Let’s Meet New People Through Blogging

I talk about my blogging “friends” in the same sort of way that I talk about my real friends. All my readers could be catfishing me and I’d never know. When I met Lindsay from Smells Like Sunshine in person for the first time, I thought there was every chance that she might be a murderer. (I’m kidding guys, Lindsay is lovely and I wish you all could meet her.) Every once in awhile you are introduced to a blogger that you wish you knew in real life, besides just over the internet. Allison at AllisonLeighann is one of those ladies for me. Besides our shared love for all things Harry Potter, we also share a love for books, tattoos and similar taste in clothing.
In hopes that you all will get to know (and love) her as well, please take a read of this little Q&A session that we did together, as she is this month’s featured sponsor! And if you make it to the end of this Q&A session, you might see a photograph of one of the world’s best costumes….
q&a post


(How can you not love this lady already?)
1. What motivated you to start blogging?
I just sat down one day and realized that I read so many that it was time to start my own! I also wanted somewhere to keep my memories aside from a handwritten journal that I could lose.
2. What inspires you personally? 
People who go after what they want. Optimistic people. Kind people. Carly from CollegePrepster is a good example.
3. What’s your favorite song at the moment? 
OMG. That is so difficult to say. Either Slow Down Baby by Christina Aguilera or Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood
4. Personally, I love your tattoos. Do you have any more planned for the immediate future?
Well, I have six. One day I’ll update the tattoo page on my blog, but that’ll be awhile. However, I want to eventually fill my back with windblown flowers and quotes that I love. It’ll take a good bit though because I’ve got to have the money first!
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5. You’re a really avid reader. What’s the one book you could read over and over again?
This is disregarding Harry Potter, haha.
For a series – The Morganville Vampires. They’re super easy to read and I’m normally not a huge vampire book fan, but I just LOVE them. Claire is my hero and Myrnin really needs to make his move before Shane asks her to marry him. But that rant is for another day. Haha.
For a stand alone book – The Thirteenth Tale. This one is a bit more difficult to get through. You have to soak in so much information that you can’t just fly through. It starts a little slow, but I LOVE it. So much.
My absolute favorite book – Looking for Alaska. Everyone above the age of 13 should read it.
Sorry. I know that was one question that I just made into three. I REALLY love reading!



6. Now that your junior year is winding down what are you most excited about for next year?
Being done! No, but seriously. I’m excited about grad school prospects, getting closer to the “real world” and the option of traveling. But I’m also terrified of all these things so I don’t know if they count.
7. What’s the one thing that really surprised you about blogging?
The beautiful network of kind people. I happened upon a blogging network a few months ago that has truly changed my life. These girls have helped me with blogging, my honors project, and have encouraged me when I thought I was going to fail out of classes. I love it. And I love them.
8.Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
      Hopefully done with grad school in Stirling and living in NYC for a year or two. Preferably with an editing job for a publishing company or magazine.
9. What’s your all time favorite moment in Harry Potter?
        For the books – The Snape flashback. I love Snape. He and Draco are my favorite characters and it’s heartbreaking and yet beautiful to see what’s really going on in his head and life.
For the movies – The scene they threw in for all of us Harry/Hermione shippers. I always wanted them to end up together (and apparently JKR did too once all was said and done), and the scene of them dancing in Deathly Hallows after Ron walked out was nowhere in the books. It was like our one scene that we could see what could’ve been. Also, Daniel and Emma have SO much more chemistry than Emma and Rupert. For real.
allison q&a
Look at that fabulous Bellatrix Lestrange costume. Allison wins for this!
10. What’s your favorite form of social media (instagram, twitter, pinterest, etc)? 
Twitter. I am all about some twitter.

What blogger would you love to meet in person? (Besides me, obviously 😉 )

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  • Comments for Allison: I completely LOVED The Thirteenth Tale, so so good. But I’ve heard that author’s recent book is not as good and that makes me sad. I love Hermione and Ron, and just don’t get the Hermione/Harry thing. Maybe it’s just cause Ron is so my spirit animal. Or something like that… I also love the blog world for all the friends I’ve made. It’s made living in the UK even more amazing! Comment for Amanda: hahahahaha to the first bit of this post. About ten minutes before we first met at the coffee shop, I definitely texted my sister the time and location of meeting *just in case*. I’m glad neither of us are murderers. That’s been a win! xx

    • Ha, that’s amazing! First time blog dates are kind of like blind dates in that it is totally either going to be awesome or super awkward! Hurray for not being murderers! x

  • Hey Amanda! Thank you for introducing us to Miss Allison. I popped over to her blog and absolutely adore her About page. Too cute! Can’t wait to keep following you both. 🙂

  • I totally talk about my blog friends to Nick all the time. I feel like we all really know each other!

    • I do the exact same name, expect sometimes I refer to people by their blog’s name or their name + part of blog title, which is odd in practice but it helps Sam keep track of people that I ramble on about…. I think…. x

  • Allison, I really liked you until you mentioned you’re a Harmony shipper. OBHWF FOREVER!

    • Haha, surely at it’s current growth rate a significant percentage of British wizards will have Weasley blood 😉 As a side note I love the fact that Harry and Hermione were always just friends. Viva platonic friendships! x

  • Facebook User

    I am old enough to know life both pre and post internet. One of the joys of blog friends is the connection to people with similar interest thus making the world much smaller. Of course, it goes without saying that people can also live vicariously through someone else’s blog.

    Best wishes,

    Sailing Vessel: Cream Puff

  • Manisha

    Hi there Amanda! I’m glad I found your blog on Bloglovin! You have an great blog!
    It would be amazing if I could meet my blogger friends!
    Allison’s Bellatrix Lestrange costume <3

    Escaping through Ink

    Manisha x

    • Thank you so much! There are some bloggers that i’d get so overwhelmingly excited to meet. Haha, silly, isn’t it? x

  • AHH the Snape flashback! YES! I’m obsessed with it. 🙂

  • Hi Amanda, I found you through Bloglovin. I’m glad I did. Love your content and design. I will be back to poke around a bit more.

    PS. Connecting with “my friends in my computer” is such a great experience.

  • I love blogger friends!

  • Finding and making true Blogger friends is definitely an amazing feeling! I am so happy to have found some and look forward to finding more 🙂 Great post!

    • Thank you very much! It’s strange having friends you’ve never met, but that makes it oddly wonderful at the same time! x

  • Meeting blogger friends is such a surreal but awesome experience. I feel like it’s more stressful than a blind date at first, but then it’s so great to make that connection and know that you can actually call and text that person!

    -Rachel @ With Love, Rachel

    • Yes, yes, yes. I always worry that it’s going to be a strange catfishing-esque experience, or more realistically that someone is completely different in every personality way than their blog persona. x

  • I would love to meet you in person! When (not if) I go to London I hope you (and maybe Sam too?) could spare a moment to have tea with me! Allison also seems like my kinda girl. Potterheads FTW! 🙂

  • That is so nice to meet other bloggers in person 🙂

  • I completely agree! There are a few bloggers that I talk about as regularly as I talk about my friends that I’ve actually met in person. I’ve had some amazing friendships grow out of the comment sections on blogs that have developed to texting each other to meeting, etc. It’s fabulous! x

  • Isn’t it wonderful the connections that can be made? Especially in a city as big and fractured as London!