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Northern Wales

This weekend I ventured out to Northern Wales for the first time and I was shocked by how beautiful it was! Sam and I spent our weekend in outside Llannefydd with my Gamma Phi big and her Welsh husband. (It was my first time meeting him and he gets a big stamp of approval!)

 You don’t get views like this in London.
All their family and friends opened their homes to us and showed us a wonderful time. The area that we were in is one of the pockets of Wales that is predominantly Welsh speaking so it was really interesting to be exposed to a language that I had no experience with at all.
country walks
 Their little family of three.
country walks
Sam wanted to dognap their dog.
country walks

On Saturday we set out for a momentous walk and as we had just reached the top of this beautiful mountain, rain came in hard and fast. It had been knock-you-over wind before that, and freezing cold, but the rain was pelting down so hard that it felt like hail. It legitimately hurt your skin.

We hightailed it back to theirs, and the rest of the weekend was filled with good food, the Welsh rugby game versus Ireland, Olympics watching and meeting their friends and family. Oh, and also touring O’s family farm and the one he works on. I showed my city-girl stripes because I was so tickled to be around cows and sheep (and especially the lambs).

country walks
country walks
 O gazing upon his homeland patriotically. Aka realising that a storm is about to come in.
country walks
Everyone loves a good self-timer photo.
 I was loving all the lambs.
 My Big and me, reunited in the UK.
Have you ever been to Wales? If so, what do you recommend?


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  • This makes me want to go back right NOW! These pictures are amazing and capture North Wales perfectly. I think what made me love North Wales so much, other than the stunning beauty, was the pride of the people. Did you feel the instant change when you crossed the country line?

    • It was super interesting! O was telling us that only really, really small pockets of Wales are primarily Welsh speaking, and we were in one. He considers English his second language and if it was just him and his friends and family they’d speak “Wanglish” (his term, not mine). x

  • We went to Cardiff way back in like 2010 and had a really good time and have been thinking of going back ever since!

    • Do it! Sam’s dad’s house is across the bay from Cardiff so on days when it’s not super cloudy we can see it from England πŸ™‚ And then come visit me xx

      • Or how about in London, I should be there for two days in June!

        • Pff- that just goes without saying that I will see you in London in June! xx

          • Good! I think Fredrik will be happy too as I am always telling about you and Sams little adventures and he says I say it like it is so obvious who I am talking about each time!

          • HA! I when I mention you Sam goes “Bailie….? Oh, the Hemborg Wife?” because he’s started to recognise blog names just from how frequently he reads over my shoulder and I talk about them, etc. πŸ™‚ x

          • haha that is funny, maybe I should get a shirt that says it like my alter ego and I guess a cape would be appropriate for that too!

          • It’d be a great superhero name! x

  • Vicky Eastwood

    You should definitely go to South Wales there’s Cardiff which is a really cool city, Swansea and the Mumbles which is beautiful but most importantly has two amazing ice cream shops that are worth visiting any time of the year!

    • Sam’s been to Cardiff a few times and really enjoys it. But I hear it’s basically a completely different country to North Wales culturally. If we had somewhere free to stay in Cardiff or Swansea I’d be there in a heartbeat! I loved North Wales because it was just so refreshing to get out of the city! x

  • I am LOVING this Amanda! Looks like you had such a wonderful time in Wales….it was fun reading how you experienced this beautiful spot!

    • It was so amazing! We are planning to go back and all four of us are going to go on an epic trek in Snowdonia when (if ever) it starts getting warmer x

  • Looks like a lovely time! I love northern WAles and have it featured today too. Love that dog…what a cutie! x

    • It’s a Welsh fest lately! The dog is a bit naughty so I think they’d have happily given her to us for a mini-break. Unfortunately, it’d just be cruel to have a dog like that in our little, garden-free flat. x

      • yeah thats why we dont have a dog either (that and the landlady says we cannot have one). We have a little yard, but nothing good for a dog. One day!

