Generator Relaunch in Bloomsbury

On Thursday night, I was lucky enough to be invited to the relaunch party for Generator Hostel‘s flagship location in Bloomsbury. Needless to say, I was blown away. This was like no other hostel I’d every visited before. Plus with free canapes, drinks, a free photo booth and live music it was a pretty exciting do!
Located in Russell Square, you’re just a hop, skip and a jump away from Covent Garden, Regent’s Park and the British Museum. The building was originally a police section house and then in 1995 it was converted into a hostel. Lately it has been closed for refurbishment, and I have to say, it’s been well worth it! Stylistically it’s a mash-up of historical and cultural elements of London over the years, and each floor is named after a popular fiction English character (eg Alice in Wonderland and Dr Who). But there’s also a games room, a screening room, a lounge, a cafe, a bar and a DJ booth. Oh, and I forgot the piano.
When I first started looking around it made me feel that I had done my first traveling through Europe all wrong. This was certainly not like any hostel that I’d stayed in before. A trendy, boutique hotel, maybe. And then I was lured into absolute excitement by free drinks and the photobooth. (If you follow me on Instagram you may have already caught some of those snaps. But there were many more….) By the time I caught sight of the first waiter walking around with his tray of canapes I was ravenous. As was everyone else, apparently. Watching a group of people at an event descend on the waiter bearing the canapes can only be compared to watching a shark feeding. They were serving mini tacos though, and who doesn’t go crazy for mini tacos?!
generator hostel
 Yes, they have a replica routemaster bus inside the hostel.
generator relaunch party
 Bespoke cocktails for the event. A weirdly delicious blend of gin, elderflower and earl grey by Frank’s.
generator relaunch party
 The piano. Too pretty to touch. Until I did.
generator hostel relaunch
 The tiered screening room for watching films complete with drink rests. Now Sam wants one in our home.
generator hostel relaunch
Looking devilishly handsome. And not nearly hipster enough for this party.
generator hostel relaunch
 An art installation of my new beau.
generator hostel relaunch
 The beginnings of the DJs set.
generator hostel relaunch
The plethora of seating available.
generator hostel relaunch
 And what’s a good hostel without a bar?
generator hostel relaunch
 I did love watching the screen broadcasting live tweets of the event.
generator hostel relaunch
Having found the one quiet corner.
generator hostel relaunch

In the cafe room, there was a band. So you had your choice of band or DJ.


Do you know that episode of “New Girl” when Nick takes over the photobooth at the wedding? Well, we were those people. Except not as angry. And no one was crying. So basically it wasn’t the same at all except we also lived in a photobooth.
generator hostel relaunch

One of at least 4 different times we were in there.
Prices vary from £12.50 per person for a dorm room to £24.50 per person for a private room. And in my opinion it’s well worth the money! (And I’m not getting paid to say that.) Even more luckily, they are all over Europe now, not just in London. Including penthouse apartments in Barcelona. 
What’s you fondest memory of lodgings whilst traveling?

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  • Those pictures of you guys in the photo booth are adorable! This looks like such a fun hostel. We have one here in Iceland that they recently remodeled an old gymnasium and I love the funky feel. Now I will be much more picky when it comes to hostel choices when I am traveling.

    • I never realised there was such an awesome selection to choose from! Although that’s probably my own fault because if I am traveling staying in hostels, I usually just choose the cheapest one. Inside an old gymnasium sounds really cool! x

  • I have to say that I’ve never stayed in a hostel! Ram Lamm and I usually find such great deals on Priceline that we never tried one out, but this one looks pretty neat. It looks like a massive place! Were you able to sneak a peek at the rooms?

    • The whole thing is huge, beautiful and fabulous! We’d probably spring for the private room- lovely and still cheaper than a hotel if we were to stay here. We did that in Paris and it was really nice and economical! x

  • Ahhh I lived in a hostel and I can say it was nothing like that, but it did lead me to meeting my husband so I guess I should not complain but that place looks awesome!

