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Harry Potter Studios Tour London (Part 1)

Well guys, that epic day is finally here. Where Sam and I’s journey through the world of Harry Potter together has finally ended. After reading the books aloud to each other and watching all the films, a trip to the Harry Potter Studios was the cherry on top. 

The trip was so epic, and I loved it so much that I’m going to have to split it into two different posts. Sorry about that! I just have so much that I want to share from it! I had a grin from ear to ear all day long, my face hurt from smiling. Needless to say: I loved it! We took over 300 photos and after deleting all the crap ones, I was still left with way too many. 

                 Harry Potter Studios Tour

harry potter studio tour

Harry’s first Hogwarts letter. I’m still waiting for mine

First thing first, you have to book tickets in advance. You can’t show up and get them at the door. However, the website is very user friendly and all the staff once you are inside are absolutely lovely. The nicest. Seriously, some of the best customer service I’ve received in the UK.  I’d also really recommend purchasing the audio guide (thanks for the suggestion Lindsay!). It taught me so much more about the making of Harry Potter than I would have gotten just going through the sets myself. 

The tour says that it takes approximately 3 hours to complete, but honestly, I think it’d be nearly impossible to see everything in that time. You’d end up missing out on quite a bit that way. I recommend allotting at least 4 hours. (More of you get sucked in to the black hole that is the gift shop!) You also need to turn up about 15-20 minutes before your booked tour time because you need to queue up to be allowed in. But whilst you wait in the line you get to examine the infamous “Cupboard under the stairs”. 

Since these are the actual costumes and sets used in the film, you’re not really allowed to touch anything but there are ample opportunities for photos! Even knowing what I was going to see there were still some surprises! (Even in the presentation of the tour so I’ll let some of the mystery and magic remain for your visit.)

slytherin robes
Just some pre-queing giftshop browsing to get into the spirit of things!
harry potter studio tour
 Doors leading to the Great Hall.
harry potter studio tour
 The Great Hall of Hogwarts
harry potter studio tour
My enthusiasm at finally being here!


harry potter studio tour
 The Gryffindor Boys Dormitory. (That’s Neville’s bed.)
harry potter studio tour
How many famous props can you spot on this table?
harry potter studio tour
 Dumbledore’s Office.
harry potter studio tour
harry potter studio tour
harry potter studio tour
 Potions Class time!
harry potter studio tour
 Harry’s invisibility cloak. The inside is that green material because it’s used as a green-screen to create all the cloak’s effects.
gryffindor common room
Wishing I was part of the Gryffindor Common Room.
harry potter studio tour
Dolores Umbridge’s office at the Ministry of Magic.
harry potter studio tour
 Some very excitable green-screen broom riding!
harry potter studio tour

 Outside Hagrid’s hut.

harry potter studio tours

Magic is might, people. Magic is might.

harry potter studios tour

Gazing at the Ministry in wonder.

I hope you’re excited for Part 2 next week, where I explore the outside set and second studio.
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  • I’m definitely excited for part 2! I would love to visit the studios and I guess, if I ever visit London, they will be my very first stop 😉 I also didn’t know that you can even see the Ministry and Hagrid’s hut there. Have never seen pictures of those in other reviews so thanks for sharing yours!

    • I seriously went picture crazy! It was such an amazingly good time! In fact, I’m fairly shocked that other blog posts I’ve read about it limited their pictures so easily into one post. (Or maybe I just geeked out about it a bit too much!) x

  • How fun!!! I was so tempted to go do the studio tour while I was in London, but I didn’t have enough time. We do have a “Harry Potter World” section at Islands of Adventure in Florida, but this is so much cooler because it’s the actual set! (Although I do totally recommend HPW in Orlando. Butter beer galore!)

    • I’m also very excited to go to the one in Florida (One Day. Hopefully.) Just for all the rides. Well….and for the shops in Hogsmeade 🙂 xx

  • This is amazing! We were hoping to go to Harry Potter studios when we are in London this July but won’t have enough time ;( I am living through your photos for now, this looks like the best day ever!

    • Oh no! Bummer! It’s difficult because it is so far out of London! It takes about an hour to get from Central London to the studios so I understand how hard it’d be to squeeze it in on a quick trip! x

  • Wow!!! I didn’t know it was the same set they used in the movie… that makes it even cooler. I think I’d explode from all of the amazing.

