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A Quick Spin Around Central London

what a view

 All the main tourist sites in one photo!

Last Thursday Sam and I both spontaneously didn’t have to work. Which was lovely because we were celebrating an anniversary- so what was going to be dinner turned into a delicious lunch with a stroll around London and the entire evening together.
You can see so many amazing sites just by taking a quick walk through London. After living here awhile you forget how special it is to see Westminster Abbey or Tower Bridge on a daily basis. Do any Parisienne dwellers start taking the Eiffel Tower for granted? I find myself getting wrapped up in things that I dislike about London and forget to appreciate how lucky I am to live here and it was nice to remind myself whilst hand-in-hand with Sam.
central london

 Graffiti on the Southbank.

We met outside the National Theatre and then walked along the Southbank before crossing the Thames into Covent Garden where we had lunch at Mishkins. Since we had the luxury of not going to work in the afternoon we were able to indulge in one of the things Mishkins is most famous for: its cocktails. (I had the Ezra’s Green Rose and I can’t recommend it more highly. It’s simply delicious. But how could a blend of Hendrick’s, jam, elderflower and Prosecco not be?)
 Sam at Mishkins.
afternoon cocktails
Afternoon cocktails at Mishkins.
Even on a rainy February afternoon, the tourist spots in London are packed. But I feel the pull of Covent Garden whenever I am in the area. (Mostly because I can never turn down a Ben’s Cookie.)
central london

 Covent Garden

Trafalgar Square and Nelson’s Column are just a short walk from Covent Garden. That’s one of the deceptive things about the Tube Map. When you look at Central London (Zone 1) on the map, everything looks very spread out, but most stops are about a 5 minute walk apart.
central london
 Nelson’s Column. Trafalgar Square.
central london
 Back of the Horse Guard’s Parade.
central London

What would an afternoon walk be without some silliness?

St. James Park is one of my favourite London parks for all the different kinds of birds that live there. From swans to rare ducks to herons you can see an amazing spectrum of the species.
st james park
 St. James Park
central london
Outside The Horse Guard’s Parade. Notice the signage. I was equal parts excited and terrified.
hints of spring in St James park
Small hints of spring in St James Park.




What’s your favourite part of London?

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  • Your outfit is so adorable! I need to get to London to take in the sights! I think we all tend to take for granted the beauty of the area we live in, I have moments all the time where I catch a glimpse of the beautiful mountain views and am like wow I live here.

    • Thank you so much. It’s sad how quickly we adjust to taking beautiful things with a grain of salt, but I suppose that’s human nature! x

  • I still have SO much of London I’d like to explore!! Luckily I’m going into the city 3 different times over the next few weeks and look forward to seeing some new to me spots!

    • Amazing! Why so many upcoming opportunities to go to London? x

      • A London Bloggers Tea, a meet up with a blogger coming to England and a passport renewal for my daughter that we’ll make the most of our day in London. 🙂

  • Covent Garden is one of my favorite parts of London as well! I always feel a pull towards the area and it’s usually the first place I visit in London! 🙂

    • It’s really lovely! After awhile you start to see the same street performers on specific days in specific spots which I just love! x

  • How good are Ben’s Cookies!? I can never resist!

  • Hahaha “equal parts excited and terrified.” That horse is half asleep and probably would have really loved a little rub on the nose. He does, after all, have to put up with that stuffy guard on his back all day. Great photos, Amanda!

  • It looks so adventurous!

  • amitygardens

    So jealous. You make it look so wonderful- which it totally is. I want to pet that horse so badly.

    • I really wanted to but the signage made me scared that I’d either a) lose a finger or b) be arrested! x

      • amitygardens

        It’s never stopped me before. I don’t like when people get in the way of my petting time.

  • Oh how I absoultely LOVE Ben’s Cookies. I went with the group I was traveling with during our week in London and then when I came back to visit again before flying home, I spent a good hour trying to find it again (without wifi or gps), but that was in part due to the fact that I happened to go during the London marathon and ended up following the race as it wound through town. Note to others: DO NOT visit central London or take the tube during the London Marathon. It was terrifying haha.

