Making Your Own Christmas Egg Ornaments

Last week, I mentioned in a post that Sam and I have made some of our own ornaments (baubles, to Sam) for the tree from blown eggs. I had a few requests for me to show you how to do it yourselves! (FYI it’s a great craft to do with kids as long as you feel comfortable getting a bit light headed.)

I’m of the school that thinks that trees that are really personal are better than trees that are really stylish. Therefore I am a firm believer in having things on your tree that you and loved ones have made. Even if they are a bit ugly.

rhyme and ribbons
Our love reindeer

What you’ll need:

A few eggs
permanent markers
Hot glue gun

Step 1. Take your egg and gently poke a very small hole in one end with the needle. On the other end poke the needle through the shell but jiggle it a bit to make a bigger hole than on the other side. Using your thumb and index finger cover the holes and shake the egg vigorously. Holding the egg over a bowl blow steadily through the small hole. The egg should slowly start to drip out of the larger hole. When the egg is empty, run it under the tap to make sure the inside is throughly cleaned. Set the egg shells aside to dry. Use the egg in the bowl immediate or else dispose of it.

small hole
This is the small hole that you blow through.
larger hole
This is the larger hole that hopefully egg comes out of.

Step 2. Once your eggs are dry, decorate them!

decorating the eggs
For this ornament, I did fingerprint reindeer. (An easy concept, the heads and bodies are your fingerprints.)

Step 3: Depending on which way you’ve decorated your eggs, loop your ribbon and hot glue it into place. Step aside to dry.

Step 4. Hang them on your tree!

hanging on tree
 Another one from 2012.
hanging the ornaments
Even Sam got involved. This is one of his. We call it “Pedo Santa”
What’s on your tree?


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  • Super cute idea! Since decorations are so expensive here we made most of ours but now they are even more special since we did it ourselves.

  • amitygardens

    Pedo Santa- hah!

    • Hahaha- glad someone caught that. I thought about not mentioning it…but…. it’s the truth. x

      • amitygardens

        I will always laugh at those kind of jokes. This is why we are meant to be BFFs.

  • These are so cute. But, I know Misty would innocently drop them. Then maybe try to eat them.

    • Thanks! SInce the eggs are hollow inside they are super fragile. I barely manage not to break them while decorating them! (And actually I did break one this year πŸ™ ) xx

  • Cool! I am with you on the more personalized trees. Actually, that’s why we have two; the one downstairs is our more personal one with meaningful ornaments, and upstairs is our pretty gold and silver one.

  • Those are so cute. I’ll have to introduce those to Alina one day when she’s big enough to handle them! I love the kissing reindeer.

    • Haha I feel like I am barely old enough to handle them. But I am also extraordinarily clumsy so a kid should be okay πŸ™‚ xx

  • I ADORE these!