  • Claudz

    Lovely photos! Wales is so scenuc

    • I knew it was beautiful from seeing photos on other blogs, but it was so breathtaking in person! x

  • Wow! I studied in Wales for 3 years at the University of Newport, the campus was in a really lovely village called Caerleon and I visited Usk and Cardiff on a few occasions. All in South Wales and I didn’t venture too much out of the area, probably due to being a penniless student! Your photos are lovely, I’d love to visit North Wales one day, it looks lovely!
    Sian Xxx

    • Ps. those lambs are so cute! I look forward to reading about more of your adventures in Britain πŸ™‚

      • Thank you so much! It always helps with travel when you have friends to stay with for free, right? πŸ™‚ I loved the lambs too! x

  • Amazing scenery! And those lams are just so adorable! I have been to Wales once but it was South Wales. We stayed in St. Davids, which if I remember correctly is the smallest city in Great Britain.

    • Ha! How was it being in the smallest city in GB? I loved the lambs. They had the orphaned ones separate from the others and I just wanted to hug all of them! x

  • The scenery looks amazing. I know what you mean about rain pelting your skin. When I went to Ireland it was the same! Felt like tiny needles all over my body, youch!

    • It’s such an awful, weird feeling, right? Obviously we were all used to being caught in the rain, but it was so different! Completely our own fault though… we saw the storm roll in but kept walking. x

  • Wales looks so beautiful! It is always so fun to get out of the city and explore the countryside a bit.

    • It’s so nice to get out of the city! You really feel like you’re breathing properly- it’s always so nice to leave London and realise what clean air tastes like again… And London isn’t even that badly smoggy compared to some cities! x

  • Oh my, it looks like something out of a painting! I have always wanted to visit Wales, mostly because I’m obsessed with Roald Dahl. Looks like such a fun adventure!

    • I’d love to go to the big Roald Dahl museum one day! Do you have a favourite book? I think mine is the “BFG” x

  • Ahh! Those little baby sheep! I probably would have lamb-napped one of those darling little things to take home. That first picture of the landscape is gorgeous.

    • Thank you! I loved, loved, loved the little lambs! But I guess sheep carry lots of infectious organisms though so it’d not be a good pet. (Pregnant ladies aren’t supposed to be around them at all or something) but regardless, hand washing was a must for everyone! x

  • What a great group shot you got! I’m a country girl and still get excited every time I see cows and sheep.

    • Ha, thank you! I was worried the camera was going to blow off the mountain! And thanks for making me feel better- like it was less cheesy that i got so excited to see them then! x

  • these pictures are beautiful! I would love to visit there one day!

    • I knew it was going to be very picturesque but it completely surpassed all my expectations! x

  • Amy @ the tide that left

    I don’t think I could live in North Wales, but my god is it a beautiful part of the world. Every time I’ve visited I’ve been blown away by how gorgeous it looks, even with grey skies and drizzle.

    • I say I’d love to live in the countryside because I am all about being outside. But I’d have to live in a village with a corner shop because I’m also the kind of girl that when she needs a snack, she needs one then- not a 15 minute drive away! Ideally, I’d love to live outside of London (in the country side not a commuter town) but still be close enough for easy pops into town. x

  • Aw, I’m glad you liked her husband and that Sam came with you! It looks like you had a wonderful weekend. Except for the rain. Rain is great when you’re inside. When you’re outside in it, AND it hurts, that’s no fun.

    • I loved him! On the train back to London, I just kept saying how nice it was that she found someone so lovely! Obviously, it rains a lot, all the time, but I’d never experienced rain that was this painful before. x

  • these pictures are unreal!! so beutiful, and that dog is so cute!

  • I’ve seen so much of Wales on different blogs lately and it looks so great! I would definitely love to visit one day! πŸ™‚

    • It’s such a strange coincidence how heavily blogged about Wales has been lately! It is really special though so it makes sense πŸ™‚ x

  • My goodness, that first picture! I’m blow away. Hope y’all are having fun! That’s so funny that your Big married a Welshman!

