Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Me

There have been a lot of new faces around here lately. And also tomorrow’s my birthday (and Kiki‘s) so I’m pretty self-centered round about now.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me
london bloomsbury

1. I am extraordinarily clumsy.  I’m the person who breaks all things. Literally. Myself and other things. I’ve also given myself multiple black eyes over the years. Mostly due to running in to open cabinet doors. Stupid doors.

2. I got my driver’s license at 15, but I am probably one of the worst drivers in the world. I will readily admit that. I’ve never even considered applying for a UK license. I suck that much. Why the state of New Mexico ever passed me, I have no idea. Once, at the age of 16, I hit the garage. (Sorry mom) And I’ve always been alone in the car for these things- no friends to distract me, no makeup applying, no texting. Just plain and simple crap driving skills. (And zero driving aggression and a lack of confidence behind the wheel.)

3. I’m the kind of person that has to unpack straight away when they come back from vacation or when they move somewhere new. I just can’t relax until I have. In the back of my mind, I always know when I haven’t. I can never procrastinate about that kind of thing.

4. I love tattoos. If I didn’t want to be an actress, I’d have more. As it is, a subtle one one the wrist will have to suffice.

5. I am reasonably fluent in Spanish, studied Latin in highschool, and I studied French in University. (But my French seems to be limited to buying train tickets and eating.  And on reflection, my Latin seems involve a lot of vocabulary related to gardens for some inexplicable reason…)

6. I could happily live just on toast. If someone told me that I had to cut out bread from my diet, then I’d be absolutely devastated.

7. I don’t really have a favourite colour anymore. I just love colourful things. During my MA course, we had to wear a fairly strict all-black uniform every day and it made me yearn for all colours, all the time.

8. I have always had bangs, since I was about 3. I’ve never once grown them completely out. I feel weirdly self-conscious about my forehead now, because hardly anyone has ever seen it. Sam’s only seen it a few times. Weird, right?

9. I worry too much about everything. I always need to have a backup plan and a backup plan for the backup plan. I definitely need to chill out and stop over-thinking things. In the same vein, I also wear my heart on my sleeve and can be very mercurial.

10. I have magical colour changing eyes. It’s my favourite thing about my face.

london bloomsbury

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