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The Royal Observatory, Greenwich

The Royal Observatory in Greenwich is a London landmark, most famous for being the location of the prime meridian.  It’s in a beautiful location, on the top of Greenwich Hill overlooking the Thames. And I think a lot of people have heard of Greenwich Mean Time? Well, this is where it originates!
It’s arguably the most important location in England for the history and calculation of distance and time.
in the flamsteed House
A young (and strange) astronomer in the Flamsteed House.
In the Astronomy Centre, there is currently a special exhibit on of the best astronomical photos of the year. Whilst they were all incredible, I was blown away by the youth category. The things some 10 years olds captured on film, put every picture I’ve ever taken to shame.
astronomy centre
Looking at the Deep Space photographs in the Astronomy Centre.
flamsteed house octagonal room
Inside Flamsteed House’s Octagonal Room. Designed by Christopher Wren, better known as the architect of St Paul’s.
flamsteed house
I have to say that I was less than impressed with one of the character actors giving a talk about the history of the Octagonal Room.
After going through the Astronomy Centre and the Flamsteed House, you’ll probably make your way into the Meridian Courtyard, the reason why most people come to the Royal Observatory. There’s a queue in the courtyard in order to stand on the meridian, but it moves quickly.
prime meridian

Oh the excitement to soon stand in two hemispheres at once!

prime meridian
It looks as though I am enjoying the east more.
view from the top of greenwich hill
View of Greenwich and the city in the distance from the top of Greenwich Hill.
After climbing up many a spiral stair, you also reach the Telescope Dome, where the UK’s largest refracting telescope is housed (7th largest in the world).
Blazer: several years old (similar here). Necklace: Vintage. Jeans: here. Boots: Office (similar here).

A very satisfactory day out in Greenwich!



Unlike other London museums it does cost to go in to the Royal Observatory. Tickets are £7 or you can get a discounted package of tickets that includes entry into the National Maritime Museum as well.

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