Christmas movie (would be my argument.) x

  • Haha thanks! I agree! x

  • Christine Rosko

    I love Love Actually. Everyone seems to have that one as a favorite. It’s so great. Thanks for linking up! Come back next week πŸ™‚

  • Love Actually is definitely at the top of my list! πŸ™‚