Getting Festive

I’m going to be honest. I love Christmas, but this year I haven’t been feeling very festive lately. A bit like Scrooge. While I haven’t gone around shouting “Bah-humbug!” I haven’t felt like dancing around singing carols either. I attribute that all to us still trying to move in and get settled into our new flat.

But it’s now less than 10 days to Christmas! Hurray! This weekend has significantly increased my Holiday spirit though.

We got our tree and decorated it. I’ve finished my Christmas shopping. We’ve now done some festive things. I’ve had some mulled cider. I’ve watched my first Christmas film (“The Holiday”). I’m all ready for some snow now!

first mulled cider of the year
The first mulled cider of the season. And though it appears bigger than I am, I showed it who’s boss.
christmas 2013 rhyme and ribbons
I actually think it was at least 1/10th of my body weight.
sam carrying the tree
Sam carrying our little tree home. Look at those muscles!
setting up the tree
Unwrapping the tree. You can see from the background that we now have a little table, and are obsessed with watching the X-files on DVD.
our little christmas tree
Look at how wee but majestic he is! (The tree, not Sam)
decorating our tree
 The place where we got out tree this year and last gives you free ornaments with purchase. Both years we’ve gotten little birds. Both are now clipped to the top as our birdie topppers. I’m glad last year’s has a friend now.
decorating our tree
Fully decorated. And look! First presents under the tree!
Are you all fully in the swing of the holidays yet?


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  • Getting there slowly.. I think it’s the lack of Mulled Cider in my life that hasn’t triggered the Christmas Spirit. Luckily, I found some on Saturday night!

  • Your tree certainly looks a lot better than ours LOL. Glad you got the Christmas spirit back! I had one Scroogey christmas before, and I only got the holiday spirit on christmas eve after watching Glee. I’ve also already watched my first holiday film (Love actually).

    • Haha oh no! I’m glad I didn’t stay the Grinch for too long, although I’m still not feeling quite as festive as usual. Did you have a reason for your Scrooge-like feelings previously. x

  • OMG (yes caps were necessary) I have been rewatching X-Files on Netflix and it is just the best ever!

    • I’ve seen every episode at least twice, but Sam had never seen any episodes (and now is hooked) so we’ve been rewatching it together from the beginning. (Season 5 currently!) There are so many secrets I’ve wanted to tell him…. We got the complete series on dvd when a store in England was going out of business last year- best purchase EVER. x

  • We have been having lots of snow lately and Christmas lights are all over the city so I think that has definitely helped get me into the Christmas spirit. In Iceland people don’t get their Christmas tree until December 23rd so it feels a bit strange not having a tree in our house yet. Looking forward to finally having a tree in the house and decorating, always my favorite part of Christmas time.

    • I wouldn’t be able to hold back the tree for so long! When do people in Iceland take their trees down? x

      • I know I have been dying, but I just finally saw the first tree lot so I guess they make you have no choice but to wait! They take down the tree usually on Jan 6th, they consider that the last day of Christmas and all decorations are taken down. I will be sad to see all the pretty Christmas lights go, sure does help brighten up the dark winter days!

        • Oh no! How sneaky, you can’t even buy one to put it up longer! I like having the tree around as long as possible to enjoy seeing it:) Plus you spent money on it so I’d want it around for longer than a week! x

  • Awww, it’s so small and cute! πŸ˜€ I love the little birdies. I don’t get a tree because we won’t be in Germany for Christmas.

    Need to finish my Christmas shopping this week… we fly to England on Saturday!

    • How exciting! Are you looking forward to being back? xx

      • Currently I’m mostly stressing about getting all the gifts bought and wrapped before we go. Once that’s done I might start to get excited πŸ˜‰ I’m definitely looking forward to some time off work though – the last few weeks have been CRAZY and I need a break!

  • Gina

    I am getting there. The tree is up, lights are on it but I have not yet put the ornaments on. Thinking it will get done sometime this week. The first year in a new place is always kind of bizarre. We didn’t even get a tree last year since it was our first year in the UK and I was just not in the spirit {missing loved ones}. It was a mistake I will not make again~it is really important to get that tree up to set the stage. Glad you got your Christmas spirit back. Your tree is gorgeous ~ love the birdie toppers.