    • Ben’s Cookies….mmmmhhhmmmm…. I just went and made cookies because I couldn’t stand not having a cookie whilst answering these comments. There’s a Ben’s Cookies right outside the South Kensington Tube stop which is usually where I’d go as I can hope off the tube, get a cookie and then continue on my way 😉 x

  • Okay, these pictures of you are absolutely adorable! Especially the silly one! Yay for celebrating an anniversary; and for both of you having the same day off!

    • Thanks Alex! It was totally random that we both had the day off- we found out that morning! x

  • I agree, when you live somewhere it’s so easy to start taking it for granted no matter how wonderful a place it is. One of my favourite parts of London has to be Covent Garden. There are so many cute little shops and it looks so pretty at Christmas time!

  • Very jealous of your former location! Do you miss it much? When I studied abroad I was lucky enough to live in Zone 1, but now that I am here as a regular working person, Zone 3 it is for me. Have a lovely day. x

    • Sophie

      I do and I don’t! I’m a student at King’s College London and was studying French & Philosophy, but really, really didn’t like the course so I’ve transferred to History (very long story!) so I’m back in Hampshire now. I didn’t really like my flat so I don’t miss that, but there’s something special about being near to so much culture and that’s what I miss the most. I’m not too far from London now though so it’s easy to pop up and have a look round! Ah bless you, Zone 3’s not too bad a commute though! And you 🙂 Love your blog xxx

  • I love your horse guards palace pictures! I always go to Covent Garden when I’m in London too, I love it.

  • Looks like a fantastic day! I love that the flowers are starting to bloom in St James’ Park – bring on spring 🙂

  • I love all the colors you captured! Wish my part of the woods were so cheery.

  • Amy @ the tide that left

    Whenever we’re in London Mr Tide and I walk everywhere. There is so much to offer, but I can see how it might get overlooked when you live amongst it and have to deal with all the negatives that come with living in a big city.

    • I mostly just get frustrated with commuting in London and crowds. I love the city but nothing can bum you out like rush hour on the underground. x

  • It’s all just so beautiful. I can’t get over it. Every time I see your posts I am in awe of your pictures. Canada is gorgeous with our nature and beautiful scenery. But, the history in London, in England.. it’s so interesting. I’m set on visiting one day. I MUST experience it.

  • I always feel the pull of Covent Garden too. (And Ben’s if I’m being honest 😉 )

  • I just love the London sky! Your photos capture it beautifully: blue, blue sky with ominous thunderclouds rolling in!

    • Thank you so much! A few years ago I would have been like “it’s time to go home, it’s about to rain.” But now I’ve fully embraced that living in England means you’re going to have to get used to walking in the rain. x

  • Chantel -A Harvest of Blessing

    I totally love that first shot, you are totally right, all the touristy places in one photo! It’s totally true that we begin to take things and sights for granted when we are always around them, I pretty much only spent one weekend in London and we hit up pretty much all the touristy spots you mentioned. 🙂

  • wahhhh i wanna come back! i would always make friends who visited walk everywhere because I’d like “it’s so close!” and then we’d be walking for hours. miss it!

  • Ahh I love it! I want to go back so badly! I really loved strolling through Hyde park. I also like how your photos came out with the big storm clouds creeping in. So pretty!

    • Thank you so much! Hyde Park is so beautiful especially in the summer. And it’s so convenient for getting an icecream cone for your walks…. x

  • It’s so hard not to get wrapped up in the day to day banalities isn’t it? I love that you made time to get out & explore. Doesn’t it make your soul happy?
    (Feeling a little hippy dippy today. It must be the sunshine?)

  • Awww! Thank you! This shirt is actually from Modcloth a few years ago! x

  • Kensington Gardens are indeed fabulous! You’re a very lucky man that you get to stroll through there regularly. x

  • We must have missed each other on Thursday as I was definitely indulging in Ben’s Cookies on my sister’s first day of her visit here! Sooooo good!! xx

  • Love that sign by the horses, how funny