Getting Festive

I’m going to be honest. I love Christmas, but this year I haven’t been feeling very festive lately. A bit like Scrooge. While I haven’t gone around shouting “Bah-humbug!” I haven’t felt like dancing around singing carols either. I attribute that all to us still trying to move in and get settled into our new flat.

But it’s now less than 10 days to Christmas! Hurray! This weekend has significantly increased my Holiday spirit though.

We got our tree and decorated it. I’ve finished my Christmas shopping. We’ve now done some festive things. I’ve had some mulled cider. I’ve watched my first Christmas film (“The Holiday”). I’m all ready for some snow now!

first mulled cider of the year
The first mulled cider of the season. And though it appears bigger than I am, I showed it who’s boss.
christmas 2013 rhyme and ribbons
I actually think it was at least 1/10th of my body weight.
sam carrying the tree
Sam carrying our little tree home. Look at those muscles!
setting up the tree
Unwrapping the tree. You can see from the background that we now have a little table, and are obsessed with watching the X-files on DVD.
our little christmas tree
Look at how wee but majestic he is! (The tree, not Sam)
decorating our tree
 The place where we got out tree this year and last gives you free ornaments with purchase. Both years we’ve gotten little birds. Both are now clipped to the top as our birdie topppers. I’m glad last year’s has a friend now.
decorating our tree
Fully decorated. And look! First presents under the tree!
Are you all fully in the swing of the holidays yet?


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