Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Me

There have been a lot of new faces around here lately. And also tomorrow’s my birthday (and Kiki‘s) so I’m pretty self-centered round about now.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me
london bloomsbury

1. I am extraordinarily clumsy. Β I’m the person who breaks all things. Literally. Myself and other things. I’ve also given myself multiple black eyes over the years. Mostly due to running in to open cabinet doors. Stupid doors.

2. I got my driver’s license at 15, but I am probably one of the worst drivers in the world. I will readily admit that. I’ve never even considered applying for a UK license. I suck that much. Why the state of New Mexico ever passed me, I have no idea. Once, at the age of 16, I hit the garage. (Sorry mom) And I’ve always been alone in the car for these things- no friends to distract me, no makeup applying, no texting. Just plain and simple crap driving skills. (And zero driving aggression and a lack of confidence behind the wheel.)

3. I’m the kind of person that has to unpack straight away when they come back from vacation or when they move somewhere new. I just can’t relax until I have. In the back of my mind, I always know when I haven’t. I can never procrastinate about that kind of thing.

4. I love tattoos. If I didn’t want to be an actress, I’d have more. As it is, a subtle one one the wrist will have to suffice.

5. I am reasonably fluent in Spanish, studied Latin in highschool, and I studied French in University. (But my French seems to be limited to buying train tickets and eating. Β And on reflection, my Latin seems involve a lot of vocabulary related to gardens for some inexplicable reason…)

6. I could happily live just on toast. If someone told me that I had to cut out bread from my diet, then I’d be absolutely devastated.

7. I don’t really have a favourite colour anymore. I just love colourful things. During my MA course, we had to wear a fairly strict all-black uniform every day and it made me yearn for all colours, all the time.

8. I have always had bangs, since I was about 3. I’ve never once grown them completely out. I feel weirdly self-conscious about my forehead now, because hardly anyone has ever seen it. Sam’s only seen it a few times. Weird, right?

9. I worry too much about everything. I always need to have a backup plan and a backup plan for the backup plan. I definitely need to chill out and stop over-thinking things. In the same vein, I also wear my heart on my sleeve and can be very mercurial.

10. I have magical colour changing eyes. It’s my favourite thing about my face.

london bloomsbury

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  • cute. I adore these kind of posts – it definitely helps paint a real picture of “the girl behind the blog”. I also appreciate that you’re a dedicated bang-wearer, you definitely make them look good. πŸ™‚

    • Ha! Thank you! I do have a very short forehead though so maybe it’s best for everyone that I keep it covered πŸ˜‰ xx

  • Yaaa happy birthday to us! I think you rock those bangs, I on the other hand do not look so good with bangs. I didn’t know you were fluent in Spanish, go you!

    • Haha is it weird how much we both talk about our birthdays?! Oh well! Happy birthday to us! xx

  • I love the bangs one. Bangs just suit you! I always had them, then grew them out at about age 14 or so, then upon looking at old photos of myself one day, realized it was definitely my “look” too. Am curious about color changing eyes… sounds so mysterious, haha. Happy early birthday!

    • Haha it’s not too mysterious. I guess because they re so pale (that makes them sound really creepy) they just reflect various pigments around them in the blue-green-grey spectrum. But they can go from turquoise to emerald in a day so it makes the “what colour are your eyes?” question always tough! Some people are just meant to rock bangs! πŸ™‚ xx

  • Marielle

    So with you on #6. . .I don’t understand how people can do those no-carb diets!

    • I’d rather cut out ANYTHING else out of my diet than carbs. I don’t think I’d have the will power to do it! x

  • I’m so with you on 1,2,4,8 and 9 πŸ˜€ Totally weird isn’t it? But I always smash things, have bruises all over my body and don’t even know why, am a crappy driver with a forehead problem and a love for tattoos and always worry too much! So cool not being the only weirdo πŸ˜‰

    • Good to know we have all these things in common! Clumsy people unite! It seriously looks like I live with abusive people or have gotten in to some awful fights sometimes- but nope- just a terribly clumsy person who bruises easily! x

  • Love the magical colour changing eyes! My eyes are officially blue, but some days they look more grey (I hate those days!). Does that count as magically colour changing? πŸ˜‰

    French totally confuses me. I never learned and I just cannot understand how the pronunciation relates to the letters on the page.

    • I think those can definitely count πŸ™‚ French boogles my mind at times! I feel so gauche when I say something and then realise that I’ve just pronounced 100 silent letters. Oops! x

  • Becky Mattox

    I’m with you on 3, 4 and 6! Especially 6 – oh gosh please never let that happen!!! I think bangs looks SO good on you but your forehead is also still great πŸ™‚ Happy early birthday!!

  • The amount of things I hit with my car are way higher than they should be, one of my main problems was forgetting to put the car in park after parking! I have told Fredrik numerous times that I was the one that drove in America so he has to be the European driver for the rest of our lives!

    • Sam doesn’t have a license so I am doomed to be the driver forever! Argh! For everyone else’s safety we shall be sticking to public transit for the rest of our lives! x

  • I have to unpack straightaway too! I got so mad at Jon last time he came to visit because he was here for 12 days AND DIDN’T UNPACK. how can you live like that!?

