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London Adventures: Tate Britain

One of my favourite things about London is how much there is to do that’s free! By now I’ve worked my way around most of the museums here, but I was shocked to discover that there were a few that Sam hadn’t been to. (Including my favourite, the V & A.) Even though we’d been before we decided to go back to the Tate Britain and wander around the 500 years of British Art collection.

museums in london
 In a square close to the museum. Those fabulous new boots were one of Sam’s gifts to me this Christmas.

Another amazing thing about London is the sheer amount of history that you’ll stumble across when wandering around the city. For example, just walking by T.E. Lawrence’s old home on your way to a museum. (I’d love to see inside… to live anywhere nearby…) I do recommend that you try to stay in Central London if you’re just coming for a quick visit, that way you can make the most of your time in town and have to spend as little possible commuting. (There are some lovely hotel recommendations here.)

london england
 Just think of the history that has occurred on these streets!
london museums
 Domed ceiling inside the Tate.
london museums
 Sam takes a stroll through the Chapman brothers collection.
london museums
 Through the columns you can just make out the beginnings of the Alison Wildling exhibit.
london museums
 The building is glorious even without all the artwork!
The famous “An Athlete Wrestling a Python” by Sir Frederic Leighton.
I’d definitely put that in my home.

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  • I love that last sculpture; all the detail. I’m sure it looks even better in person.

    • It really did! Thats one of the things about taking pictures in museums (especially on an iphone) you just can’t do the pieces any justice! x

  • I love London! The photos are beautiful, and free is definitely good!

    • Thank you so much! In my travel tab, I have more posts on some of my favorite London locations which you might enjoy. I think free is best 🙂 xx


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  • Wow! Also, those boots are fabulous!

    – Rachel @ With Love, Rachel

    • HA, thank you! I’ll have to pass that compliment on to Sam, as they were his Christmas gift so he’ll be thrilled. x

  • What a great place! I love the picture of the dome ceiling! It’s incredible!

    • The architecture of a few of the museums (including the Tate, V&A etc) is just as incredible as the collection housed inside! x

  • Erin

    Have to agree with Haley, that dome ceiling is amazing!

  • engazz

    Great topic thanks

  • It’s really something else, isn’t it! And free to boot! (I’m a fellow V&A groupie).

    • Whoot! Whoot! Three cheers for the V&A. I recommend it over the British Museum- a controversial decision… x

  • I love thinking about what happened in the past when I am somewhere, many of the old building in Sweden have the dates in the stone and I always try to imagine what it was like when it was built and what they would think of me using it!

    • YES! I think things like that hold such a fascination for us because everything is so new (by comparison) in America. Sam is reasonably blase about being surrounded by history, although he did make a remark about “what things must have happened on this street” when we were down by the Churchill war rooms the other day. x

  • Beautiful pictures! Loved the Tate Britain and all the museums over there. I miss them. Thank you for sharing your photos and adventures with us! :]

    • There are so many brilliant ones! I know I quickly pointed out my favourite one (the V&A) but they are all so praise worthy! x