    • All the sets, props and costumes were actually used in the films. It’s absolutely incredible! x

  • msmelaniemarie

    Ahhhh so glad you went! It was literally the most magical day of my life when I went there – definitely took more than the three hours, and there really is no other way than the audio guide. That moment when you enter the Great Hall…. magic. Also, I’m convinced my letter got lost somewhere in that pile… I’m sure if you were to rummage through them, one would have my name on it. :p

    I hope Sam had as good a time now that he’s a proper Potter fan. And GO SLYTHERIN!

    Melanie xx

    • Right?! It IS magical! I felt so cheesy saying that, and I think that I had more fun than 99% of the children that were there but… it doesn’t matter…I was too excited to be embarrassed! When the movie screen rolled up to reveal the Great Hall doors…………priceless! When you are back in London we will have to go again together. xx

      • msmelaniemarie

        Yes, please!! xx

  • WOW…you guys seem to have had a blast! I would love to do this! How neat is it to get to be on set.

    • It was really cool! I also loved looking at the costumes and seeing which famous actor was taller than me and which one was shorter 😉 x

  • I’m SO excited to read this! As a fellow HP fan, going to the Studios a few years back was the highlight of my entire three-week trip. Seriously. There was so much to see, and I really, really think I need to go back!! (I think they need to do cloaks for this tour, too, like at Hampton Court Palace!)

    • Totally agree! I almost teared up just because I was SO excited! I agree, cloaks should be provided for tours. But then I suppose less people would buy them in the gift shop! x

  • Devon Quinn

    That must have been so much fun! p.s. love that outfit!!

  • I went here right around when it opened! I say this risking hate-shame from many, but I went having not seen the movies/read the books – I know .. HOW is that possible? But even knowing so little, I had such a great time – it really is a great attraction for anyone. And I’ll also add that the two days following, we watched ALL eight movies right in a row!

    • I’m super impressed that you went not having seen the movies/read the books! But it’s a sign of a great exhibit that you enjoyed it anyways! x

  • This is so awesome!! I must add this to my bucket list! 😀

  • amitygardens

    I loved that place so much. I want to go back again. It was amazing.

    • Part of me wishes I lived there. And by part, I mean all. Sleep in the gryffindor dormitory, survive on butterbeer, dress in the costumes. Bam! x

  • this is SO awesome. i love that they saved the sets for people to be able to enjoy touring them. really cool.

  • So jealous. This looks totally amazing. Love Harry Potter 🙂

    xx Sarah | Loser Girl Wins

  • Ahhhh… I did the Harry Potter studio tour earlier this year and loved it!! Amazing!!
    Claire x | somewhere… beyond the sea

    • I’m very glad you enjoyed it and don’t think I’m silly for loving it as much as I did! xx

  • Hahaha thank you! It’s so amazing, right?! I couldn’t resist 😉 I was so surprised how many people wanted Hufflepuff things! x

  • Ha, I really did have an amazing time! I recommend it highly! x

  • Fantastic pictures… I had such a great time at the Harry Potter Studios last year, but I didn’t know there was an audio tour… I shall have to go back and do it again!

    • Do! And apparently they switch the objects up so there’s a chance that you’ll see different things to what you saw the first time! x

  • Olivia

    gaah this looks amazing. wish i was there!

  • Becky Mattox

    Thanks for sharing all the pictures!! Adding it to my London bucket list 🙂 I’m glad you guys had a great time!!

  • This post is great! and glad to see the most of it since you’ll do more than one post on it 🙂
    You look so excited in the pictures!! I can understand, I’d be the same! I’m sad I didn’t get to do it when I was in the UK, but it’s definitely on my list for when I move back 😀

    • I’m glad you think it’s not overkill! There’s just so many exciting things to share! And apparently they rotate the things they show, so what you see when you get a chance might be completely different from what I’ve seen! x

      • Are you serious? Wow that is so cool! So you could go twice and still be surprised?! They’re going to get all my money! Thanks for sharing! I can’t wait for part 2!

  • Wow, they definitely do change stuff frequently! There’s a few things in these photos that are different from when I last visited. The second time…haha. I’ve already talked about going with another friend in August for my third time and her first. It just can’t be helped. I love this stuff. x

    • That’s so amazing! What was there for you that I didn’t get to see? Anything too spectacular? xx

      • Not that I can think of right now, I’d have to consult my pictures. But I know I didn’t see the same props you did! Those must be fairly easy for them to keep on rotation, as I’m sure they have looooads of them! xx

  • Gemma

    Ah, great post and thanks for all the tips. I live in the UK too and this has been on my list for a while! I might have to re-read a little HP before I go to get into the spirit! Were the audio guides expensive?


