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I finally visited Cambridge after living in England for too long to put it off! It was stunning and I loved it. My only regret is that we went in the winter and we didn’t get to go punting like most tourists do in Cambridge. There was no way I was even going to contemplate going out on the water in the frigid weather, but it’s a good excuse for a warmer return trip!

Cambridge was founded in 1209 which makes it the second oldest English speaking University in the world. Cambridge is divided up into individual self-goverened colleges, the oldest of the colleges being Peterhouse (1284). Maybe you’ve heard of some Cambridge alums like Bacon, Newton, Darwin, Turin, Bertrand Russell, C.S. Lewis and Stephen Hawking?

You can tour most of the colleges in Cambridge, although some charge to look around. I also recommend going to the Fitzwilliam Museum is definitely worth going into and it’s free!


One of the highlights of this little day excursion was catching Evensong at King’s before getting the train back to London.

travel cambridge, england
 King’s College, Cambridge
travel cambridge england
 Emmanuel College, Cambridge
travel to cambridge
Christ’s College, Cambridge
travel to cambridge england
Corpus Christi College Chapel.
Of course food heavily featured in our day out. We kept an eye out for Sam’s dad’s old pub haunts from his University days, but no luck! We did, however, get a wonderful restaurant recommendation from one of our friends who went to Cambridge. We made quick work of our meal at the Cambridge Chop House. Sam had the Sea Bream and Sticky Toffee Pudding, while I had the Garlic & Herb Chicken and the Cambridge Burnt Cream (otherwise known as creme brulee).
travel restaurant cambridge england
 Everything packed loads of flavour!
After out leisurely lunch, I was full enough to just want to curl up and take a nap, but I powered through to make the most of my time in Cambridge.
travel cambridge england
Darwin and I are having a secret love affair. Shhh…don’t tell!
travel cambridge england
travel cambridge england
Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. Can you spot me?
travel cambridge england
Legend has it, that this is the famous tree where the apple fell on Newton’s head leading to his theory of gravity. Unfortunately, it is a myth that this is the tree.

I’d love to go back to Cambridge and go punting one day. Have any of you?

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  • Lovely photos! I loved Cambridge when I was there (far too briefly). We basically just walked around and didn’t actually go inside anywhere. Then we drove to this orchard place just outside Cambridge and had cream tea.
    That chicken looks amazing! But then I love anything with garlic.

  • Love the photography! Cambridge is on my list of places to see aswell.
    Anita Hendrieka

  • There is so much to see and do in England! How ever will we see it all?!?! I spy a wisteria on the Christ’s College I think it is? That will look amazing in Spring!! I love me some creme brulee, just have to remember it’s called Burnt Cream! Ha!

    • Yes! And you could already smell some honeysuckle- it must be simply gorgeous in the Spring! x

  • I will have to get back to Cambridge. I love your photo about the tree. You have a great sense of humour. x

  • Cambridge looks so beautiful! I love seeing places in different seasons so you will definitely have to go back when its warmer to see it again and share lots of photos!

    • I’d love to go back! You could just tell that it was one of those places that really comes “alive” in the Spring! x

  • Ok so when I first saw the last picture I thought perhaps a bird pooped on your head as that is always happening to me!

    • hahaha, not this time- though it was happened to me before! Right as I was about to go into a church for service. I took it as a sign that I needed to be at home that Sunday instead. x

      • Yep I would have gone home too! Once I was out with my grandfather for a walk and lunch at the beach and a bird pooped on my head and my grandpa had me wash it off in a fountain and still go to lunch!

  • Amy @ the tide that left

    Darwin was a handsome chap, no? I’ve never been to Cambridge. I’d love to go one day. There is so much of England that needs to be visited. As a ‘local’ I guess you get a bit lazy and don’t make as much of an effort as you should. Both my grandparents went to Cambridge – it would be lovely to see where they spent their college years.

    • Let me tell you, Darwin was way better looking as a young man than I had expected! I’ve discovered traveling with Sam, that there is so much that he hasn’t seen of England which makes it a nice pairing. (That being said, I’ve only seen a tiny! bit of America.) Sam’s dad went to Cambridge so it was nice to imagine him there! x

  • So beautiful!

  • Vicky Eastwood

    I can’t believe I’ve never visited Cambridge, will definitely have to when I’m in the UK again it looks lovely!

  • The college-within-a-college thing about Cambridge has confused the dickens out of me while working with them to host one of our association’s international events there. We will be at Churchill College Cambridge in summer of 2015!

    • What?! That’s super exciting! We’ll have to arrange a far-distant meet up! I barely understand the college-within-a-college system. At first I thought it kind of made sense because I incorrectly thought they were broken up by subject matter. But now that I know how wrong I was on that assumption I assume now it’s just purely tradition…. x

  • What is punting?

