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Borough Market, London

If you ask someone their favourite market in London 9 times out of 10 they will answer “Borough Market”. In full disclosure, I completely made that statistic up. However, in my experience it’s extremely loved by all. Borough Market in Southwark is solely food oriented, and you can get pretty much any food you seek there. On this outing I had traditional Southern BBQ brisket, but on previous visits I’ve had everything from falafel to cake (a healthy trip) to curry.
Tucked close to London Bridge station the retail market is open Wednesday-Saturday. And as a warning, it will be crowded. On sunny days, I like to join the throngs of people that buy delicious snacks and then sit on the grounds of gorgeous neighbouring Southwark Cathedral to eat them. Since it’s been here since the 13th century it’s safe to say it’s a London establishment. (And it is London’s oldest fruit and veg market!)
Borough Market
food market
 The onslaught of people ready to fight for savoury fare.
food market london
 Seconds after this photo was taken the couple began to make out. Ah, young love.
food markets london champagne
It was a lovely day so our first stop was to hit up the fizz stall for some take-away bubbles.
borough market
 Just one of the many bakery stalls.
food markets london
 Wheels of cheese bigger than my body.
food markets london
 Colourful sweet treats.
food markets london
I’m a sucker for cured meats. It sounds weird, but it’s true.
browsing vegetables in borough market

Sam amongst the beautiful fresh veg.




borough market
 Bridget Jones lived above this pub in Borough Market in the films.
salsa sample borough market
 Sampling some salsa.

A spontaneous photoshoot against a brick wall in Borough Market.
Do you have a favourite food market? What’s been your best market buy/find?

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  • Those cupcakes and macarons look so delicious! Next time I’m in London I will make sure to go there

  • O yeah cured meats are a must in life, we spent like $10 on two types of Italian salami’s this past weekend and they were so worth it!

    • I especially love chorizo. These lots of nights Sam and I have little salads, baguette, cheese and cured meats. So good, and so lazy. x

  • These food market sounds amazing! I was in heaven when we had a weekend food market but other than that we don’t really have on in Iceland.

  • I live a single tube stop away from Borough – ergo it takes much of our shopping budget! The amount of cheese I stock up on from there is borderline scandalous.

    • It’s just so hard to say no. I try to set limits for myself- only bring a small amount of cash and not allow myself to withdraw anymore than that! x

  • this all looks so good… I’d like one of each flavor of macaron, please! we have markets here in Taiwan but there’s no cured meats and cheeses.

    • Compared to other macaron stores (cough, cough Lauduree, cough, cough) they are really reasonably priced so it is possible to have one of each 😉 x

  • Spectacular photos! Borough Market was definitely one of my favorites in London. 🙂

  • i love that last photo and the use of shadows in the photograph. Such a stunning portrait. x

    • Thank you so much Bonnie! I really appreciate that as a compliment, coming from you, queen of gorgeous portraits! x

  • I LOVE Borough Market! It’s a place I visit every time I visit London. So many treats to taste. Those macaroons look amazing!

    • All the free samples kill me because it’s all so tasty and then I want to buy everything! Have you made it over to the Dekalb farmers market yet? x

  • Phoebe Thomas

    Borough market’s amazing and another favourite is Boqueria in Barcelona. Markets in general are great things!

  • Claudz

    I loved Borough Market when I lived in London. this made me miss it!

  • When you come to Toronto, we shall go to the St. Lawrence Market together. Done.

  • Naughty but justifiable! And yes! Best grilled cheese in the world. I’ve gotten the 3 cheese one (essentially all the cheeses…. heaven!) x

  • I want to go! This places looks amazing and take away bubbly…seriously that just took it to a whole new level! Gorgeous pictures!

    • And it’s as cheap as getting a glass of wine at a pub so that’s a super win in my opinion! (Thank you by the way.) xx

  • Miranda O’Brien

    That food looks amazing!!!! I’m jealous! I’m stopping by from the Tea Party Link up! 🙂

  • We love, love, love Borough Market. My son first went there at 11 days old, so we have always been fans 🙂 I can’t wait to stop by there in June when we are in London, I miss it!

