That time Sam and I Tried a 3 Day Cleanse

You know those “cleanse” diets that are supposed to help flush out your system and reset your taste buds to crave sugar and fat less and veggies more? Well around this time last year Sam and I made a very valiant attempt. And almost killed each other.

We weren’t trying to lose weight. Just get our bodies back on track healthy-wise. We made the mistake of doing it over the weekend. That meant that we had entire days to sit around and just think about how hungry we were. Literally, that is all I could think about by 10pm on the first day. But everything we read had people waking up morning of day 2 feeling more energized than they had in months, happier, perky, etc. We woke up and didn’t feel any of those things. More like miserable, depressed and very hungry. We even went to bed early so that we wouldn’t have to be awake hungry any longer.

“We just felt so pathetic. Within one day we hated the world.” – Sam’s words on the cleanse. Power to Sam, on the last day of the cleanse I cheated. I caved. I needed a diet coke and a piece of damn toast. But Sam lasted the entire miserable time.  You win Sam, you win. (This time.)

I hated the cleanse so much that it gave me sad duck face.

The “biggest” meal of the day was dinner. Where we had a whopping 4 oz of chicken breast or fish to look forward to each (along with as much spinach as we wanted.) But after the afternoon snack of 10 asparagus spears, it seemed like heaven.

At the end of it all, we each lost about 3 lbs. And it wasn’t water weight as we were both slamming green tea and water at every opportunity in hopes of filling the void that was our extremely hungry stomachs.

So for all of you ladies trying to get healthier before Christmas, I admire you, but never will I be one of you again.

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