    That food looks amazing! The last picture is my favourite. Too cute!

    • A punt is a weird little flat boat that you move along with a pole- kind of like a Venetian gondola (not that I have ever been to Venice though). That meal was seriously good. It was a great recommendation from a friend! x

  • Anna

    It is a sad truth that I have never visited Cambridge. I am putting on my ‘list of things to do in England’ before I go far far away. Love the ducks!!

    • Thank you so much! I definitely recommend that you go! You can get the train from Liverpool St to Cambridge for about £12 return! (Cheaper if you have a young persons!) x

  • Wow.. This is one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen you visit. !!! I love the history behind everything. It must be soo incredible to be walking where Darwin once walked… I mean, really!! Yes, I bet Newton did the same face when that darn apple fell on his head… 😉

    • Haha Sam was absolutely convinced that that was the apple tree- wrong! It was insane to think of all the important discoveries, papers, philosophies that had all been drafted right there. If Cambridge didn’t exist, how different would history be? x

  • I really want to go visit Cambridge the next time I’m in the UK! I’ve been to Oxford a couple of times before, but I would love to explore this town as well! 🙂 It looks so charming!

    • After living in Stratford upon Avon for 9 months Cambridge wasn’t quite as “quaint” as I expected, probably much to the relief of all the students who attend. But the town was beautiful and the sheer historical importance of it all was hard to comprehend. x

  • Oh that looks awesome! You make me want to visit england so badly!

  • Yes! Punting is so much fun in summer. Be sure to grab a jug of pimms (there’s a bar right next to where you catch the boats) and enjoy!
    Claire xx | somewhere… beyond the sea

    • I love Pimms- it’s so delicious but it can really creep up on you! Thanks for the recommendation! xx

  • great photos! I went to Cambridge years ago and it was so pretty but we didn’t go punting. next time! 🙂

  • I adore cambridge! it just feels like a different world! i love the pics- it took me back!

  • msmelaniemarie

    I went out to Cambridge when the Globe’s touring Lear production performed in the garden at Corpus Christi College, and had a chance to walk around a while afterwards – absolutely stunning. I felt like it was one of those very quintessentially British places with all the history, the architecture, etc… Didn’t go punting, but saw all the boats on the river and watched from the bridge for a bit. Gorgeous place! Definitely go back in the summer!!

    • I felt exactly the same way whilst we were there. Surely you can’t get too much more English than Cambridge, right? It must have been incredible to see Lear in the Corpus Christi garden because it was stunning! What all did you guys set up when you did it? xx

      • msmelaniemarie

        It was incredible! It was just one small traveling stage with three walls, and kind of a half roof/monkey bar-esque situation for Poor Tom to use. Lots of instruments and props and costumes used as dressing but also for use in the show. Actually went really well, and fun to watch sitting on the lawn with a picnic lunch.

  • My Cup of Fancy

    Hey gorgeous! I love the photos! Oh and is that creme brulee in the collection of food photos that you posted?

    • Thanks you so much! And it is! Except in Cambridge they call it “Cambridge Burnt Cream”. Creme brulee sounds nicer, right? xx

      • My Cup of Fancy

        oooooh yum! I wish I hadn’t seen that photo! I am officially craving for some “cambridge burnt cream” asap. hehehee

  • Wow, that looks like a fun trip. Adding it to my list!

    Elizabeth from

  • Amanda, this i making me relive my brief Spring term I spent at a Cambridge study program. I couldn’t believe how much like a storybook that town was–and I once got in trouble for walking on the grass because I wasn’t a robed prof!

    • Every college we went into was very careful to tell us not to step on the grass! Where did you stay in Cambridge? x

      • I was at King’s College and I loved the weekly concerts from the choir boys. I would love to go back someday 🙂

  • Mal

    I would love to visit Cambridge!! Thanks for sharing the pictures Amanda!

    • I had really been looking forward to finally going and it didn’t disappoint! Hope you get a chance to go! x

  • the first time I went to Cambridge, with my family when I was 11, I threw a huge pre-teen tantrum. (Who knows why? I was such a horrible child.) When they went into Christ Church for a tour, I sat outside under a tree and sulked. I’ve been back maybe half a dozen times since, and every time I pass Christ Church I remember and feel guilty for having been a brat!

    • I can safely say that I also threw many a pre-teen (and teen) tantrum that I am highly embarrassed about now. Although I can also see that though lovely and incredibly interesting, Cambridge might not hold the attention of an 11 year old for an entire day. x

  • nice photos! I’ve been a couple of times:)