    • I can’t believe this will be my 4th Christmas in the UK. I really can’t. That boogles my mind somehow! Missing loved ones is such a legitimate excuse for not feeling Christmasy. I had no excuse. Just the grumps! Thank you so much, the tree appreciates the compliments πŸ™‚ x

  • Look at the light in your apartment! I love it! And that table!! Oh, and the tree, of course.

    • Thank you!! I’m so happy with our little apartment! Even though we still don’t have much furniture- it’s a work in progress! x

  • Margaret Gautier

    I love your little tree!! so cute πŸ™‚

  • Christmas for me is being a bit less festive than normal as my husband and I did not plan well enough ahead to be organised enough to have everything we need to celebrate it fully as we were so ficused on just getting me to the US! Next year will be better planned, but I still feel festive – I was even looking for a Christmas jumper!

    • That’s completely understandable! I’m sure you’ll have a lovely little Christmas though! And in the week up to Christmas enjoy all the old claymation/stop motion Christmas movies they show on TV in America for me. Like Frosty the Snowman, and Rudolph. x

  • Carla WorkingMommyJournal

    We are finally getting there! It was a slow start to the festive season for us this year πŸ™‚ Heading over from the weekly bloglovin hop! Looking forward to all your posts πŸ™‚

  • mulled cider sounds AMAZING right now. and i love your little tree! sometimes its hard to get into the spirit!

    • Thank you! (I am always in the mood for mulled cider. wah wah) I don’t really have any good reason for being a tad grinch like this year, but I’ve pulled myself together and am excited for Christmas now! x

  • We are decorated up in here! Rob added MORE lights to the house, I’ll post the house pictures on Instagram for you to see. Our tree is really beautiful too. Too bad we’re leaving to Ontario in THREE days.. already! So I have to pack soon and then once we get to Thunder Bay, and I get some shopping done, I’ll feel right in the thick of it!

    Glad to see that you guys have your sweet tree up and decorated! Tonight you should watch another Christmas movie to keep you in the spirit.. I have demanded that we watch one tonight because haven’t seen ONE yet..!!!

    • Sam’s been working till 11pm ish again lately so in the evenings its me getting festive by myself πŸ™‚ But I have friends staying with us from America this week so it’s thrown me off the Christmas loop and onto the hurray! friends in London business instead.

      Are you excited to be going away soon? How much more shopping do you have? x

  • So cute! I’ve never had mulled cider – should maybe try that sometime. I’m not really feeling the Christmas spirit yet but I think I’m just in a transitional place with the holidays right now. I haven’t had a proper Christmas holiday in about six years, maybe more, since my grandfather died and my family started having financial problems, and I just… would rather not think about the holidays too hard. Hopefully one day soon (next year even) I can start making some new memories and traditions.

    • Well I know that you’re thinking of moving so maybe Christmas next year in a new place will help you feel more festive. Mulled cider is delicious πŸ™‚ xx

  • Rachael

    What an adorable little tree and those bird toppers are brilliant. Being an ebay seller i’m still working non stop so i’m yet to really sit back and actually enjoy the season. Plus years of retail work somewhat killed the festive spirit from me. Being an expat though has certainly made me rethink what Christmas means to me, def more about the relationships and friendships made and cherished.

    I do intend to get fully into the Christmas swing with baking this week – the homemade cranberry sauce is already made, next up stuffing and mince pies!

    • Thank you! When I worked in retail I hated Christmas! (And Labor Day, Memorial Day Weekend and Back to School) but now that I’m working with kids, the festive spirit is present from around October. I actually feel like the fall has flown by this year! x

  • Such a cute tree!! I feel like I have been in the Christmas spirit for the last few weeks. I really do love this time of year. Mulled wine is so good and totally puts me in the spirit too!

    • I don’t really know why I’ve felt so grinch-like. But I’m glad I’m back on track now. Mulled beverages fix everything! x

  • Karly Kim

    Adorable!! We haven’t gotten our tree yet. You’ve inspired me!

  • Amy @ the tide that left

    I love your tree. Small but perfectly formed.

    Also, mulled cider is just amazing! I miss it!

    • We will one day sit down and drink many mulled ciders together. And thank you, the tree (and I) appreciate that. xx

      • Amy @ the tide that left

        Yes we will! Possibly too many. And then you’ll teach me to bake. (Have you seen My Drunk Kitchen? – we so should!)