Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my 26th birthday, and I have to say it: My birthday is one of my favorite holidays. Selfish? Definitely. Oh well. I really love my birthday. Is that weird? Am I too old to like my birthday so much?
So today’s post is dedicated to all those birthdays past. (The ones I have pictures on hand for anyway.) And if you were a reader around this time last you, you’ll know that Sam and I were in a very awful long-distance relationship and celebrated over Skype. Yep, he threw me a Skype party.
I have to admit that my life doesn’t remotely resemble what I thought my life was going to look like at 26. As a kid, 26 is so thoroughly grown-up. I’m not famous, or sucessful. I don’t have any money in my savings account. (Or my checking) I’ll be 50 before I pay off my student loans, home ownership a pipe dream. I’m not as widely traveled, fabulously dressed, or (it pains me to admit it) as smart as I envisioned myself being.
I have a BA and an MA.  I have a partner in my life that I love unwaveringly. I’ve been paid to act. I’ve been paid for my poetry. I get to live in a country that I am not a citizen of.  I write this blog and people actually read it.
I’ve always been an idealist and a dreamer. At my best I can be inspired, highly creative, and sensitive; at my worst, melancholy, contemptful and self-indlugent. So here’s to 26 bringing out more of the positive spectrum of my personality.
Age 4:
personal birthdays
The “I get to eat frosting flowers” face of excitement.

Age 5:

personal childhood birthdays
My love of the Wizard of Oz knew no bounds. It was the perfect cake. Look at that expression of pure cake joy.
Age 8:
Ha! I can’t believe someone gave me $20 in ones. It’s like they wanted me to grow up and me a stripper. Look at how rich I thought I was! (And how nonplussed my mom was.)
childhood birthdays personal
Another snap of the same birthday. I just wanted to show you all my piggy-cake face.
Now let’s fast forward 11 years. (Because I can’t be bothered to dig for those photos.)
Age 19:
With my best friend ever G, outside the Denver Art Museum. It was apparently not a photogenic birthday.
Age 21:
Snaffling some Oreo Ice Cream Cake in my Atlanta apartment
Age 22:
Birthday sass. (And the time I mistakenly thought boyfriend jeans could be flattering. )
Age 23:
Two of my lovely girlfriends making me a birthday picnic in Atlanta.
Age 24:
My beautiful former flatmate, A, and I with the giggles.

Here’s to many more birthdays with people just as amazing as the these!

And I have a lovely blog sponsor like Allison!


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  • Happy Birthday gorgeous!! Have an amazing one !! x

  • Happy Birthday! Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Grattis på födelsedag! Gratulerer med dagen! 🙂 now it’s up to you to figure out the languages, consider it a birthday gift 😉

    • Happy birthday- English. 2. Herzlichen Glückwunsch- German 3. Grattis på födelsedag- Swedish. 4. Gratulerer med dagen- Norewegian. How’d I do?! (I loved this- it was like a language scavenger hunt! 🙂 )

  • Happy birthday my pretty birthday twin! Hope your day is wonderful!

  • Woohoo! Happy Birthday dear! Cheers to 26 bringing out your positive spectrum. 😉

    (You were serious about that ‘bangs since you were 4’ comment – adorable!)

  • Happy happy birthday to you! Also I am slightly jealous of that Wizard of Oz cake!

  • I love the birthday round up! Isn’t it funny how as you get older, the age you expect to get things accomplished gets pushed back? haha

    • Hahaha soooooooo true! Well, I’ve got till 30 now, right? Or is 35 the new 30? 😉 Thank you! xx

  • The Starving Inspired

    Happy birthday!

    Country Girl’s Daybook: Jesus, Photography, Fashion, & Food

  • Birthdays are the best holiday of all! My boyfriend thinks its weird that I always book a day off on my birthday but its essential not to work and celebrate your day!!! Happy birthday to you 🙂

    Happy birthday! I hope you throw yourself a fabulous day and do all of your favorite things!

  • Postcards from Rachel

    Happy birthday! Absolutely love all of your photos throughout the years. 🙂 Fun!

  • Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday, Amanda!

    I, too, was OBSESSED with The Wizard of Oz. Maybe still am a bit. Haha

    • Hurray Wizard of Oz lovers! (Maybe I have the original soundtrack on my ipod…who can say….) xx

  • Love your face in the money pic! Happy happy birthday and no it’s not weird nor are you too old to like your birthday so much!

    • Hahaha thank you! I love that $20 (in ones) was the most money I could possibly imagine at that age. (Although I know for a fact that I didn’t spend that money on anything fun and that my mom made me deposit it into my savings account the next day for my “college fund”). Hurray responsible parenting! xx

  • Such cute photos!! Happy Birthday 🙂

    xx Sarah | Loser Girl Wins

  • Happy Birthday!!

