Our new home

After 3 reasonably gruelling weeks of living off the kindness of family and the occasional hotel, we have finally signed the papers on a flat and moved in! One catch, however is, that neither Sam nor I actually own any furniture! Lots of flats in London come furnished and we’d had the good fortune to live furnished ones in previous flats. In fact, after 10 years of living in London Sam doesn’t own a single stick of furniture!

So we’ll slowly but surely start doing the place up. I envision us at a lot of charity shops and car boot sales in the future.

After 3 weeks of looking it felt great to hold the keys in my hand.
living room
I love how spacious our living room is!
living room
Living room.
A wee but lovely kitchen.
 Our weirdly shaped bedroom. (And the duvets.)
More of our weirdly shaped bedroom.
Lovely view.
first dinner
 Our first dinner in the new flat. Papa John’s, of course.
Our first piece of furniture! (Free from Freecycle. Whoot, whoot!)

And we aren’t planning on moving again anytime soon. Hopefully we’ll continue to save up money and the next time we move it will be because we bought a place. Renting is a bit like throwing money down the drain in London. But hurray for our home!

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  • YAY for having a home.
    I love the shape of your windows!

  • Congratulations on finding such a clean and airy looking flat! I have also moved around tons and I know we only have a year and half left in our current place and am already dreading that move!

    • It was an absolute pigsty when we first viewed it- seriously, the tenants before us must have been living I. Their own filth! But it was one of our contractual demands that it be cleaned before we moved it. I loathe moving house. I’m done with it for a long while… X

  • wow wow! congrats on the new place. I would love a nice living room like that!

    • Thank you so much Nicole! We got a sofa today so we can actually sit in it. It’s a joy (the small things!) x

  • Mary Engdahl

    Congrats on the new place! Take a look at gumtree, we found a lot of great items on there for really cheap!

    • I’ve been keeping an eye on gumtree. Our biggest problem is not having a car and not wanting to pay exorbitant prices for delivery. We’ve been trying to narrow it down to our postcode so that anything we buy we can carry to the flat. (How cheap of us is that?!?) although that armchair, hough free was a pain to carry 1/2 a mile. Uphill. X

  • Congratz on your new house..which will soon turn into a lovely home, no doubt 🙂

  • That actually looks quite spacious! And that’s a decent sized and nice kitchen from the one’s I’ve been looking at. When we moved to England we didn’t have a scrap of anything either, I kind of wish that was the case now so when we move we don’t have to pack it all up.

    • It’s really, really spacious for a one bed in London! Way more spacious than the one we lived in in London before our time in Stratford. It does vaguely stress me out that we are slowly accumulating LOTs of things! X

  • Congratulations! Your place looks gorgeous!! What’s that little door in your bedroom? Does it lead to a secret tunnel? Please tell me it does.

    • It is kind of like a secret tunnel! It’s a weird storage area as tall as the door and runs the length of the room! Basically it’s where all the crap will get thrown that we don’t want to deal with. And thank you! X

  • heather kirsebom

    Congrats!!! Moving is always so much work but your new place is so adorable! Good luck unpacking 🙂

    • Thank you so much! I’m still floundering in boxes right now but hopefully that will right itself soon. 😉 x

  • Jaime Huff

    Very cool! I am loving the layout and the weirdly shaped bedroom (I say it’s unique and awesome!)


    • Thank you! I love it too! Behind all the little doors is loads of strange space (which is really nice!) x

      • Jaime Huff

        You’re welcome! Oooohhhh very cool!!!!! You can hide all kinds of stuff LOL I love it

  • Yay, finally!! Happy for you and Sam! 😀 And it’s a pretty great-looking flat too, and what a nice piece of free furniture!

    • Thanks dee! It’s my goal to furnish it as cheaply but nicely as possible. So far so good! X

  • Lisa C

    Congrats! I love that y’all have car boot sales.

    • Haha I LOVE them. But I also love up cycling things and good deals so it’s ideal for me 😉 x

  • Congrats! It looks like a great space! I like the looks of your kitchen, and the shape of your windows! But I have to ask… what is a car boot sale??

    • Thanks Allison! It’s like a flea market but traditionally everything was sold out the back of peoples cars and trucks x

  • Margaret Gautier

    Congratulations!! That’s so exciting! We’ll be starting the search in January and I’m so excited/nervous about it.

  • Congrats! Looks like a nice place 🙂

  • Corinne C

    I love in a furnished place too, if I was to ever move into an unfurnished one, the only thing I actually own is a desk chair. I do have a wardrobe, but I bought in this house and put it up here, so I doubt I would be able to get it out of my room!

    Your flat looks great, very quirky – good luck filling it up!

    Corinne x

    • Thanks Corinne! I owned a bookshelf. Which isn’t very helpful in the grand scheme of things! X

  • Decoybetty

    Yay! I’m so happy for you! It looks beautiful

  • Kerry

    Congrats!! Looks great, love the little built in storage closets. Have fun decorating it!

