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Ghost Bus Tour of London

So after a few amazing blogging dates with Lindsay from Random Acts of Drama she emailed me about a potential future date: a ghost bus tour. How could I not be excited? I love tours, tour buses and ghost tours. New readers might not know but I also gave ghost tours of Stratford-upon-Avon last summer. I was awesome at it. Trust me.
Also pretty much no one knows this outside of my family but I was obsessed with the Ghostbusters as a child. I had all the action figures. I even had ECTO-1 (the car).  Lindsay and I didn’t see any ghosts (or did we….) but we did learn some new and interesting trivia about London varying from the hilarious to the extremely grim. And the tours guides on the black double decker Routemaster bus aren’t your run-of-the-mill tour guides; they provide you with some on bus entertainment as well. Of course it’s cheesy and kitschy but that’s the fun of it. Although I wouldn’t recommend it for children under 10- not due to scare factor but because there is some adult content. What’s a tour of London without some prostitute talk and an explanation of disembowelment?
You get to see a lot of the tourist sites in Central London and a fair bit of trivia about a lot of the main monuments. My recommendation would be to sit on the top deck. Since most people prefer the top deck turn up at least 15 minutes early because you get to pick your seats according to the order you’ve checked in!
The Ghost Bus
tourist activities in London
tourist activities london
inside the ghost bus
 Yes, there were lamps and velvet drapery inside the bus. Faux-Victorian chic.
inside the ghost bus
There are monitors inside the bus live-streaming that night’s tour so that both decks can see the tour guide despite which level she is on.
big ben viewed from the bus
Famous sites viewed from the bus.
palace of westminster
Palace of Westminster aka Houses of Parliament.
cock lane
 You never get off the bus but when you reach Cock Lane (no joke) your tour guide disembarks.
tower bridge at night
Tower Bridge at night.
lindsay on the bus
 Lindsay clearly distraught that the tour was over.
me and the ghost bus
May I present you with…. the Ghost Bus!
Tickets cost £20 but they do offer discounted rates for students, children and senior citizens. Lindsay and I paid for our tickets and The Ghost Bus in no way sponsored this post. We did it of our own accord because we thought it would be a hilarious way to spend a Friday evening. And it was.
Have you ever gone on a “haunted” tour?





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  • I think I would be to scared to go on this but it sounds like a fun time and that bus looks like the one from Harry Potter so I would have to go just for that reason!

    • Ha, Lindsay and I both love Harry Potter so we definitely mentioned that it looked like that bus once or twice… It isn’t very scary, mostly just a really cheesy good time 😉 x

  • I planned to go on a haunted tour in Edinburgh but then decided not to. I wouldn’t have been able to walk back to the hotel in peace after visiting an Edinburgh graveyard in the dark with potential “ghosts” and “murderers” walking around to scare you when you don’t expect them to. But if I should ever visit Edinburgh with company then I totally go for it 😀

    • I can understand not wanting to go by yourself! When we lived in Stratford-upon-Avon the path to our flat was through a graveyard and sometimes I walked the long way round when I was by myself just because I would get the shivers! x

  • I have always wanted to do one of these tours – maybe when I finally get to go back to the UK/London, I can get a ticket!

    • It was really funny. (The kitschiest, tackiest kind of fun.) Make sure you do with a friend because if you go alone you’d have to hold a stranger’s hand at one point in time… x

  • I would love to do this! I did a walking ghost tour at the Rocks in Sydney. It was really fun and we got to help act some of it out. I think they are a great way to learn about the darker history of a place!

    • Exactly! Some of the things the tour guides say on this kind of trip are made to be eye roll inducing but it is a great way to learn some grim history! (Plus having given walking tours myself I know what to expect from the ratio of truth to fantasy.) x

  • Ummm yeah I would do this and be scared for ages. Also you should remind me to tell you about frozen man this summer!

  • Betsy

    I always feel like I’d enjoy tours like these but I’m such a wimp!! Looks like a good time though!

  • I love everything about this! What crazy cool sites you got to see too! There is a ghost tour in Victoria and I think one day, I will have to go on it. I’m weird about paranormal activity because I am so intrigued and interested in it..! I did go on a castle tour in Victoria and the place was known for strange behaviour but the tour does not really showcase the hauntings. It was later on, when I looked up the castle, that I read about all of the ghostly encounters. Kind of made the whole experience that much more spooky.

