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Citrus Cream Fizz Cocktail

I’m once again linking up with the Creative Collective. This time the prompt is “become a pseudo bartender.” Trust me, I had a lot of fun with this one. Who doesn’t love experimenting with cocktails? I’ll be honest, this is what I came up with on my first try I was inspired by the lime sherbet punch bowls of my childhood, so there wasn’t much experimentation. Refreshingly perfect for a warm day!  
Citrus Cream Fizz Cocktail

cocktail recipes

  Like a float for adults.

Lime Cordial
Lemon-lime soda (like 7up)
Lime sherbet
lemon juice
Guys this recipe couldn’t be more simple (or delicious):
Mix together 1.5 oz of vodka (one shot), .5 oz of lime cordial, and 1/2 a tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice together into a glass. Add a generous scoop of lime sherbet to the glass and then finish with you soda. Add a squeeze of lime and then a slice of lime to garnish. 

A perfect mixture of tangy and sweet.

Also please tell me someone else besides myself calls it ‘sure- BERT’? 

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  • Yum sounds like an adult sprite! I am pretty sure I pronounce it sure-bert as well, maybe its a west coast thing.

    • HA! I feel so relieved that it’s not just me. When I was typing it out I kept spelling it wrong, which was embarrassing to me. And now the internet knows my secrets. x

  • Wait are we not supposed to say it that way?! Last night Fredrik and I had a conversation about how I saw caramel like the city in California Carmel not car-a-mel and I was like well that is how we do it where I am from and now you are telling me sherbet is the same….. Pronunciation is damn hard sometimes when you live with someone you learned school English vs immersion as a child.

    • Okay, So. We are all saying it incorecctly. BUT. So many Americans say it incorrectly that the incorrect pronunciation is now accepted as a secondary pronunciation in several dictionaries. http://grammarist.com/spelling/sherbet-sherbert/

      PS- Sometimes I say “carmel” and sometimes I say “car-A-mel”. I don’t know why I use them interchangeably. I just do.

      • That makes me happy that we are still technically wrong but right too! I sometimes say pecan like pe-can but other times like pe-Khan

        • I am the same way with pecan. I think I’m just really easily influenced by other accents! x

  • this sounds delicious! and I totally call it “sure-bert” but I thought it was a midwest thing? glad I’m not alone, either 🙂

    • American unite! If we are all pronouncing it wrong “technically” then it’s not too embarassing. And so many people pronounce it incorrectly that apparently dictionaries are now offering a second pronunciation! x

      • I totally say “sure-bert” but I think it’s meant to be pronounced as “sherbet” but I can’t bring myself to say it that way! And yeah, in England it’s just sorbet I think! This drink also sounds delicious. I love lemon sorbet with fresh lemon and soda water, so refreshing.

  • I call it sherbert like it has an r in it too. I’m always shocked when I write it and get a spelling error line under it!

    • This is what spurned me into researching it! That damn spelling error line. That and when I realised Sam said it completely differently. x

    • Amy @ the tide that left

      I thought it was sherbert too! I’m from Bristol so it’s more like Sherrrr- buuuuurrrt!

      • Hahah for me it’s more like ‘Sheerber’ cause yknow, Essex folk do NOT know how to pronounce the ‘t’ in anything ;).

  • YUM!!!! And yes, to me it’s sure-BERT. Lol

  • Amy @ the tide that left

    That looks like icecream to me. I thought Sherbet (sherbert, surebet) was a powder?

    • Amy @ the tide that left

      Ah, just done a little research (Thanks, Google!) and discovered that Americans called sherbet what we call sorbet. In the UK, sherbet is a powder (a bit like sugar) for dipping your sweets in. Ask Sam about a sherbet dipdab

      • HA! The first time Sam handed me a candy and said it had sherbet in it, I was like “ok really?! but it hasn’t been refrigerated?” And was then sadly disappointed… x

  • I’m not sure the lemon-lime flavor is for me but I am ALL OVER the fizzzzzzz!

  • Is sherbert like ice cream? This is the girl that just discovered gelato (last year) that’s asking. Yes, I’m behind on the times.

    • Yep! It’s like ice cream / frozen yogurt/ gelato but it’s mostly fruit juice instead of dairy. Gelato is my language of love… x

  • Oh, it’s “Sure-bert” all the way! 🙂 I love lime sherbet–it reminds me of the punch that my mom and grandma make for baby and bridal showers. Soooo tasty!

    • Yes! It must be that same punch that all our mothers made that was my original inspiration! x

  • Well look at you- stepping into the cocktail recipes..! I like! Keep it up, please. 🙂

    • Thank you missy. I have a few cocktail recipes on the recipe tab but the are few and far between. Mostly because I always drink the same thing 🙂 x

  • This sounds so perfect for summer I am definitely pinning this recipe!

    • Hurray! Thanks lovely! It is a bit preemptive (since it’s clearly a summer drink) to blog about it now… it must be wishful thinking! x

  • What a fun take on a float! You should have named it the sure-Bert Lime Float 🙂

  • That would be amazing after a pool day! Pinning thanks for sharing!

  • Oh it’s definitely always been ‘sure-bert’ for me. And this looks amazing. I feel like it’d be nice after a dinner of Mexican food on a hot summer day. Totally doing it.