  • Congratulations! It looks so unique and I LOVE the kitchen! I’m sure you will have a blast picking out each piece of furniture…the first piece looks great 🙂

  • amitygardens

    Yay! When you have furniture, I will be crashing! 😛

  • I love it! It’s a really bright, well lit home! I think that’s so important, especially in a place where it rains a lot. (We get tons of rain on the West Coast of Canada.) I’m so glad you guys have a home again. I can’t imagine how difficult that would be, being ‘home-less’.. I’m also selfishly excited for you to be home so that you can focus on discovering new, delicious meals….. 🙂

    • I completely agree. I read once that it rains more in Rome than it does in London but I think that must simply be a lie. Otherwise it is just always grey. I can’t wait to start cooking again. (For you and for me 🙂 ) x

  • The view! The kitchen! It all looks so lovely! Congrats on finding a flat!

    -Rachel @ With Love, Rachel

  • Becky Mattox

    Congrats!!! I really like it – it looks so London! Haha. I love that view 🙂

  • Congrats! That’s so exciting! I moved about a year and a half ago to be closer to Beau. I also didn’t own any (okay, much) furniture, and the little that I had was left at my parents’ house since I drove here in my little four-door. I bought a mattress and bed frame my first day in the city. Beau built me a nightstand almost immediately. Luckily I lived with a friend (and her furniture) for my first few months, but I moved into my own apartment last December. I bought an antique dresser about a year ago that I love, and a table & chairs in June for my birthday. Beau built me another nightstand, and he bought me both a TV cabinet and a small bookcase. I actually like not having tons of furniture because I appreciate my space a lot more, and I think very carefully before purchasing anything.

    • What did Beau make it out of? How handy! I feel strange about getting furniture because I really liked that neither of us had anything. It felt great to not be weighed down by anything. (If that makes sense.) And because I am both frugal and reasonably crafty, we are getting furniture really really slowly because we’ve only been looking at things that are on websites like freecycle and trashnothing. Although not having a bed is starting to break me a little bit. No matter how many duvets and yoga mats you have on the floor nothing replaces a mattress. x

      • I guess I should mention that Beau has a fancy workshop with fancy tools and stuff. He and both his brothers are all very talented with woodworking. So he made it out of some wood that he had.

        My mattress and bed frame were a big splurge for me. It took me a few months to pay it off. About $500 with tax. But if I didn’t buy it for myself, Beau was going to insist on getting it for me because he didn’t want to sleep on an air mattress when he visited me. I was too stubborn to let him do that!

        I spent my first three years out of college living out of a suitcase in furnished apartments and bedrooms in other people’s houses. It definitely made me less materialistic and more selective about what I buy! Now that I have furniture, the prospect of moving is so intimidating.

        • That’s amazing that he has a workshop etc. In our relationship I am the handy one and I love reupholstering, painting, sanding etc and I’d really like to get into actually building things myself one day.

          This is the first unfurnished place I’ve been in years, so clothes and books were the only things I really owned. But, my oh my, between the two of us do we have books. I think we are going to have to donate some or else you wont be able to move for all the books. x

  • Ohh, looks so cozy! The view is beautiful too! I’ll have to pick your brain on this one. If you ever have a sec, would you consider taking Long story short, I’m planning a move to the UK and I’m trying to get as much info/advice as I can. 🙂

    • Thanks! I’ll head on over and take your survey right now. And of course you can always email me/contact me, etc for any other questions concerning moving! x

  • Amy @ the tide that left

    The flat is gorgeous, and so spacious for London. It’ll be nice to put your own mark on it.Happy housewarming!

    • That’s the first thing that we thought too! We were looking at STUDIOS that were being marketed around the same price as this flat. I can’t wait to start decorating though. x

  • Congratulations Amanda . This place is amazing , so now I can plan a trip to London? 😉

  • Karly Kim

    Freaking adorable!!! Congrats love 🙂

  • Betsy

    Very nice!! I like oddly shaped rooms like that you can do some neat things with paint … as long as you’re allowed to paint!

    • Sadly we aren’t allowed to paint. And apartment managers in London are ridiculously strict on the rules or they charge you a TON of money on move out. We even have restrictions on how many pictures we are allowed to hang! x

      • Betsy

        Whaaat? That’s crazy! I can’t believe they restrict how many pictures you can hang. I’m sure you’re paying good money for the flat too.

        • Ugh!!! My thoughts EXACTLY! Otherwise the charge you a fee to repaint the entire place! (Which is ludicrous!) I’m glad you seem to share my outrage. Sam wasn’t too bothered. x

  • I’ve just found your blog and enjoying reading it! The apartment looks so lovely. Hope you’re enjoying London life, it’s a great city!! : )

    • I really am! I lived in London for 2 years and then in Stratford upon Avon for almost another full year but it feels GREAT to be back in London! x

      • Ok so you’re really an adopted Brit then! Stratford upon Avon is lovely too, some nice places to live : )

        • Stratford is really lovely! I definitely enjoyed my time there, but London feels more like a “home” in England to me, so it’s nice being here again. x

  • Your new home looks BEAUTIFUL!!! I can’t wait to see how you decorate! And I totally feel you on the renting thing. I hope you’re having fun getting your new place all “homey!”

    • Awww thank you! We are slowly but surely decking it out. Can’t wait to share when we are done! xx

  • Oooh, very nice! I love getting peeks into where people live! That looks like a great place!

    • Thank you so much! Before we moved in here we moved countless times in the past few years so it’s such a relief to be settled down somewhere for a little while! x