    • I love that! What a special, happy memory! You’ll have to get the kiddies ice cream from behind Southwark 😉 x

  • First, adorable hat. Second, thanks for covering Borough Market, it’s so London! I did a bike tour (Breakaway Bikes, you should check them out) and we rode through there, we didn’t have time to go back during that visit and enjoy the food, but it’s on the top of my list for next time.

    • Ha, thank you so much! My hate very much appreciates the compliment 😉 I’m definitely going to head over and check out Breakaway Bikes right now! x

      • Also I just read on your Discus “About me” that you have a schnoodle- so envious!

        • Stuart (my schnoodle) is to be envied, actually. I’m quite sure he’s the cutest thing in the whole world, but that’s just my opinion. 😀

          For Brakeaway – I’ve done the Grand London and Secret London tours (the guy that runs the bike tours, Chris, is great), they’re both a lot of fun. If you’re familiar with London already then the Secret London would be perfect. 🙂

  • I still really want to go to this market. Take away bubbly in the sunshine? yes please!

  • I’ve never been to the Borough Market but it looks fantastic! Ah, I soooo want to go! Fresh and delicious food sounds amazing right now! And I loved the fun fact about Bridget Jones! 🙂

    • Sam was actually the one who knew the fact about Bridget Jones, which I was very impressed by! x

      • Haha, that’s awesome!

  • amitygardens
  • Tamika RYBINSKI

    it all looks so yummy!

  • Give me all of the cheese and macarons. The GIF below with Liz Lemon sums up my reaction EXACTLY!

    • Liz Lemon can sum up the vast majority of my thoughts a lot of the time. I just want to bundle up all of my favourite bloggers and take them on a picnic here. x

  • I want to go to there too!! Haha!

    Bridget Jones- yes! I remember that building and love, love those movies. I love London and living vicariously through you. What a beautiful place to take pictures..!

    • Hehe Sam was actually the one to remember that was her flat. I was very impressed by his chick flick knowledge! x

  • I adore markets and this one looks amazing! I have a sweet tooth so those treats are looking pretty good to me right now 🙂

  • Amy @ the tide that left

    My Mum went to Borough Market a few weeks ago, because everyone (at least 90% of cats) say it’s the best market in London. She loved it too. Your photos have totally sold me on it though. Going to have to make a trip there. x

    • Haha, 95% of statistics are made up. (Hehe) Maybe we can squeeze in to your late May visit? (I don’t know why I said that like your diary secretary/travel planner…) x

      • Amy @ the tide that left

        Can you pencil that in for me, Amanda, and then book us a meeting room? x

  • Anywhere that has take away bubbly is a winner in my book! The colors are so amazing!

  • I LOVE BOROUGH MARKET… but only before 10am if it’s a Saturday between April and October.

    also, there are tons o’ fab markets around town that are just as good though they have smaller selections! we used to go to the Venn St market on Saturdays when we lived in Clapham – SW rather than SE but you should check it out if you get a chance! the vendors were all so friendly and knowledgable and you don’t have to fight through tourists and if you got there at the end of the day sometimes the bakery guys would negotiate to get rid of what they had left 🙂

    • I used to live in Clapham Junction- how did I miss this?! I will have to make it a priority.

      Sam loves Monmouth coffee but the line always seems to be round the block even when we show up early. x

  • Yeah I reckon that statistic is bang on! Everyone loves Borough Markets 🙂

  • Borough Market is one of our faves in the whole wide world! Where else can you get all these imported goods in one place!??

  • Even if I’m not actually shopping for anything it’s just so enjoyable to wander through! x

  • Haha I completely agree with that statistic! I love Borough Market – especially the dairy-free cake stall and the juices shop – yum!

    • Haha it pleases me so much to see all the love that readers and commenters have for it! Completely deserved!

  • Great photos! I’ve been to London now just enough times where I should stop doing all the main tourist things and start going to awesome places like Borough Market.

  • Everything about this market looks amazing. Your pictures are fabulous!

  • Mmm, that looks like a dreamy way to spend the day! Love it.

  • these pictures are gorgeous!!!

  • I so, so love Borough Market! It’s a good thing I don’t live in London, because I would soon balloon up from all the amazing food! 😉

    • Ha, when I first studied abroad in London I did gain weight because I was so excited to be trying everything all the time! x

  • Thank you so much! I’m glad that I’m not the only one that seems to find their money magically disappearing when they go! x