Life Lately by Numbers

london picnics

I’m not sponsored by Diet Coke…but I wish I was.


628 :: pages that we’ve read in “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” since getting it out of the library last Tuesday. Methinks Sam will be done with the series soon which means a trip to the studios soon for me! 
47 ::  people waiting for Andrew Scott at the stage door after the Saturday matinee performance of “Birdland” at the Royal Court. (Message me and I’ll give you my review of the play.)
12 :: diet cokes drunk in 4 days.
10 :: times that I stared longingly at the jar of Nutella in the cupboard of the past week. (Sunday can’t come sooner!)
7 :: puppies coveted by me at the Columbia Road Flower Market on Sunday. 

adorable puppy

Like this guy. 
3 :: evenings that Sam and I had together because the show wasn’t on! And also the number of meals we had outside this weekend.
2 :: poems accepted to the online poetry magazine Cadaverine. 
1 :: audition this week. 
6 :: minutes in said audition. 
5 :: hours spent reading the “Infernal Devices” series over the past few days. I’m halfway through the second book and I am hooked. 
0 :: times was winter missed this week!

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  • 2 – Times I’ve broken my wedding diet no sweets rule to eat Nutella – once with my finger another time on a banana. You’re a brave woman, I’m rooting for you all the way to Sunday!

    • Haha, it’s certainly been a long Lenten season this year! Although I am pretty impressed by your wedding dieting skills! x

  • Congratulations on getting poems accepted for publication. How exciting!

  • I LOVE this! So adorable! I can’t wait until my boys can read! Right now I read to them and they point out pictures but they are willing to sit like that for hours with me! Love those moments!

    • Awwww that’s so sweet! One of the boys I nanny for has me read the same books over and over so many times that he recites them from memory as I read them aloud and it always melts my heart! x

  • Such an adorable picture of you! I can’t wait until we can eat outside.

    • Haha thank you so much! It’s been so nice to have such great sun lately! The weather looks like its taking a rainy turn again for Easter, but what can you do! x

  • Way to go keeping away from the nutella! You should have a nutella feast on Sunday 🙂

    • There’s going to be so much eating spoonfuls straight from the jar that I probably won’t want Easter dinner 🙂 x

  • You’re not sponsored haha! You should ask them for sure!

    • Could you imagine? A dream come true! Also it would save me so much money if I had a free supply of Diet Coke…. x

  • Awww, pupppppy!
    It looks so nice and sunny. It’s been freezing here this week!

    • The weather has been so lovely the past few days. I think it’s supposed to be a rain/cold Easter so I’ve been trying to make the most of it! x

  • Yes yes yes to the Infernal Devices book such an amazing trilogy and I will forewarn you do not read the end of the last book in public if you tend to cry over books. I was a heaving sobbing mess

  • I haven’t been missing winter either, and somehow I doubt I ever will. 🙂

  • Yay for Harry Potter! I think I may reread the series this summer, and I’m trying hard to get Iz to read it!

    • I’ve read it countless times now. This one is reading of it was fully to pressure Sam into reading it FOR THE FIRST TIME. How?! I don’t really understand how it could have taken him so many years to have any interest at all, but now he’s into it and even has favourite characters, predications, etc 🙂 x

  • Oh my gosh, that dog looks just like mine!

    • That’s because I secretly stalk you 😉 But no really, tell me everything about this kind of dog. Trainability? Exercise habits? Lovability? (Duh, that last one is obvious- all the love!!!!!) x

      • Ours is a Cocker Spaniel – Poodle mix, so a “designer dog” by most accounts, even though he’s from the shelter. Unfortunately, he has a bit of a royalty complex and thinks he’s too good for the rest of us. He sleeps only on the finest, softest fabrics (all day long, usually on the edge of the couch as he stares out the window), eats only when and what he wants to, and prefers loving attention on his own terms (think cat). He is great about purposefully ignoring my wishes, too. But it’s completely funny and lovely in its own way. Extra credit for him because he doesn’t shed and loves green beans.