    • I know! What a small world! She married a Welshman, I’m with Sam and Alex married a German. Our whole family has picked Europeans. It’s a really weird coincidence when you think about it. I’m sad you never got to meet J- you would love her! x

  • Kristina Choi

    I’ve only been to Cardiff, which is great for walking around and wandering around all of the shops in their famous arcades! πŸ™‚

    • Did you like Cardiff? I’ve never been but you can see it across the bay from Sam’s dad’s house in England. We’ve talked about going several times, but just haven’t made it yet! x

      • Kristina Choi

        I was only there for a day trip, but I enjoyed it. I just walked around and looked at all of the arcades, visited a museum, toured Cardiff Castle, and ate Welsh pancakes (lol)! I would have loved to see more of the countryside like you did. If it’s that close by, I’d just take a day trip there some time!

        • We were so lucky that we had friends to stay with for free so that we could have a longer trip! x

  • That picture is amazing! I mean, the first green one. Remember when you do your colour photo contest on your blog? That’s a great GREEN photo!
    The lambs were pretty cute. They have numbers on them! I can’t help but think it’s for counting when you can’t fall asleep. Baha- I watch too much Sesame Street.

    • Thank you so much! I loved the lambs. They are so sweet (but very loud!) What was really fascinating to me is that when they are born they get their tails clipped and then they fall off after a little while so some of them hadn’t had the clipped bit fall off yet. I never even knew they had tails! x

      • I didn’t know that either! How cool. I love animals, even the loud stinky ones!
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  • Jessica

    I have never been to Wales, but your photos make me want to be there so bad! I love that photo at the top of the post. That is such a beautiful landscape! I would be thrilled to wake up to that! I have to side with Sam on dognapping that adorable little dog! I’m more of a cat person and I want that dog too!

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry

    • Thank you! It was such a stunning places that photos don’t really do it justice! The dog is so pretty. She has two different colour eyes that just increase her beauty! x

  • Kristen

    Oh man, definitely adding Wales to my list of places I need to go. Are most of the people who live in that area bilingual or do they speak solely Welsh?

    • Everyone our age is completely bilingual, as are most people. But some of the older people like O’s dad are bilingual but feel more comfortable in Welsh. x

  • We’ve only just seen a bit of southern Wales and it left me wanting to see and experience more! What a fun weekend getaway!!

    • From what everyone else has told me Southern Wales and Northern Wales are two worlds apart! it was so stunning, I thoroughly recommend it! x

      • You mentioned that it was predominantly Welsh speaking. We were only in the southern part for 3 nights total and I don’t think we heard it at all. It’s written everywhere though. It’s fascinating.

        • Yea, O was explaining that Welsh isn’t nearly as commonly spoken in the south. It’s not even spoken everywhere in the north, but in his area he went to a bilingual school where you are taught (and taught in) both. x

  • beautiful! also, those earmuff are SO CUTE!

    • Haha thank you! To be honest, I am always a bit ashamed of my earmuffs because I am afraid they make me look like a nerdy child. But on the other hand, I have this weird thing where if my ears get cold I get shooting pains straight into my brain (I don’t really know how to explain it) so I always sacrifice fashion to prevent it! x

  • It looks so beautiful, but so chilly!
    I definitely recommed the Gower Coast on a sunny day.

    • I’ll have to add it to the list! It was beyond chilly. It was completely our own fault that we got caught in the storm. We saw it rolling in and just decided to ignore it…. rookie error! x

  • Gorgeous pictures–but it looks SOOO COLD! (love the earmuffs, too!!) I’ve only been to Wales once very briefly, but it was amazing. I visited Tinturn Abbey (the one from the Wordsworth poem), and it was one of the most moving, intense places I have ever been. So, so, so pretty.

    • I’ve seen photos of Tinturn Abbey and it’s beautiful! But I’ve never seen it in person, so I can only imagine how special it must have been for you! x

  • I want to dognap him, as well! And I love those sheep. So snuggly looking. πŸ™‚

  • That is SO beautiful!