Our new home

After 3 reasonably gruelling weeks of living off the kindness of family and the occasional hotel, we have finally signed the papers on a flat and moved in! One catch, however is, that neither Sam nor I actually own any furniture! Lots of flats in London come furnished and we’d had the good fortune to live furnished ones in previous flats. In fact, after 10 years of living in London Sam doesn’t own a single stick of furniture!

So we’ll slowly but surely start doing the place up. I envision us at a lot of charity shops and car boot sales in the future.

After 3 weeks of looking it felt great to hold the keys in my hand.
living room
I love how spacious our living room is!
living room
Living room.
A wee but lovely kitchen.
 Our weirdly shaped bedroom. (And the duvets.)
More of our weirdly shaped bedroom.
Lovely view.
first dinner
 Our first dinner in the new flat. Papa John’s, of course.
Our first piece of furniture! (Free from Freecycle. Whoot, whoot!)

And we aren’t planning on moving again anytime soon. Hopefully we’ll continue to save up money and the next time we move it will be because we bought a place. Renting is a bit like throwing money down the drain in London. But hurray for our home!

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