    • I’m really interested in it too. (Obviously) I think I saw a ghost once but I am also fully willing to admit that it was probably a trick of the eye. What kind of strange behaviour took place in the castle in Victoria? xx

      • The castle in Victoria.. hmm.. I’m trying to remember. Piano music is heard when no one is near the piano, a child was known to be seen in the basement, bad odors and the smell of candle wax present for no reason at all. The lady of the house spent a lot of time in her room and when there was a case with a top hat and cane placed in her room for viewing, the next morning the hat and cane were knocked over inside of the case. Joan Dunsmuir’s character would suggest that she didn’t like having anything that wasn’t hers in her room… Other more sensitive visitors of the castle have reported feeling pain and agony (from it being a hospital once I’m sure..) There was a meeting being held in one of the rooms. Everyone was clearing out and one woman asked if the man in the top hat was going to join them.. Everyone looked where the woman was referring to and all they saw was an empty chair. Sppooooky. (I have this Ghost Stories of British Columbia on my book shelf and quickly looked through it, so I could be accurate with my stories..!)
        The husband Robert Dunsmuir was building this gorgeous castle and actually died while it was being built so he never had the chance to even live there. How sad.
        It’s the Craigdarroch Castle. It was once a boarding school for boys, then it was a hospital (where many people died…) and now it is being restored and viewed as a museum. People just volunteer there and you give yourself the tour, which I liked..
        Subject: Re: New comment posted on Rhyme & Ribbons: Ghost Bus Tour of London

        • That sounds absolutely crazy! i love it! I definitely want to add that to my Canadian bucket list! (Also it kind of reminds me of “The ghost and Mr. Chicken” if you’ve ever seen that really cheesy old film…) x

  • Was it scary at all? I want to do this! But, I want to get scared. Also, I want to be there with you!

    • It wasn’t scary. There were some facts that I thought “that’s disgusting” but there wasn’t anything to make you jump or terrify you in the slightest. But we could do it anyways and still have fun 😉 x

  • We did one of these in Dublin in October, it was cheesy but fun!

  • Ah ever since you mentioned this I really want to go! Sometime.

  • This looks so spooky and down right cool!! I have been on a very freaky ghost tour when Ty and I visited Tasmania. We visited Port Arthur which housed many convicted criminals and convicts back in our early history! The old buildings and tales we were told seriously freaked me out but it was so exciting!!

    • This is how I feel about “haunted” places. That they are spooky and cool and I enjoy being freaked out *a little bit* xx

  • This looks like so much fun! I recently did a ghost tour in Charleston, SC and had a great time. What a unique touring experience. A great alternative to the tradition red bus tour!

    • You get to see a lot of the same sites that you’d see on the red bus tours (which I did when my mom come over to visit) but with much grimmer stories. I did a ghost tour in Savannah, GA once, so I imagine the Charleston one is similar. (I do really, really love Charleston!) xx

  • COOL! I desperately want to do SOMETHING haunted, I think it would be so neat!

    • i love going to haunted places. I don’t necessarily believe it but it’s fun and I like feeling spooked! x

  • That looks like so much fun. I really want to do that when I travel to London sometime. I went on a ghost walking tour in Fedricksburg, VA on Halloween maybe 7 years ago. It was so much fun!

    • I’ve done a regular walking ghost tour of London and that one was a bit more “spooky” and less cheesy hilariousness than the ghost bus. I bet the Fedricksburg tour was Civil War ghost stories galore! x

  • this sounds like fun! I’ve visited a lot of towns in the US that offer ghost tours [Philly, Charleston,etc] but have never gone. I was always too chicken as a little kid!

    • I’ve done one in Savannah that was lots of fun! I think it also really depends on who’s with you as well. Them being up for it too makes a huge difference in how much you’ll enjoy it! x

  • this looks like a blast! we have walking ghost tours at night here in ely and i cant wait to try one out!

    • It’s so much fun to go on this kind of thing- but the tour guide can really make or break the experience for you (in my opinion!) x

  • omg, this looks so cool.

  • Saud Saad

    Ghost bus tour London is on of the most superb tour through the bus because i also have much experience before the bus from raleigh to nyc must visit this site hope very helpful for you…

  • Alanna Wilson

    I went on a Haunted Walk in Ottawa, Canada and it was so fun! We walked through the city and got to tour through this old haunted jail. I’m trying to decide whether to go on this London Ghost Bus Tour around Christmas time as my other half loves spooky things. So much to see and do in London, it’s hard to decide!

    • It kind of feels like the Knight Bus as well when you’re on it! It’s more silly than genuinely spooky, but it was definitely a fun night out if you can get into the spirit of things! xx

  • Kim

    I went on the Ghost Bus tour recently and loved it! Yes it’s cheesy but so much fun and we learned a lot.