    • Yea, I’ve definitely never stayed in one this nice before! Not even close. I did stay in a hostel in Amsterdam with the cheapest pints in the city, so that’s kind of a win, right? Meeting Mr H is a massive win for you! 🙂 xx

  • Holy cow, the bloggers I love and stalk, er, follow were there and I ran into NONE of you Poor planning on my part!

    • Ha, next time we’ll have to plan it better! What time were you there exactly? And how many little tacos did you consume in that time? xx

  • This was a hostel?! WHAT?! It looks like a club! Then again, I’ve never been to a hostel before. Those photobooth pictures are too precious. Seriously, I love them!

    • Hehe thank you. We have soooo many from that night, because a) they were free and b) I RARELY (never) print out hard copies of pictures so it’s nice to get them delivered to your hands instantly. I’ve stayed in hostels before and it was nothing as swank and cool as this which makes me feel like I’ve been doing it all wrong…. x

  • Wow, looks like a fun event to attend! It’s great that you got to go and how funny are those photo booth pics??

  • Amanda, this looks like so much fun! And I love your photobooth pics at the end 🙂

    • Thank you! (We took so many I’m surprised there was film left for anyone else!) Hope you had a great weekend! x

  • That looks like fun! On another note, I tried another one of your recipes (the chocolate chip and m&m cookies) and they were so good! Would you ever consider making a cook book? I would totally buy it. 🙂

  • i would stay here in a heartbeat!! this place looks too cool. also love these pics of you!

  • That looks like an awesome place!

  • Those are seriously the best set of photo booth pictures I’ve ever seen. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. That hostel is like a dream hostel!! How wicked..!! Free mini tacos- yes please!! And that drink sounds weird- yet, GOOD!

    • Hahaha I literally have five or so more sets of photo booth photos on the dresser right now from this night. They get progressively weirder. That’s the best way to describe the drink- weird but good. It was strange to be drinking alcoholic tea, but also delicious! x

  • Michele Smith Cravens

    Good morning. I love the photo booth pics, I can’t wait to meet Sam, I do get to meet him someday, right?
    My most memorable accommodations was the Heathmen Hotel in downtown Portland, OR. It is a very fancy, expensive hotel and the prices would normally be out of this girls price range, but we got a last minute deal. BTW: it is the same hotel from Fifty Shades of Grey.

    • Ha! Who would have guessed that the hotel would have risen to such kinky prominence one day! We are *potentially* planning a NM trip in the late summer depending on how work goes between now and then! xxx

  • There really are some fantastic hostels out there! I never seem to find them so I like when people write about them haha.

    • I have a hostel in Paris that does cheap private rooms that I’ve stayed at for about 2 weeks that i really like…otherwise, before finding out about Generator I’ve just stayed at some really bog standard ones! x

  • haha–sure looks like you guys had fun with that photobooth! And that definitely looks like a very nice place to stay for a hostel!

    • Ha, I am a sucker for free things and silliness- so it was the perfect activity for me. It’s so lovely! I’m really curious to see their hostels in other cities for myself now! x

  • It was fantastic – when I was younger *sigh* they would have been perfect!
    I’m still sad that we didn’t get to meet. Yet!

  • I’ll be honest, I’ve never ever stayed at a hostel. Somehow, in all my travels I’ve had a hotel. Call this good fortune orrr that I’ve completely missed out on a fun sub-culture of travelers. This place looks like a super fun spot for a weekend getaway, at 24 pounds for a private room, that’s too cheap not to consider.

    • I’ve stayed at some lovely hostels that really added to my trip and I’ve stayed at some abysmal ones. I guess that’s the risk. London prices are so expensive so the price alone sells me! The fact that it’s fabulous to boot is just an amazing perk! x

  • A very quirky looking place to visit! How unique 🙂 It looks very fun loving that’s for sure!
    Laura xo