        • Everything about this warms my heart and the fact that yours is essentially a prince and also likes green beans caused me to grin like a crazy person! x

  • That dog is so adorable! He looks like a poodle. Do you know what he was?? Also, I can’t wait for Sam to finish these books. Are you staring him down silently willing him to read faster? I would be!

    • A cocker-spaniel poodle mix. So precious, right?! Someone is Sam’s cast has a “schnoodle” (schnauzer poodle) that I really want to dog-sit! Actually, we’ve been reading all the books out loud to each other #actorproblems x

  • I had not heard of the “Infernal Devices” series…looks interesting! Will have to add it to my list. I want to go to the Harry Potter studio! Congrats on your poems being accepted!

    • It’s the prequel series to the “Mortal Instruments” series (City of Bones, etc). I didn’t really like the Mortal Instruments series, but the “Infernal Devices” is everything it was not! And thank you so much! x

  • oooh how was the audition? and I will eat that nutella for you 🙂

    • Ha, very short. I’m not quite sure what they thought about by reading, but they complimented my bangs. So you win some, you lose some. 🙂 x

  • 1) steal that puppy for me please. 2) I hope that the audience went well!!

  • love this idea for a post! good luck on your audition results!

  • April, Momoffour

    Sounds great, and I totally agree with not missing winter. Winter has returned to us this week with a vengeance. Boo, winter. Go away.

    • We’ve been lucky here so far, but by the looks of it, we are going to have a cold, soggy Easter. x

  • *sigh* I love me some HP!

  • Eep! Can’t wait for you to go to HP land – I bet you’ll go craaaazy it’s so great!

  • Haha love your last one! Goodbye winter! I’m such a HP fan – hope you are enjoying the book! It certainly sounds like you are 🙂 I would love to see the studio and the HP movie sets! How incredibly awesome would that be?!

    • Haha, I’ve read them multiple times, but it’s really exciting to be there whilst Sam experiences it for the first time (as cheesy as that sounds) 😉 x

  • “0 :: times was winter missed this week!”

    Hahaha! All the feels.

  • Um, did you give up Nutella for Lent?? I would probably know this already if I were better about my blog reading. :/ Haha. And congrats on the poetry publication!

    • Ha, no worries! I did give up Nutella for Lent. My favourite of all snacks. Giving up all fastfood last year was easier than this. x

  • I love the look of that picnic you had going on. I like the idea of this post.. your life in numbers. I imagine auditions are usually pretty short.. How long does it usually take to hear back from an audition?

    • Hmm.. it depends on the type of audition- anywhere from a few days to a month or two. With the job Sam is at right now, he auditioned and then didn’t hear for two months- to find out that he got it. Ha, oh the complications! x

  • What an awesome week! An audition, poems accepted, meals al fresco… sounds wonderful!

  • I covet puppies every time I go for walks anywhere! It’s definitely been a beauty of a week, but it’s already getting cold again, boooo.

  • This is a rather epic blog post, on so many levels!

  • So much love for Infernal Devices. Can’t wait to hear what you think after you finish the third! I feel like we should have some kind of YA Fiction book club going in London or something so we can geek out in a safe place…over wine and chocolate, obvi. And I am super pumped about you having poems published. I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone to have poetry published, I just think it’s SO COOL. My 14 year old self is tres jealous. I have loads of notebooks with angsty teen poetry. xx

    • Hahaha thanks pretty lady! I’m pretty jealous of your America trip at the moment though! We seriously do need to start a YA appreciation club. I’m in the 3rd where Benedict just turned into a worm demon *greatest fears revisited* shudder! x

      • Oh no I forgot about that! Yeah….they revisit that bit in detail. Ick. x

  • Hope you had some Nutella yesterday!! 😉

  • I think this was one of the most adorable posts ever! I hope the audition went well, and I can’t wait to hear about your (hopefully soon) travels to the HP studio!!