  • Happy birthday Amanda! I don’t think it’s weird to love your birthday, it’s your day after all! 🙂
    I feel the same way, I thought I’d have it all figured out by now haha but can’t complain since life is pretty good! Thanks for sharing your photos with us, it’s a cool throw back! That picture of you with the dollar bills is hilarious! I mean that’s a whole lot of candy you could buy at the time with just 1$ 😉

    • Haha right?! I must have felt like Bill Gates, if I knew who Bill Gates was… But I actually remember my mom marching me to the bank to deposit my birthday money (every year) in my savings account for college. In retrospect, I’m glad- but at the time I just wanted to go to Toys ‘R’ Us. And thank you! xx

  • I personally think you’ve done amazingly for 26; living on a far side of the world, pursuing your dreams & loving life. Not everyone can say that, locked into 9am-8pm jobs they hate & can’t escape.

    • Thank you so much Emma! You’re far too kind! If I worked those hours, I’d have to give up my dreams of acting professionally, but I would have the funds for more travel! (You win some, you lose some!) xx

  • Happy birthday!!! Remember when $20 in ones seemed like a lot of money?

    • YES! Or the $5 that grandparents put in cards? It was like being Bill Gates. I miss those days…. xx

  • hope you’ve had the most wonderful day! these are lovely pictures and oh my that wizard of oz cake! xx

    • Haha, I was a bit Wizard of Oz obsessed… my mom is a great seamstress and she even made me a Dorothy costume that I essentially lived in! Thank you so much- I’ve had a lovely day! xx

  • A bit belated but, Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a great day 🙂 I loved seeing the cute photos of you at past birthdays!

  • Coffee Beans High Heels

    happy birthday! may all your wishes come true! and have to you were the cutest!

  • Becky Mattox

    Happy Birthday Amanda!! 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating! Loved all the throwback birthday pictures 🙂

  • Happy birthday lady!! Hope it was lovely 🙂

  • happy birthday! what a fun way to look back on the years 🙂 hope you have a great day!

  • Happy Birthday! I love the photos that you shared from past birthdays 🙂 Enjoy the day!

  • Happy birthday lovely! Lucky you to be of the few who can actually pull off both blonde and brunette hair! xx

    • Haha my poor hair has been coloured every colour that hair can possibly be! I’m surprised I still have any left on my head! (But thank you very much!!) xx

  • Happy Birthday!! 🙂

  • Happy Birthday! I loved looking through you pictures.

    ♥Emma, from It’s Emma Elise

  • Happy Birthday (a day late)…I was a day late and a day early, so that evens out right 🙂 Hope you had a fantastic day. It was fun to get to see your old pictures…you looked like you had some very happy birthdays.

    • Haha I was (and am) just a kid who enjoys and excuse to stuff myself on my favourite foods and cake. It definitely evens out- I think you even win, really! xx

  • The Wizard of Oz figurines!! I had those!!!! They brought back serious memories. I specifically remember the two witches and scarecrow… Where the heck did we get those I wonder!?! I love remembering specific toys that I’ve completely forgotten about.
    I love your cake faces.. I see a bit of the greedy little gremlin surfacing…
    I love that you were bleached blonde for your late teens early twenties. It’s awesome. I was bleached blonde when I was 18.. I looked so different.
    I hope you had a great b’day and celebrated properly in person with Sam 😉 Umm…. I didn’t know you were 25 now 26! I will say that you look young, but you seem quite mature for your age..!

    • Everyone has to go through a blonde phase, right?! I’m trying to think where I got those figurines from but I have no idea- I had them for YEARS though! Maybe that’s the secret to Sam and I: he’s in his early thirties but acts younger whereas I’m in my mid-twenties and act older 😉 x

  • Hurray! Birthday twins! I hope you had a great one! xx

  • Sorry I’m late, but JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE!!!!!!!!!

    • Thank you so much! I hope everything’s looking a bit brighter for you. I’ve been sending good thoughts towards your mom xx

  • I’m just now catching up on your posts and I have to say LOVE THIS! My birthday is my favourite too. I just think any birthdays are fun and I get sad and confused when people don’t want to celebrate. People need to stop focusing on what the number is and focus on all the awesome things happening around them. Which is why I super love this post! xx

    • My mom doesn’t really like birthdays (not to do with age, she just doesn’t get crazy excited for holidays in general). So maybe I have always been over compensating for her lack of enthusiasm? Hmm… Maybe this is something I should work out in therapy. Or drama school. Hehehe 😉 xx

      • Cause we all know drama school is best to use in place of therapy, ha x