    • This boggles my mind! I can’t comprehend WANTING to live out of suitcases. It’s so anal of me, but even if I’m only somewhere for two nights, I’ll unpack. I unpack Sam’s things too because it bothers me and he doesn’t care at all as long as he knows where his things are…. x

  • Joy Harpy

    You had a uniform when studying for an MA? Please tell me what course this was so I can put it on my “never ever” list. I had to wear black and white when I was in sixth form as well as at my after school/weekend job, I’ve since rebelled and don’t even like wearing black tights anymore. The thought of going back to a uniform (especially if I was a fully fledged capable of emigrating to a different continent grown up) makes me shudder.

    Joy //

    • Since it was a theatre based course the clothing could be pretty much anything from dresses with leggings, to trousers, to yoga clothing, to dance clothing- the only caveat was that it had to be all black. It was so depressing after awhile! But the theory behind it was sound- it helped movement teachers see what we were doing better and since basically none of us had looking good to worry about us, we had to rely on ourselves to learn to build characters and not hide in our clothing. (If that makes sense at all!) x

  • Oh man, we might share the klutz gene. I have an alarming tendency to break or damage things as well. Once I simply turned on my mother’s laptop and the thing fizzled in my lap – and no one reacted at all except Jeff who sighed and said, “You have a gift.” Yikes!

    • Hahah- it’s the worst gift ever right?! I told Dannielle above, that this level of clumsiness is almost like a superpower, just the worst superpower in the world. x

  • And happy late birthday to you! Yay May babies! xx

  • Happy early birthday to you! I have no idea how you unpack immediately. I’ll leave a suitcase of stuff around for two months after I get back from anywhere before my husband can’t stand it anymore. I hate unpacking. It’s the worst.

    But I definitely DO run into things all the time, especially drawer pulls and wall corners.

    • Oh man. I’d be willing to unpack for you. It just is one of those things that niggles in my brain until I do it! Sam doesn’t care at all (so I usually do his too or else it’d just sit around.) And thank you! xx

  • amitygardens

    We have so many things in common. πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to meet you in person.

  • Happy earl Birthday! When I move I have to have everything unpacked but I’m fairly slack about unpacking from trips πŸ™‚ The last picture is really fun…love the trees and colors.

  • Love this an happy early birthday!! I’m super clumsy too lol

    xx Sarah | Loser Girl Wins

  • I also can’t rest until I’ve unpacked…and unpacking is fun…okay my idea of fun is a bit weird sometimes.

    • No I totally agree! I like unpacking! (And organising things) I’m so glad someone else shares this point of view! xx

  • With you on the bread one!

  • Amanda, love this fun get to know you post (and happy early birthday)! Love #10 πŸ™‚

  • I’m with you on #9 – not the heart on the sleeve thing but the worrying and back up plan thing. I have to know what’s next so I can plan and overthink it!

  • I looooove tattoos, but don’t have any! I know when I work up the courage to finally get my first, I’m going to want more!

    Oh and I worry/stress over things WAY too much too! Which makes me go crazy with planning and back up planning – I tried to start flat hunting for this year LAST SUMMER!

    • Ugh, flat hunting is the worst if you are a compulsive planner like I am because it’s so impossible to do! Maybe you can treat yourself with a welcome back to London tattoo! πŸ˜‰ xx

  • Cute outfit! I also make back up plans for my back up plans about most things. For some reason though I just wing it when I’m traveling. What do you have planned for your birthday?

    • Nothing too over the moon exciting for the day- I work and then Sam has a show in the evening, but for the long weekend that just past we went out into the countryside to escape London for a few days as a birthday present! x

  • Yeah Latin! Did you learn about Caecilius and his gardens?

  • I want to be fluent in Spanish, but talking to native speakers is so hard and embarrassing. >.< Glad to hear learn more about you

    • Ah thank you! Since I grew up in New Mexico, I had a bit more of a chance to practice Spanish or at least hear it frequently, but I still feel self-concious around native speakers as well! x

  • Yes I do like my bread products.. If I was told that bread was out; I’d be pretty pouty. Pouty.. how do you spell pouty.. it keeps squiggly red underlining that word.
    I wonder what you would look like with your bangs grown out. One day you must grow them out..! It would be fun and I bet you’d look great. So.. how often do you have to trim your bangs? I assume you do it yourself because you’ve always had them?

    • Hahaha I do always trim them myself. I consider myself a bit of a bangs ninja because I can do them so quickly now. (Although sometimes they definitely look awful! Or cut too short and then there’s no one to blame but myself.) When my forehead sees the light of day, it somehow emphasises my Gremlin-ness more. x

  • bangs forever? I’ve been debating cutting some in, but even when i had swoopy ones they bugged me. I’m also super accident prone, and always doing normal things like walking and getting off couches results in broken bones.

    • I grew them out to be swoopy ones for a little while but then I got irritated with them falling in to my eyes all the time and just cut them short again. that’s exactly how clumsy I am to! It’s like the world’s shittest superpower! x

  • I stress as well, and I also hate my forehead, which is why I go back and forth from bangs like yours, to side-swept bangs, to growing out my bangs, to cutting them again.

    • I tried side swept for a little while, but got frustrated with them falling into my eyes and fell back into my old habit of straight blunt ones. x

  • This was such a fun post! I wish I had magical color (colour) changing eyes. Happy Birthday (because by the time I write this, it will already be tomorrow in England!)!