    • The audio guides were an extra £4.95 (available in multiple languages) but they were awesome! Definitely worth the money! Tom Felton (Malfoy) narrated them 🙂 x

  • That’s Bellatrix’s wand, isn’t it?? Be careful with handling it. I soooooooooooooove this!! But it could be reaaaaaally awesome if the statues have faces! right?? Well this is probably first on my bucket list now. Hopefully sooooooooooooon! Apologies for the loooooooong words, I just got excited. 😉

    PS. Could you also access the Ravenclaw common room? cause that’s my house. 😉

    • It is Bellatrix’s wand! It’s so different from all the other ones! The ravenclaw common room wasn’t there, but since they rotate things they show maybe it’ll be there when you visit! I did see the diadem though! x

  • Great photos! I took my parents there last year & might have to go back again !! x

  • I so envy you! This is on my to-do list along with The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando.

    • The Wizarding World in Orlando is still on my list as well! 🙂 I hope you get to go soon! x

  • Yes I’m excited to see the rest! I can’t wait to go.

  • Reading this just makes me want to go back again!! So amazing!! Also, on a Harry Potter note, I read something the other day where someone had changed the word ‘wand’ to ‘willy’ in some paragraphs of the books. SO FUNNY.

    • HA! (That sounds like a joke Sam would make when we were reading them…. scratch that… I think he made that joke…) x

  • I am SO jealous! I’ve been dying to go to that tour (and to Harry Potter land in Florida!). I love that you read the books together and watched the movies before going.

    • I really want to go to the one in Orlando now. It’ll be like the last HP themed adventure I have left. xx

  • Omg !!!!!!! I’m suuuuuuper pumped about this. I think I would be the exact same as you; all goofy grins. I would absolutely love every moment of this tour; all four hours of it! How exciting and so hard NOT touching everything in sight! So looking forward to part II!

    • I was in an absolute state of heaven! Hahah I was so fascinated and thrilled by it all! I could have spent more than 4 hours there honestly! xx

  • This would be all of my dreams coming true!!! I’ve been harassing my husband to take me to the theme park in Orlando, but this needs to be added to the list.

    • Orlando is the last thing I have left on my Potter list. Hopefully one day! And hopefully you can come to london for this! xx

  • Super jealous! Wish I could go back to England and visit!

  • This looks amazing! If only I could just use a portkey or the floo network or a broom to get there now, I would!

  • i’ll be forever enormously jealous, but also a little bit excited for you as you seem to have had such a great visit! cannot believe i haven’t been there yet! xx

    • Next time you have a trip down to London you’ll have to budget in a day to do this! (And by that I mean plan everything else in your trip around it 😉 ) xx

      • i’ll definitely try and do that, hehe! 🙂 xx

  • Oh My! J and I need to go there. We’ve been talking about making a trip to the UK eventually and an HP tour would be the first thing on our itinerary.

  • STOP! This is my dream!!!!!! I need to aparate to this place right now. Or maybe I’ll just settle for watching a Harry Potter movie tonight because now I can’t get HP off my mind. It looks like you had an epic visit! I seriously can’t wait for the day when I get to cross this off my bucket list.

    • I was in heaven! Seriously!I can’t remember a tourist attraction making me this happy since Disney World as a kid! x

  • Mar

    I am so jealous! Harry Potter World is on my bucket list.

  • Emily Finta

    Like everyone else said, I’m super jealous! I need to go to London now! Haha

  • I’m 26. Surely my letter just got lost in the mail 15 years ago. 🙁

  • Alanna Wilson

    I love, love, loved the Harry Potter Studio Tour! I never saw the invisibility cloak though, darn I guess I will have to go back :p. My man kept joking that really I was coming to England for the tour (not him). While that’s not true, it was the best bonus ever. England is wonderful but this was my favourite thing that we did, closely followed by a magical night exploring London via the Tube. Great photos! (I also took about 200 too many haha).

    • Apparently they rotate the things on display so that means you got to see things that I didn’t. Hmm… I wonder what I missed! I loved it so much that I would definitely go back again! x